Behind Every Star: Episodes 5-6


Behind Each and every Star: Episodes five-six

Absolutely everyone is mad at a person this week, as each platonic and romantic relationships hit potholes and go skidding off into ditches. When numerous locate reconciliation, other people are not as fortunate, and they finish up either the sleeping on the couch or ugly crying tears of regret.


We jump correct into our celebrity cameos this week and join actor PARK HO-SAN and actress OH NA-RA (as themselves) on the set of (what I picture to be) a Mr. Sunshine spin-off — I see you iconic Glory Hotel. However, the ill-fated appreciate story among a wealthy heiress and a rickshaw driver may perhaps never ever see the light of day since Ho-san and Na-ra’s continual bickering is delaying the filming schedule and driving the director bonkers. Je-in and Joong-don arrive on set to diffuse the scenario, but their placating, babysitter-like solutions do not function on the actors, whose beef with every other apparently originated through the filming of My Mister.

Hee-sun is also on set, cast as a maid who shares a scene with Ho-san’s character. When Ho-san agrees to run lines with her, she suppresses her inner fangirl and stuns him with her no-holds-barred interpretation of the character. But following her scene is reduce from the filming schedule, she worries that she failed to impress Ho-san with her acting skills. Joong-don assures her that it is frequent for scenes to get reduce — at times even through editing — but honestly, with the way she got up in Ho-san’s face, I was half expecting Ho-san to have requested the scene be axed since he feared getting upstaged by a newbie.

Je-in and Joong-don keep overnight close to the filming place so they can coach Ho-san and Na-ra by way of their (hopefully) passionate kiss scene the subsequent day, but Je-in finds an unexpected guest in her hotel area: Sang-wook. The man jumped by way of some crazy hoops to find Je-in and obtain access to her area, and when he waited for her to arrive, he helped himself to a bubble bath — like a freaking serial killer.

WTF, y’all? Final week, Je-in’s sexual harassment was portrayed as humorous flirting, and now Sang-wook’s stalking and invasion of privacy is getting romanticized as overzealous puppy appreciate. Would I be providing the writers as well significantly credit if I assumed that this gender-reversed portrayal of toxic traits is essentially an intentional commentary on romantic tropes? Or are we just supposed to take their courtship at face worth?

I’m going to guess it is intended to be a lot more of the latter since Je-in decides that she’s largely copacetic with his behavior. And that need to imply he’s particular. I imply, a willingness to tolerate someone’s presence in my life is surely a yardstick by which I measure my affection, so I can sort of recognize her logic — but come on. Take away the bubbles, and this scene is a gender-swapped YouTube parody of Swimfan.

At least Joong-don objects, rightfully concerned that Je-in is shacking up with the enemy. Even if she believes she can trust Sang-wook to not use their pillow speak against Process Entertainment, the shiitake mushrooms will hit the fan if everyone else finds out that they’ve been canoodling. But do I also detect a hint of jealousy mixed in with Joong-don’s distrust? Either way, Je-in reacts negatively to Joong-don’s cautionary suggestions and incredibly vocal opinion, and the two pals have a huge fight more than Je-in’s new partnership.

Back on set, the lingering tension among Je-in and Joong-don is mirrored in Ho-san and Na-ra’s continued feuding, which does not bode nicely for the dreaded kissing scene. Squished in the back of an old-timey vehicle, Na-ra and Ho-san’s squabbling and stiff embrace are sufficient to make the director threaten to step in and show them how it is carried out. But then a spider tends to make a surprise cameo look.

The really arachnophobic Na-ra screams and thrashes about, which sends the vehicle a-rockin’ and inadvertently mimicking some really X-rated activities. Their backseat tussle is just as efficient at steaming up the windows — LOL at the Titanic-like spider smash — and the director likes what he sees. So do Na-ra and Ho-san following they watch the playback. They declare a truce and strive for on-screen perfection — which turns out to be just as annoying and schedule-delaying as their prior fighting.

Back at Process Entertainment, actor YOUNG-TAK (as himself) is about to be dropped from his drama since of his atrocious fake-crying. Hyung-joo cleverly leaks the rumor — and some meticulously crafted graphics — to her mother, the vice-president of the Busan chapter of the Young-tak fan club, and her program to rally the fans in Young-tak’s help functions so nicely that even Tae-oh commends her.

To celebrate her achievement — and her birthday, which Tae-oh forgot — he grants her a want, and she asks to have a drink with him since it looked so sophisticated when she saw Tae-oh and Myung-ae do it. However, to outsiders Eun-ha and Eun-gyul, who unexpectedly show up at Tae-oh at his workplace, it appears like they’re getting an affair. To clear up the misunderstanding, Tae-oh comes clean: Hyun-joo is his illegitimate daughter. (Dangit, my ship has sunk.)

