Curtain Call: Episode 7


Curtain Contact: Episode 7

Even even though we only had a single episode of Curtain Contact this week, the substantial-scale chess match for the fate of the hotel is ramping up. Meanwhile, the ticking time bomb of our “actors” finding recognized by somebody they know looms in the background.


Curtain Call: Episode 7

Proper exactly where we had been left hanging final week, Yoon-hee and Jae-heon are freaking out at the banquet due to a couple of unforeseen guest appearances who would blow their whole cover in a second. Jae-heon and Yoon-hee scurry off suspiciously, and Jae-heon pleads for assistance from Secretary Jung. Then, in a moment of hilarious and desperate improv, Jae-heon drops to the floor acting like he’s seizing in an try to get Secretary Jung to pull him from away from the crowd.

Grandma Geum-quickly is notified by Secretary Jung whilst her medical doctor (Ahn Nae-sang) listens and decides to assistance out and give Jae-heon a verify-up. When taking a appear at Jae-heon, he promptly realizes that Jae-heon is faking his intense “nervous breakdown.” Secretary Jung asks the medical doctor to play along, without the need of providing away as well considerably of what’s definitely going on. Somewhat prepared, he lies to Geum-quickly and tells her that Jae-heon demands his rest as his shock is almost certainly due to the lack of substantial gatherings in the North and he was incredibly nervous.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

Jae-heon, starting to basically appear somewhat ill, tells Yoon-hee that he is possessing a tougher time differentiating Moon-sung and himself. He brings up the thought of regardless of whether his life was all acting ahead of as theater and true life are not that considerably distinct from each and every other. Yoon-hee responds and relates, asking if they are definitely that considerably distinct, as every person else has to deal with the similar factors in life.

Jae-heon is starting to blur the lines of his personal character, and as he spends much more time with the folks about his fake persona, the worse he is starting to really feel. He is beginning to cement himself in this new globe feeling as even though he is leaving his true globe behind.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

Back at the banquet, Geum-quickly provides a quick speech and welcomes every person that has taken the time to show up. In undertaking so, she also reveals that she only has 3 months left to reside, shocking every person in the crowd in addition to her grandchildren. Just after speaking, she measures down and tends to make her way about the space greeting each and every of her grandchildren and the mates they invited – in addition to Se-joon as he only invited small business partners (of course he did).

I appreciate how clear the variations are in between each and every of the grandchildren just primarily based on who they brought to the banquet. Se-joon only invited small business partners, which includes Executive Director Kim. Se-gyu invited all of his mates, whilst Se-yeon took a minimalist method only inviting a single pal and Dong-je.

Curtain Call: Episode 7 Curtain Call: Episode 7

Just after the banquet, Geum-quickly checks on Yoon-hee and Jae-heon. As Geum-quickly calls out for Jae-heon to wake him up, we catch glimpses of him sitting at the spot exactly where his mother left him as a boy. Hearing his mother’s voice calling his name, he wakes up to locate that it is Geum-quickly calling him. Crying, she is relived to know that Jae-heon is okay and properly. Geum-soon’s care and presence comfort Jae-heon.

At this point, it is fairly clear that he has currently began to care for her like she is his personal grandmother. In the starting, I was only considering about how the blood relatives would really feel when they inevitably locate out Jae-heon was a fraud — but now I’m worried for Jae-heon’s wellbeing when Geum-quickly passes away.

Curtain Call: Episode 7 Curtain Call: Episode 7

Starting to really feel the guilt, Yoon-hee and Jae-heon ask Secretary Jung to quit. Jae-heon explains that he cannot assistance but feel he is undertaking some thing incredibly incorrect the longer their charade goes on. Secretary Jung tells them they are undertaking absolutely nothing incorrect and have completed absolutely nothing incorrect — he will take duty. He convinces them to keep on just after sharing how changed Geum-quickly is. She laughs and cries, and she lastly feels comprehensive once again. They agree to keep on so they can continue to make Geum-quickly smile.

I like how there is a continuous conflict inside Yoon-hee and Jae-heon as they know what they’re undertaking is not technically appropriate, but also is not technically incorrect. They preserve moving forward as they know they can make use of their acting expertise for excellent, but at what point does the price outweigh the advantage? They’re far as well deep to jump ship now.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

To everyone’s surprise — except ours — Geum-quickly meets with all of the grandchildren to go over adjustments produced to her will. She has decided to add Jae-heon and Yoon-hee to the list of grandchildren who will obtain component of her estate. Se-joon’s and Se-gyu’s faces are painted with disapproval, whilst Se-yeon appears much more neutral (but also pleased?).

