Reborn Rich: Episodes 1-3


Reborn Wealthy: Episodes 1-three

I adore it. With 3 hour-plus-extended episodes in 1 weekend, murder/reincarnation/time-slip hijinks, and a scheming chaebol household, Reborn Wealthy throws a lot at us this premiere week. But rather than a convoluted mass of information and facts, we’re fed a tantalizing mystery that leaves me hungry for much more.


In a slick, cinematic opening, a man visits a fancy foreign bank to make a deposit of $600 million. But how did he amass such wealth at his young age — by way of difficult operate or luck? To answer that, we jump back in time 1 week.

Our quickly-to-be multimillionaire is YOON HYUN-WOO (Song Joong-ki), and he performs for the infamous Soonyang Conglomerate owned by the household of the late Chairman JIN YANG-CHEOL (Lee Sung-min). They’ve got their hands in quite considerably anything that tends to make massive income, and they’re essentially untouchable when it comes to committing white-collar crimes and walking away with measly penalties.

Hyun-woo has earned and kept the family’s trust by strictly adhering to 3 private guidelines: 1) by no means refuse an order from a Soonyang household member, two) by no means ask queries, and three) by no means make his personal judgments. But even though a starstruck new recruit (cameo by Jinyoung) idolizes him as the family’s “right-hand man,” other personnel sneer that he’s much more like a disposable glove worn to maintain your actual hands clean. Ouch.

As such, he gets to deal with items like fixing toilets and becoming on-contact at all occasions — even in the shower. And when the up-and-coming Soonyang successor JIN SUNG-JOON (Kim Nam-hee) renounces his inheritance the day he’s supposed to be announced as the new chairman, it falls to Hyun-woo to chase just after him and bring him back inside 30 minutes.

This is no simple process, and not just since of website traffic. Sung-joon has deep insecurities tracing back to an incident with a broken vase in 1987, exactly where his late grandfather told him he was as well emotionally driven to take up the household enterprise. There may be an element of truth to that, since when Hyun-woo arrives to gather him, he’s swinging a golf club at fish tanks and potted plants since his employees attempted to serve him lunch.

Unfortunate timing implies Hyun-woo requires that golf club straight to the head. He pauses just a moment to pull himself collectively and then manages to speak Sung-joon into accepting the chairman position just in time. Ego reinstated for now, Sung-joon announces massive plans to make Soonyang a enterprise that serves the nation, and judging by the reaction, the rest of the household is not pleased. But that is not their only be concerned at the moment.

Initially is the reality that Sung-joon’s pre-ceremony walkout drove his father, eldest Soonyang son JIN YOUNG-KI (Yoon Jae-moon), to collapse. He’s stabilized, but the situations prompt a stop by from household black sheep JIN YOON-KI (Kim Young-jae) and his wife LEE HAE-IN (Jung Hye-young).

The two have been ostracized since the rest of the household opposed their marriage and profession alternatives. Nonetheless, Hae-in holds three% shares in Soonyang Group, and makes use of them as a bargaining chip to demand answers about a mysterious accident involving her son.

The second difficulty is an audit headed up by Prosecutor SEO MIN-YOUNG (Shin Hyun-bin). She has a reputation for jumping at any and each and every opportunity to challenge the Soonyang household, and she and Hyun-woo engage in verbal sparring as she clears out documents and computer systems.

…which all turn out to be decoys. The actual files are all hidden in a secret space accessed through a fake refrigerator.

When placing anything back exactly where it belongs, Hyun-woo comes across files on a paper enterprise that is becoming employed to siphon millions of dollars into an overseas slush fund. The senior finance manager pressures him to bury it, but a heart-to-heart with Sung-joon smites his conscience and he reports it anyway. Sung-joon, in response, fires the finance manager and promotes Hyun-woo in his spot. His initially process in his new function? To go retrieve that slush fund.

And that is how Hyun-woo ends up in Turkey generating a $600 million deposit. The difficulty is that his conversation with Sung-joon was recorded and turned more than to Min-young. And the even larger difficulty is that he’s waylaid and carted to the edge of a cliff by none other than that vibrant-eyed new recruit. The recruit does at least appear apologetic, but he quotes Hyun-woo’s 3 guidelines (by no means refuse, query, or assume for oneself) back at him and leaves as hired thugs shoot Hyun-woo in the head, sending him tumbling to his death.

But then he wakes up in 1987 in the physique of a youngster. And not just any youngster — he is now JIN DO-JOON (young version played by Kim Kang-hoon), youngest son of Yoon-ki and Hae-in. A individual who, according to his substantial understanding of the Soonyang household, shouldn’t exist.

Understandably, Do-joon (as he’ll now be named) struggles to method it all, specifically when he comes face-to-face with individuals — like Chairman Jin Yang-cheol and his personal mother — who have been deceased in the present day but are incredibly considerably nevertheless alive in 1987.

