Revenge of Others: Episodes 5-6


Revenge of Other individuals: Episodes five-six

Twists, turns, red herrings, red shoelaces, and some fake-outs as well — that is our week in Revenge of Other individuals. Even though some new players seem in the game and have vital clues to share, the mystery just deepens. And then deepens a tiny extra. I nevertheless do not know what’s going on!


I was not expecting the look of Jae-bum to be a fake-out, but I’m not complaining because I really like him — he was there to verify up on Chan-mi so an auditorium incident didn’t happen once again, but the two of them shed the genuine note-sender.

Nonetheless, Jae-bum requires on a larger part this week, even though the inquiries about him (and his missing memories) continue to develop. But so do the inquiries about generally every person — except our heroine, who’s seriously the only voice we can trust appropriate now. The drama applied flashbacks a tiny extra often this week as a mechanism to confirm people’s stories, and whilst it is beneficial so we know when a person is really telling the truth, I dislike relying on them as well substantially, because it messes with the flow of the plot.

Jae-bum spends tiny time with Chan-mi this week, but we stick to him a lot with his blossoming friendship with Su-heon, and his nevertheless-undefined connection with Oh-seong. I can not figure out either Oh-seong or Jae-bum, and each are holding onto a truckload of answers to our inquiries.

As Jae-bum types an (adorable) friendship with Su-heon, Oh-seong is usually seeking on ominously. Is it a jealous appear? A realizing appear? Not certain. But as for Jae-bum, he appears to genuinely like Su-heon (and Chan-mi), whilst his connection with Oh-seong has extra mystery to it. Oh-seong certainly knows a lot about each Jae-bum and Won-seok, but we do not get substantially insight from him however. Rather, the camera turns to Jae-bum as weirdness continues to come about. His automobile keys are moved from exactly where he normally puts them. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy randomly seems on his dresser holding a photo of him and Won-seok riding horses collectively. Then, he finds himself alone in a dark steady, with no concept how he got there.

What is going on! Jae-bum’s personal unsureness tends to make me trust him, even though — I believe for the reason that we see he’s a good guy. Regardless of what occurred to him or who he was prior to the amnesia, he appears okay now. But when he was in the steady, he tells Oh-seong he triggered a buried memory.

That “car accident” everyone’s telling him he was in? Yeah, he now realizes that was a lie — and every person is maintaining up appearances by continuing the story. He really attempted to commit suicide in that barn. Terrified of what he’s understanding about himself, Jae-bum asks Oh-seong to inform him the truth: did he kill Won-seok? The scene cuts, so who knows the answer. (Also, please be NO!)

Even though all this is going on with Jae-bum and Oh-seong, Chan-mi has her personal crazy stuff to deal with. Very first, with the release of the murder video she gets an apology from Detective Jin. Then, she gets a contact from Won-seok’s adoptive parents who give her the locked suitcase of Won-seok’s belongings that they didn’t currently dump. Gosh, these people today. Chan-mi had asked Su-heon to go with her, and he laces into them like I want I could have, so that was satisfying.

Then the two take stated locked suitcase and Chan-mi goes by way of the products — all the sweet issues from their childhood. And a bottle of whiskey, which they wind up drinking collectively, each by no means getting alcohol prior to. I loved this scene! These two bonding is so sweet, and it only got extra beautiful when Su-heon goes on the roof to cry out his tension and she follows him up there and comforts him. So valuable.

But valuable does not final lengthy in the planet of this drama, and quickly Chan-mi is convinced that Su-heon is the killer of her dear brother. How does she get to that point? The detectives play into it a tiny, but seriously it is the introduction of a new character and ex-classmate of her brother: KWON SE-JIN (Kang Yi-seok).