Adding Jae-heon as an heir implies he will hold the similar quantity of say as the other grandchildren. Outdoors of how this may transform the fate of the hotel, this is the precise opposite of what Jae-heon and Yoon-hee want — they would rather have an effect on the loved ones and loved ones small business as tiny as probable to reduce damages.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

As the tug-of-war more than the hotel gets worse, Se-joon appears to invest in Dong-je’s shares from him. He knows that he demands to stock up on shares as Jae-heon could be an obstacle for him later on. Dong-je has no plans to hand more than his shares, and he declines just about every offer you produced by Se-joon.

Se-joon persists, even though, and meets Dong-je in his workplace to persuade him. Issues get individual when Se-joon brings up Se-yeon and why Dong-je will not let her go just after currently failing after. Dong-je says she’s as well worthwhile to let go. We see their dichotomous mindsets as a single of them is prepared to hold onto some thing valuable even if it has been “damaged,” whilst the other is rapid to throw away something broken in his eyes. An additional tiny detail I appreciate about this scene is the way they’re each sitting – Dong-je in a much more casual position, whilst the rigid Se-joon sits upright and stiff. I do not necessarily like Dong-je, but I like his willingness to stand up to Se-joon.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

Ultimately finding much more of Moon-sung, we see him considering back to when his father died. Moon-sung’s solemn expression tells us a lot about his character. He nevertheless mourns his father’s death and wishes to see his grandmother once again, which appears partly genuine and partly for the reason that he blames her? Either way, I’m nevertheless interested to locate the root trigger of his father’s death.

Also curious about Moon-sung is private investigator JANG TAE-JOO (Han Jae-yeong). Questioning why Secretary Jung closed the case to bring him more than, Tae-joo tracks down Moon-sung and appears to have some tricks up his sleeve.

Curtain Call: Episode 7 Curtain Call: Episode 7

Just when Jae-heon believed he didn’t have to make any longer public appearances, Se-yeon utilizes him (and his calligraphy expertise) for a promotional occasion for the hotel. Ending the episode, he runs into the similar pal of Se-yeon’s who was at the banquet — SONG HYO-JIN (Jung Yoo-jin) — the similar females who employed him as fake boyfriend. While not as higher profile as the banquet, this recognition is most likely to have a major influence on the truth coming out. And even if they create it off, it is nevertheless one more major tease of a cliffhanger.

Sadly, we only got a single episode this week, but it was speckled with a lot of fascinating plot developments and character interactions. Relating to the fight more than the hotel, Se-joon appears to be ramping factors up promptly and I can only attribute that to the developing threat of Jae-heon and Se-yeon teaming up against him. His sending Ra-kyung to a distinct branch is a confident sign the gloves are off.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

I’m nevertheless not seeing considerably chemistry in between Se-yeon and Jae-heon, and it is certainly a possibility that she may currently know he is a fraud. If this is correct, it would be much more believable that she would have feelings towards him – specifically taking into consideration all of his minor slip-ups about her. The only factor unbelievable about it is her lack of a reaction taking into consideration how dearly she holds her grandmother. I require the drama to dive much more into this.

I’m also developing much more intrigued by the connection in between Dong-je and Se-yeon. Even even though Dong-je is a bit as well forceful for his personal excellent, I feel he honestly does care for Se-yeon — he does not recognize tact, even though. We discovered this week that the purpose they split up is for the reason that his loved ones was disapproving of Geum-soon’s background and felt the loved ones wasn’t worthy. Se-yeon didn’t like the factors they mentioned about Geum-quickly, so she backed out of the marriage. It’ll be fascinating to see how far Se-yeon is prepared to go for the hotel — Geum-quickly even cautioned her this week to prioritize loved ones more than small business.

As we close to the halfway mark, I’m patiently waiting for factors to explode, but it appears like the much more the drama teases them, the farther away they get. It is been a surprisingly slow journey of reveals, even though we are seeing that gradually progress, with Moon-sung finding closer to South Korea, and much more folks becoming brought into the circle to keep the lie. Our stage actors and Secretary Jung are undertaking what they can to seal something from finding out, but all it requires is a single slip-up and down they will go.

Curtain Call: Episode 7

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