Do-joon has “arrived” just in time for Chairman Jin’s 60th birthday, and walks straight into Sung-joon’s self-confidence-crushing vase incident. That is, Do-joon sees Sung-joon pilfering some of Chairman Jin’s valuables, and Sung-joon stumbles into the vase when he realizes he’s been caught. Nonetheless, Do-joon does not recognize what he’s witnessing till Chairman Jin launches into his I’m incredibly disappointed in you, Sung-joon speech. Then the complete reality of his new situations crashes more than him.

Interestingly, Hyun-woo nevertheless seems to exist in this timeline. And as soon as Do-joon grows up, he appears considerably the similar as he did when he was Hyun-woo. Time will inform if there’s an in-universe cause for that, or if we just didn’t want to drop out on possessing Song Joong-ki on our screens as considerably as attainable (which, fair).

In any case, Do-joon decides that he need to be right here for a cause. Namely, to figure out who had him killed. And because he has to reside considerably of his (properly, Do-joon’s) life all more than once more, he puts that time to great use. He’s retained all his prior life’s memories, so he makes use of his persuasion capabilities to guide the adults about him in generating pivotal choices (like convincing his father — who performs in the American film sector — to have Residence Alone released at Christmas or to invest in the production of Titanic).

But, of course, the massive fish he’s got his eye on is Chairman Jin. Do-joon begins with providing suggestions on which presidential candidate to back, and performs up to recommending a enterprise deal that not only prevents Chairman Jin from obtaining muscled out by larger players but also saves his life by convincing him to take an earlier flight — sparing him from a tragic plane crash.

Chairman Jin may well be a energy-hungry tyrant, but he’s no fool. It does not take him extended to acknowledge that this kid knows items he shouldn’t, be it by intuition, luck, or actual foresight. They strike a deal: Do-joon will earn a law degree from Seoul National University (the 1 issue Soonyang income cannot get), and in return Do-joon’s household are re-invited to Soonyang gatherings and Do-joon gets ownership of land in Bundang. Which, of course, later becomes a important improvement region.

By the time Do-joon is 20 and prepared to enter law college, the land has earned him $24 million, which Chairman Jin presents in money for shock worth (it is incredibly powerful). Do-joon turns appropriate about and converts it all from Korean won into American dollars, pinging Chairman Jin’s radar, but the rest of Do-joon’s actions indicate he’s just your daily wealthy college kid. This, of course, is by style.

At law college, having said that, Do-joon meets somebody unexpected: Min-young, studying to grow to be the prosecutor he met as Hyun-woo. He makes use of her adore for Seo Taiji (and his understanding of the singer’s future solo comeback) to finagle a “date” that is truly a opportunity for him to join Sung-joon’s elitist social club (and, okay, yes, also to verbally spar with her some much more as soon as she realizes what he’s invited her to).

When all of this is going on, Do-joon begins generating his initially massive moves against Chairman Jin now that he’s earned his trust. When attending a New York film festival with his father, he meets investment agent OH SE-HYUN (Park Hyuk-kwon). Right after sprinkling a tiny future understanding to get Se-hyun’s focus, Do-joon enlists him to assistance cast the winning bid on a enterprise Chairman Jin has been desperately attempting to obtain.

Chairman Jin seethes that somebody snatched the acquisition appropriate out from beneath his nose, and eldest son Young-ki worries that Sung-joon’s (and his) inheritance may well be in jeopardy. The game is on.

Colour me intrigued. I have so lots of queries about the time-travel (if that is what it was) element, since if there are two versions of Hyun-woo/Do-joon’s consciousness alive at the similar time in the similar time stream, that appears to me to break a lot of standard time travel “rules.” Not to mention, did Do-joon exist prior to (was he scrubbed from public understanding due to that mysterious accident his mom described?), or is his incredibly existence a thing that changed when Hyun-woo was sent back to 1987?

I was initially worried my eyes would get started glazing more than when the show launched into all the politicking and enterprise dealing, but I identified it surprisingly simple to maintain up with the definitely vital pieces. Reborn Wealthy does a excellent job with employing visual cues to maintain items intriguing and digestible — like going black-and-white for a even though as Do-joon gradually became conscious that he was in the previous, or employing actual-life news footage to confirm the accuracy of his “predictions.” Even understanding a bit of the safety team’s quantity codes for household members helped introduce the important characters and their relation to every single other in an orderly way.

On an additional note, Jinyoung’s cameo was such an impactful way to drive Hyun-woo’s betrayal and abandonment house. Hyun-woo gave the Soonyang household his literal anything, and they took it all and employed it against him, appropriate down to his personal words delivered by way of 1 of the only individuals who looked at him with genuine respect.

It is intriguing — and rather sad — that the only time Hyun-woo can truly be himself is when he actually becomes somebody else. As Do-joon, he’s confident and outspoken, no longer living by his 3 guidelines but as an alternative throwing them entirely out the window. And however, he’s nevertheless not living for himself. He cannot take benefit of the remarkable chance to see his mother alive once more, and anything he does is calculated according to the effect it will have on the Soonyang household. So in my opinion, the massive query will be not only can he determine the individual behind his murder and take Soonyang down, but can he ever break absolutely free from their influence more than his life?

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