Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-two

Our mini drama packs very the punch in its opening week, and grips our interest with the story of a father’s adore for his daughter, and the celebrity he unwittingly ropes into fulfilling his daughter’s want.


Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

We all have these celebrities who we completely adore, and their mere existence brings smiles to our faces even in our darkest moments. For me, it is Kim Soo-hyun, and for our tiny heroine BANG YU-NA (Shin Yeon-woo), it is actress HAN KANG-HEE (Sooyoung). Yu-na is a leukemia patient, and apart from her dad BANG JUNG-SEOK (Yoon Park), “Kang-hee unnie” is her largest supply of strength in the hospital.

Not that Kang-hee would know something about this, because she’s dealing with malicious comments thanks to a scathing report by the spiteful REPORTER SON (Jung Jae-sung) who has it out for her. Kang-hee is no stranger to malicious comments, as she suffers PTSD from previously received hate mail which was disguised as fan letters. As a outcome, she no longer reads fan letters nor accepts fan gifts.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

Absolutely everyone is seemingly out to get Kang-hee — from radio DJs to anti-fans to even her personal mother who sees her as additional of a meal ticket than a daughter. As such, Kang-hee draws a clear line amongst herself, her mom, and the fans. And though she might seem snobbish on the outdoors, it is just an act to safeguard herself from finding hurt.

But placing on an act can be exhausting, and the initially time we see her reduce her guard is on a ride residence with designated driver Jung-seok who takes place to be her higher college classmate. It is a pleasant reunion on each sides, while she promptly returns to her default setting when she learns he has a daughter — that is, no longer in the single’s industry. Lol. And from the appear of factors, she appears to have had (and nonetheless has) a issue for him.

Meanwhile, Yu-na’s largest want is to obtain a reply to the fan letter she sends to Kang-hee, and to grant the want, Jung-seok comes up with the reply himself. But give a kid an inch, and watch them run off twenty miles. His reply births a chain of letters amongst Yu-na and “Kang-hee” — from photoshopped photos, to spoilers from her at present airing drama. But rather than the pleased ending prediction, the drama has a disastrous ending. Actually. (An asteroid hits the earth and every thing goes up in flames!)

Kang-hee is neither the writer nor the director, but the backlash falls on her and Reporter Son also fans the flames by revealing she does not study her fan letters. But this is news to Yu-na mainly because she’s got a dozen of Kang-hee’s replies in her possession, so she goes on the web to clear her idol’s name.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

The heartwarming story of a celebrity exchanging letters with a sick fan turns the public sentiment towards Kang-hee, and she visits the hospital (with Reporter Son hot on her trail) to locate out who the fan is. When she runs into Jung-seok once again outdoors Yu-na’s area, she puts the pieces with each other and scolds him for lying to his daughter. Kang-hee insists Jung-seok tells Yu-na the truth, but she sooner or later relents soon after he begs her to go along with his white lie.

It is a dream come accurate for Yu-na, who is stunned to tears when Kang-hee officially pays her a go to. Kang-hee is quite great at fan service, and trust Yu-na to extend the go to into a sleepover at Kang-hee’s residence. And I hope Kim Soo-hyun oppa can see what his peers are carrying out for their fans.

The sleepover is not just a terrific occasion for Yu-na. Kang-hee also has a lot of enjoyable in particular because Jung-seok is sleeping more than also — from altering out of his wet garments into hers, to crash landing on the sofa with each other *gulps*. But that final portion is all in her imagination. Heh. It is clear that the time Jung-seok and Kang-hee spent apart from higher college till now hasn’t taken something away from their friendship, and I adore how comfy they are about each and every other.

It is not all enjoyable and flirty moments, although. Even though they have a chat more than drinks, Kang-hee learns that Yu-na’s mom abandoned them for the U.S., leaving Jung-seok and his mother to appear soon after Yu-na. Regrettably, the Truck of Doom quickly reared its ugly head and swept his mother off her feet. And now it is just Jung-seok and Yu-na against the planet.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

Just like the truck, Reporter Son also rears his ugly head soon after discovering that Kang-hee and Jung-seok had been classmates. And though the rest of the planet is asleep, he comes up with one more colorful report stating that the fan letters had been an elaborate scam for Kang-hee to launder her image, and for Jung-seok to profit from the predicament. Aish! Reporter Son is such an obsessive son-of-a… *deep breaths* He’s seriously deserving of the hair-slaps Kang-hee flung in his face at his final interview with her.

Like ants to sugar, other jobless reporters swarm Kang-hee’s residence the subsequent morning with accusations and major concerns. Jung-seok — who is not practicing at the moment — goes complete-on lawyer mode and threatens the pesky reporters with all manner of lawsuits. Regrettably, that does not quit Yu-na from catching on that Kang-hee wasn’t the 1 who replied to her letters.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

Yu-na is crushed, and though she was bound to find out the truth quickly adequate, that was such a devastating way to locate out. But even although I’m glad that Kang-hee respected her adequate to admit the truth, my heart nonetheless breaks for Yu-na as she breaks down in tears of disappointment.

The predicament is very overwhelming for Yu-na who has to be rushed back to the hospital when she collapses. And as Kang-hee watches more than the sleeping girl, she realizes how huge her presence is for Yu-na in her tiny corner at the hospital. Kang-hee’s PTSD acts up once again on seeing Yu-na’s letters, but fortunately, just like he applied to do back in higher college, Jung-seok is there to steady her. And this is exactly where we draw the curtains on our opening week.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

A huge cause why I do not envy celebrities and public figures is mainly because absolutely everyone is all up in their organization with zero consideration for their mental overall health. Most of them are surrounded by lots of men and women, but they’re nonetheless really a great deal alone. That is why I identified it slightly sad that Kang-hee’s manager – who is supposed to be the quantity 1 particular person on her side – has to take permission from the boss at their agency ahead of he does something for Kang-hee.

Away from the demands of getting a celebrity, Kang-hee is at her most relaxed and happiest about Jung-seok, and for great cause, also. The man goes all out for the men and women he cares about. He does not feel twice about leaving his job at a prime law firm to turn out to be Yu-na’s complete-time caretaker, and he’s not hesitant to go on his knees to plead with Kang-hee to go along with his fan letter ruse. I admire his adore for and devotion to his daughter, and it is 1 of the highlights of the drama.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

There are enjoyable moments sprinkled all through these episodes, and the drama has a sweet and heartwarming really feel to it. But there’s nonetheless a common melancholy that hovers more than the show due to Yu-na’s situation and to an extent, Kang-hee’s PTSD. The larger the expectations, the additional the disappointment, and as a great deal as I’d adore to, I do not have my hopes up for a sudden miracle to occur to Yu-na.

But as for Kang-hee, I hope Yu-na’s letters turn out to be a motivating aspect to break out of her trauma. And as she comes to study and reply to these encouraging notes of adore, she’ll not only place a smile on Yu-na’s face, but she’ll locate a path to her personal healing as nicely.

Please Send a Fan Letter: Episodes 1-2

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