The First Responders: Episodes 2-3


The Initial Responders: Episodes two-three

Our joint response group begins understanding how to operate with each other and handle their variations. There’s no shortage of emergencies for them to manage, maintaining them busy and exhausted. But not just about every circumstance gets a pleased ending, and our group members have to reside with the from time to time dire consequences of their choices.


The First Responders: Episodes 2-3 The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Some of the ice begins to thaw in between Ho-gae and his new coworkers Seol and Do-jin, while they nevertheless butt heads more than their competing priorities. Do-jin and Seol are all about the victims and individuals. Ho-gae, on the other hand, prioritizes solving the crime and gets frustrated when Seol and Do-jin trample all more than his crime scene in their rush to treat victims.

Regardless of Ho-gae’s callous demeanor, he’s not immune to victims’ discomfort. It appears a lot more like he’s laser-focused on solving the crime for the reason that it is the only way he knows how to support. Seol, in distinct, appears like she’s warming to him a bit right after watching him operate at the really least, she finds him equal components annoying and amusing.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Ho-gae and Seol get the opportunity to operate a lot more closely with each other on the initial case of the week. The group is named in when a mother cannot attain her young teenage daughter Hyun-seo who locked her out of their household. Our trio breaks in and rushes to get the girl to the hospital right after realizing she drank poison.

The mom is rather blasé about it because Hyun-seo appears okay right after vomiting, and it is not the initial time she’s completed anything like this. But this time is various. Oxygen causes the distinct poison Hyun-seo took to speed up organ failure, leaving Seol devastated because she place the girl on oxygen in the ambulance. There’s nothing at all they can do, and a terrified Hyun-seo dies in the hospital minutes later.

It is awful and heartbreaking for every person involved, but Seol requires it especially difficult due to guilt. There’s no way she could’ve recognized providing the girl oxygen would be detrimental, but it should really feel awful. When you have to make snap choices primarily based off your finest guess in a crisis, there are bound to be incorrect calls, regardless of your finest efforts.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3 The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

When Ho-gae decides there’s anything amiss, Seol jumps in to support him resolve the case. He finds threatening texts on the girl’s telephone and suspects a sex-connected crime and subsequent blackmail. Ho-gae asks to test Hyun-seo’s physique just before cremation, which earns him a slap from her mother. He’s shocked and impressed when empathetic Do-jin gets permission right after 1 heartfelt conversation with the mother.

Ho-gae’s hunch was half appropriate. Right after some sleuthing, they figure out that the culprit is an extremely unnerving fellow classmate of Hyun-seo’s. He tricked Hyun-seo into debt, having her hooked on a gambling app and then loaning her money with exorbitant interest. Then, he blackmailed her into silence and coerced her into taking risqué pictures as additional blackmail.

When Hyun-seo refused to give him her mom’s bank account information, he goaded her to commit suicide. Then, when she truly drank the poison, he ran off, leaving her alone to die. Jesus. And this kid is in middle college! They cannot charge him with something because he’s only 13, but Ho-gae tends to make positive to place the worry of God into him.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3 The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Hyun-seo’s tragedy tends to make Ho-gae assume of one more teen with the identical name who also died. We do not get the complete story however, but it is certainly hero backstory trauma that will come into play later. Simply because while this is sort of an ensemble drama, it is clear that Ho-gae is our central character.

His shady father CHIEF PROSECUTOR JIN (Jo Seung-yeon) looms in the background, unhappy that his son became an incoercible cop rather than a lawyer. He’s got ties to the potent, wealthy criminal MA TAE-HWA (Lee Do-yub) who warns Chief Prosecutor Jin to retain his unwieldy son in line – he’s out on bail right after Ho-gae arrested him, and Tae-hwa is not a pleased camper.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Meanwhile, right after a hectic commence to his new part, Ho-gae ultimately gets to go household and get acquainted with his supposedly haunted apartment. I enjoy seeing the hard Ho-gae freak out more than the notion of a ghost. He’s so disturbed that he decides to resolve the case of the prior resident’s disappearance following an apartment fire.

And as a result starts our subsequent case. Ho-gae ropes Do-jin into assisting when he discovers blood below the floorboards that suggests murder. Do-jin previously ruled the fire an accident, but now it is seeking like arson. To his credit, Do-jin promptly admits his error and reinvestigates.

Simply because they’re each a bit petty, Ho-gae and Do-jin treat solving their respective crimes as a competitors. As you’d count on, their types are vastly various. Ho-gae follows his hunches in a throw-items-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks way, whereas Do-jin methodically tests predictions. Ho-gae has his faithful workplace lackey GONGMYUNG PIL (Kang Ki-doong) sift via sewage to come across physique components flushed down the toilet, whilst Do-jin blows up various concentrations of hand sanitizer and effectively finds the accelerant, which appears way a lot more exciting.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Ho-gae gets his personal win, although, when he notices anything is odd about the bathtub molding in Do-jin’s. They pry it away and come across bags of bones hidden beneath (eww). Certain adequate, the DNA matches the man who disappeared. Now there’s proof of murder.

Teamwork on the fire and crime front leads Ho-gae to come across the perpetrator: the man’s ex-girlfriend. Haunting hallucinations of her ex lead her to pretty much set a police officer (and herself) on fire. Do-jin and Ho-gae show up just in time to save the day, and then Ho-gae gets the complete story from the lady.

Coming in at second spot for Most Horrible Male of the Week, the woman’s ex blackmailed her into staying with him. Right after coercing her to get an illegal abortion, he threatened to turn her in for it if she left him. Though every person feels sympathy for her, she did sort of go overboard with the murder, dismemberment, and arson, so no 1 comes out of this smelling like roses.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3 The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Ho-gae genuinely cannot get any rest. Right after wrapping up the case, Tae-hwa shows up at his door. Ho-gae introduces him to Seol and Do-jin as an unrepentant murderer. (It appears that perhaps Ho-gae’s father helped cover it up with a drug charge.) Tae-hwa, in turn, accuses Ho-gae of murder with the implication it is connected to the teenage girl from Ho-gae’s previous.

We finish on the commence of our subsequent case later that evening. The group arrives on the scene of a hit and run, but it is not that easy. In an odd twist, the physique is lying on the roof of a bus quit.

The First Responders: Episodes 2-3

Effectively, there’s absolutely a variety of instances in this drama. This week’s weren’t as intense as the opening case, but it could possibly really feel a bit overdone if just about every case have been that dramatic. I’m glad we got to see Do-jin a lot more this week. I like his and Ho-gae’s bickering pretty much-camaraderie and begrudging respect.

Nevertheless, there appears to be some tension brewing more than Seol. Do-jin was a small as well sensitive to seeing Seol treat a wound on Ho-gae’s hand (not like it is her job or anything…). There have been a couple of indicators Do-jin likes her, while it does not seem to be reciprocated for now. I’m sensing a lot more chemistry in between her and Ho-gae, so for superior or worse, I wouldn’t be shocked if a enjoy triangle is in their future.

I’m not however positive what to assume about the side plot with Ho-gae’s father and his shady dealings with criminals. I hope it does not get as well heavy into corruption politics and the like because I’d rather just concentrate on the team’s operate. But with the way Tae-hwa is gunning for Ho-gae, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot a lot more of him.

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