Chan-mi is tracing all the threads she has on her brother and it leads her to a cafe exactly where she inquires and meets Se-jin. He’s surprisingly swift to open up with her, and entirely likable. Like just about every new bit of data we get, Se-jin turns what we believe we know about Won-seok on its head: he stated that Won-seok saved his life and that he was a seriously excellent individual. To confirm that this is correct, we see Se-jin some time back finding bullied by Jung-kyung (for getting a gay adoptive father) — and saved by Won-seok. Chan-mi’s head is racing, and so is mine.

One more weird thread pulled is the return of Hong Ah-jung to this violent higher college. I do not trust a word she says or a point she does appropriate now, but we know for certain that she is a pal of So-yeon and Su-heon, that she’s pregnant, that she was an idol trainee, and that she’s hiding a lot of secrets — not only the identity of the baby’s father, but secrets about Won-seok. At very first she tells Chan-mi that she and Won-seok by no means dated and it was all a fake-out, but later we see a person at the college contact Ah-jung out as Won-seok’s ex. Also vital is that as soon as Ah-jung (and every person) learns Chan-mi was his sister, she abruptly becomes friendly and forthcoming.

What she says to Chan-mi now is that Won-seok changed abruptly and went from guarding the bullied at college to becoming the bully. We find out that his 180 was all connected to Oh-seong as nicely. They wonder what Oh-seong had on Won-seok that place him in his energy. And now I’m even extra confused and suspicious of Oh-seong.

Turning back to Se-jin, even though — he seeks Chan-mi out and admits that he currently knew who she was (okay, that tends to make his honesty make sense). Then he admits to becoming the individual behind the locker notes. He also admits to playing the video of the murder which he had on his telephone all this time and didn’t know. He was at the college at that time, and saw Won-seok in the window, and then saw him on the ground. Se-jin says he was scared and heartbroken so he ran outta there and by no means looked back. But prior to he left, he noticed Su-heon (he thinks) on the scene and by no means forgot the sneakers with the red laces.

Se-jin desires to go study in the U.S. and make a fresh start off, but when he identified the video and realized for the very first time Won-seok didn’t commit suicide, he knew he had to release it. I’m not certain exactly where the show is going with their connection, but this all was tracking fairly nicely till the video for me — it is a tiny as well easy and circumstantial. Nonetheless, I like him, and he appears trustworthy (or as trustworthy as 1 can get in this show).

Even though Chan-mi bargains with the confusing feelings of now “knowing” that Su-heon killed her brother, we have some exceptionally disturbing developments on Su-heon’s front. So-yeon occurs to hear about yet another evil higher schooler that got off quick immediately after a brutal crime and she calls on Su-heon to “teach him a lesson” like they have accomplished prior to. Okay, I’m seriously not loving So-yeon any longer this rush into taking more than and violently forcing justice is disturbing and has only developed extra mayhem. And not only with Jung-kyung, but with our new criminal as nicely: Su-heon goes into punisher mode, but the kid winds up dying (and Su-heon has no concept at the time!).

So, the detectives continue to dig in, quickly placing all the clues collectively, with Su-heon at the prime of the list for all the crimes. He plays innocent surprisingly nicely, and when So-yeon desires them each to confess (okay, points for that), he says he can not go to jail appropriate now. We know what’s on the line for him, but no 1 else seriously does (except Chanmi). It is all quite stressful.

Chan-mi saves Su-heon’s butt from the detectives, but appears to have her personal program of revenge. She lures Su-heon all the way to Busan, exactly where she is prepared with the target pistol she as soon as gave her brother. This is the final scene of the week, and it ends with shots fired.

Now, Su-heon can not be dead (however?), so I’m not certain if she’s just applying blanks to scare him, but seriously I just have extra inquiries — even immediately after so substantially plot improvement. Every single character is nursing nicely-hidden secrets and motives. I maintain churning theories in my head more than irrespective of whether the murderer was Jae-bum, Su-heon, or Oh-seong, but now I do not even know… what if it is 1 of the female students? They do not look any extra trustworthy than the male students Won-seok was also involved in. We’re only halfway by way of the drama and most likely have a excellent 43 twists to go, so seriously, anything’s achievable.

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