It goes without the need of saying, Eun-ha and Eun-gyul are not satisfied with this revelation, but they manage it superior than most K-drama characters when an unexpected birth secret rocks their globe. Neither of them spot blame or lash out at Hyun-joo — yay for maturity — but they’re none as well pleased with Tae-oh, who tries to defend his previous infidelity by explaining the affair occurred through the period of time when he and Eun-ha had been on a break. (Ross Geller, is that you?)

Aside from the implications this outed secret has on his marriage, it also has a direct effect on the fate of Process Entertainment. Prior to all of this going down, Eun-ha had convinced her wealthy father to loan Tae-oh the dollars he required to acquire the business shares and seat himself as the new business president. So following he and President Hwang’s widow meet with Sang-wook to hear the final total of President Hwang’s embezzlement, Tae-oh has to drop the added bomb that he will have to delay the business acquire-out since he and his wife are at present separated.

Eun-ha and Tae-oh are not the only romantic partnership sailing by way of troubled waters, although. It really should come as no surprise that Je-in and Sang-wook are not on the identical web page as a couple, but the boat is not getting rocked by Sang-wook’s stage-5 clinginess. Rather, Je-in’s function-life balance is causing friction. She’s regularly canceling plans with Sang-wook to have a tendency to her clients’ whims, and the majority of the time he’s left waiting endlessly on her since she does not even bother to message him that she has to cancel or will be late. He does nicely to communicate his disappointment, but Je-in struggles to meet him halfway.

She continues to place function very first, and she swiftly finds herself in the middle of a feud among actor KIM SOO-RO (as himself) and KIM HO-YOUNG (as himself), the director of his newest play. Ho-young added an aquatic twist to his modern day retelling of Dom Juan, not figuring out Soo-ro has an aversion to water that stems from a traumatic encounter as a youngster. And since Soo-ro has offered a public TED Speak on how actors really should overcome their fears for the sake of their acting craft, he does not want to turn out to be a hypocrite who asks Ho-young to cater to his phobia. So rather of admitting he’s afraid to go close to the pool, Soo-ro tries to convince Ho-young to deviate from his artistic vision, which does not go more than nicely.

In an work to get the two males to resolve their variations, Je-in tricks Soo-ro into attending Ho-young’s poolside birthday celebration, hoping they will apologize and move forward. When that does not function, she tells Ho-young about Soo-ro’s phobia — which Soo-ro explicitly asked her not to do. Rather of generating Soo-ro embarrassed or angry, his exposed secret leads to a peaceful resolution for this unique celebrity cameo. However, issues start off going downhill for Je-in from this point on.

Rather of joining Sang-wook and his pals following briefly attending the pool celebration like she promised, she lingers to celebrate with Ho-young and Soo-ro — who has cured himself of his phobia with self-imposed immersion therapy. Sang-wook, even so, made use of his stalker expertise to when once more find Je-in, and he’s not thrilled to locate her waist-deep in the pool with her arms about Ho-young. She tries to clarify that the skinship is totally platonic, but Sang-wook has had sufficient — he breaks up with her.

Je-in spirals into a post-break-up depression that is totally uncharacteristic for her, additional emphasizing the truth that she fell difficult — and for the very first time — for Sang-wook. Get in touch with me a cynic, although, but I suspect portion of her emotional response stems from the novelty of getting rejected. Plus, Sang-wook may perhaps have been clingy in a way that she typically wouldn’t have place up with, but he also knew when to pull away — either since he was respecting her boundaries or establishing his — and that push-and-pull dynamic intrigued and challenged her.

Je-in and Sang-wook’s dynamic is toxic, but — I’m somewhat ashamed to admit — it is a trainwreck that I get pleasure from watching in the context of this drama. So I’m hoping that the middle-of-the-evening shadowy figure that sloppy drunk Je-in identified standing in President Hwang’s old workplace is Sang-wook. Do I want Noh Sang-hyun to stick about for a handful of a lot more episodes since he’s just so dang charismatic? You betcha! But I’m also not really enthusiastic about the Je-in and Joong-don pairing that the writers are now dangling in front of us.

I like Je-in and Joong-don superior as platonic pals, but it appears Joong-don has been harboring some romantic feelings for Je-in that he’s wisely kept to himself. When Hee-sun picks up on his feelings, suggesting he really should go and comfort Je-in following her really public workplace rejection — scandalous! — he explains that he shouldn’t mix individual feelings with his experienced life. Is that a sign that he’s never ever going to pursue his feelings and that Sang-wook is not down for the count? Or are we gearing up for a rebound partnership disguised as pals-to-lovers romance?

I can not say that I’m completely on board with any of the doable appreciate-lines in this drama, but general I’m enjoying the story for its platonic relationships and random moments of workplace comedy. Certain, if I sit down and actually feel about it, I can locate flaws with the writing and characterization, but in the moment, when I’m watching it, I get sucked in. Time flies, and I get pleasure from the ride — nicely, except for that bubble bath moment. That was unquestionably WTF.

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