Attempting to Unlock the Boss with Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Sung-woong

November 21, 2022November 21, 2022

Attempting to Unlock the Boss with Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Sung-woong
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An additional teaser has dropped for ENA’s upcoming fantasy comedy Unlock the Boss, which stars the eager but hapless Chae Jong-hyeop (Enjoy All Play) alongside AI-like secretary Seo Eun-soo (Missing: The Other Side) and tech CEO Park Sung-woong (Snowdrop).

Havoc and hijinks are a a lot when your boss somehow becomes a smartphone, and the story follows our trio as they attempt to resolve the mystery of what occurred – all the even though maintaining the tech corporation operating even though the boss remains indisposed.

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The newest teaser starts with CEO Kim Sun-joo (Park Sung-woong) driving even though on speaker telephone as he sweetly apologizes to his daughter that he’s operating late. Sadly, even though, he does not make it dwelling simply because he’s somehow zapped into his cellphone and the subsequent text screens study: “The genius CEO who disappeared is trapped inside a smartphone?”
We then reduce to our jobless hero Park In-sung (Chae Jong-hyeop) gaining possession of the cellphone in query and he’s shocked when he hears Sun-joo’s relieved voice by means of the telephone: “I see that you have recharged me.” Rapidly pulling up his profile, Sun-joo explains who he is and asks In-sung for assistance – supplying one hundred million won in repayment.
In the middle of their conversation, In-sung hilariously begins singing to cover-up when his parents enter the space and Sun-joo aids by playing the music on the telephone. Incidentally, the song is Betrayal of the Rose by Uhm Jung-hwa (Our Blues), and In-sung’s parents appear so sad pondering their son is going by means of a really hard time.
In the end, our hero decides to assistance Sun-joo and the following text screens announce the starting of their hybrid operate collaboration. Suiting up as acting CEO, In-sung meets with Sun-joo’s enterprise colleagues and Sun-joo explains: “We require to know the truth in order to figure out how this occurred to me.”
In the sequence, we see that secretary Jung Se-yeon (Seo Eun-soo) appears to be investigating on her finish as effectively. But our hero runs into a challenge when In-sung accidentally drops the telephone in water and worries that Sun-joo may well have died from drowning in the toilet. The teaser then closes on a a lot more critical note as Sun-joo shares that there is not a lot of time.
Written by Kim Hyung-min (Sweet Dwelling) with directing helmed by PD Lee Chul-ha (Okay! Madam), ENA’s Unlock the Boss premieres December 7 following Enjoy is for Suckers in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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