Weak Hero Class 1: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Weak Hero Class 1: Episode 1 (1st Impressions)

We’re no strangers to seeing college violence portrayed in K-dramas, but Wavve’s Weak Hero Class 1 requires it a step additional by obtaining the victim fight back — and very viciously, at that. Our quiet protagonist may perhaps be a man of couple of words, but that does not imply he’s an straightforward target.

Editor’s note: Coverage will continue with a Drama Hangout for the series drop if there is enough interest.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Ideal off the bat, we’re introduced to Byeoksan High’s star student YEON SHI-EUN (Park Ji-hoon), whose stoic demeanor belies a tumultuous tempest inside. As the class critiques their answers on a test, he slams his fist down on his desk, efficiently silencing them all.

Everybody freezes at this uncharacteristic show, watching in shock as Shi-eun stalks down the aisle, grabs a book off a desk, and swings it at a classmate’s face.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1 Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Rewind to thirteen days ago. Shi-eun is the definition of the model student, answering difficulty sums with ease and revising his study material even although he’s consuming. We quickly see why he’s so laser-focused on his research — his absent mom is an academic lecturer. Shi-eun watches her videos to study, and I get a sinking feeling that he sees her onscreen additional usually than he does in actual life.

In class, Shi-eun receives the gold prize for a math competitors, which he accepts with no considerably emotion or fanfare. Meanwhile, fellow classmate JEON YOUNG-BIN (Kim Soo-gyeom) gets the bronze prize — clearly ruffling his feathers and adding fuel to the fire that is his inferiority complicated.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1 Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Young-bin’s ego is larger than his brain, which suggests this incident kickstarts a series of bullying against Shi-eun. Young-bin and his cronies may perhaps be higher college students, but they’ve currently begun mixing with the incorrect crowd. Not only do they indulge in drinking parties at a club, but Young-bin also obtains drugs from his older cousin JEON SEOK-DAE (Shin Seung-ho).

At college, Shi-eun silently tolerates the bullying — which ranges from receiving a shoe thrown at him, obtaining his fitness center uniform stolen, to becoming strangled in the locker area. It is clear in Shi-eun’s unflinching gaze that he’s no doormat, but he just enables himself to be treated like a pushover since he’d rather not fight back.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

The similar cannot be mentioned for AHN SOO-HO (Choi Hyun-wook), whose fists fly quicker than his words. He loves his daytime naps additional than something else, but when the egotistical baseball group wakes him up to confront him about supposedly hitting on a girl he does not even don’t forget, Soo-ho’s speedy to counter their punches and place them in their location.

Outdoors of college, Soo-ho operates a delivery job, which requires him to Shi-eun’s apartment (turns out Soo-ho got the address incorrect, LOL). Considering the fact that he’s currently there, Soo-ho tends to make himself appropriate at household, depositing himself in Shi-eun’s hallway and asking for some water. Shi-eun’s dumbfounded expression in the face of Soo-ho’s audacity is totally hilarious, and I’m currently searching forward to additional of this mismatched dynamic.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Final but not least, we get introduced to the final member of our major trio — the bespectacled and meek OH BUM-SEOK (Hong Kyung). He’s just transferred to Byeoksan Higher in order to escape his prior college, exactly where he was bullied badly.

Needless to say, he swiftly becomes Young-bin’s newfound target. Considering the fact that the only way to get beneath Shi-eun’s skin is by messing with his research, Young-bin utilizes his information of Bum-seok’s previous to coerce him into sticking a Fentanyl patch onto the back of Shi-eun’s neck. It is a painkiller that will dull Shi-eun’s thoughts and even induce vomiting, efficiently ruining any opportunity of him scoring effectively.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

With no other option, Bum-seok does Young-bin’s bidding, causing Shi-eun to stumble out of the class halfway via the mock exam. He can barely keep upright, staggering and swaying the complete way to the washroom.

By the time Shi-eun returns, he’s numb and dazed, obtaining realized about the patch on his neck. Peeling it off, he begins slapping himself repeatedly, not stopping even when the teacher cries out in concern and the complete class appears on in shock. It is a heartbreaking scene — it appears like Shi-eun’s undertaking it to wake himself up from the drug’s effects, but it also feels like he’s punishing himself for messing up the exam.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Soon after the exam, the students go via their answers, and Shi-eun’s aggravation builds with each query that he gets incorrect. Sooner or later, he cannot take it any longer, and he slams his fist down on his table — taking us back to the scene that opened the episode.

With out an ounce of hesitation, Shi-eun bashes a book into Young-bin’s face and stabs a pen straight via his crony’s hand. Then he wraps the curtain about Young-bin’s head, and hits him till his blood stains the fabric. As Young-bin collapses to the floor, face bruised and bloody, Shi-eun reminds him: “I asked you to cease.”

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1 Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

Whoa. It is one particular issue to suspect that Shi-eun has the capacity for such violence, and very one more completely to really witness it in action. It is terrifyingly brutal, and the way his eyes go blank is downright chilling.

What’s even additional frightening is that Shi-eun does not look to be capable to cease as soon as his switch has been flipped. He moves to step on Young-bin’s battered face, but Soo-ho intervenes, shoving him back and lightly telling him not to cross the line. Shi-eun does not take kindly to Soo-ho’s playful demeanor, and he grabs a chair and charges towards him.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

The episode ends there, and I’m left reeling. It is nowhere close to as gory or brutal as some of the fare we’ve observed in current years, but there’s one thing raw and desperate about the violence right here that has my stomach churning. Shi-eun is a sympathetic character, but it is clear we haven’t observed all there is to him, and that tends to make him a loose cannon that is equal components intriguing and terrifying.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho and Bum-seok are quickly likable characters, and I’m currently searching forward to seeing how the 3 group up. Soo-ho’s lackadaisical attitude is extremely amusing, but he appears to be hiding a mature thoughts beneath that devil-may perhaps-care smile. And of course, I’ve currently created a soft spot for timid Bum-seok, who just desires to stay clear of a repeat of his prior trauma. Collectively, our 3 major leads may perhaps just be the assistance program that every single of them requirements.

Weak Hero Class 1 Episode 1

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