Film Review: The Fish Tale (2022) by Shuichi Okita

Shuichi Okita has produced a name for himself by getting 1 of the couple of filmmakers in Japan who continues to shoot films that are “in the middle”, neither large nor low-spending budget, and also for his quirky characters and occasional surrealism, each of which, although, are grounded in realism. “The Fish Tale” which is primarily based on the autobiography of Sakana-kun, a celebrity ichthyologist, Youtuber, Television host, illustrator and all-about “fish ambassador” is one more title that proves how significantly he has perfected this style.&nbsp

“The Fish Tale is screening at Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

Despite the fact that a guy in reality, in the film “Meebo” is truly a girl, and a truly eccentric and intense 1 for that, as she is obsessed with something that has to do with fish given that childhood, such as drawing them and consuming them. An incident with an octopus, which she gets from the sea and decides to take dwelling just before her father brutally kills it in front of her and all her pals would be a traumatic occasion for anybody, but not for her, as absolutely nothing appears to deter her from pursuing her like and her dream: becoming a fish professional. Her parents are understandably a small worried, but they go with the flow, as they do not truly have a selection.&nbsp

The years pass, and teenager Meebo continues in the exact same style, but her obsession truly puts an obstacle in her dream, given that she does not have time to study, generating it quite hard to come to be an professional. In the meantime, she manages to reconcile two gangs of teenage delinquents, mainly by shocking them as she guts a living fish, in a scene that highlights her disillusionment about her passion. Even much more years later, she is nevertheless as quirky as attainable, desperately attempting to get a job in the field she likes, but constantly failing. The reappearance of some of her pals from childhood and teenagehood, although, aids her sooner or later come across her way.&nbsp

Shuichi Okita requires a quantity of inventive liberties in this biopic of sorts, especially in the starting, exactly where some fish seem as some sort of aliens, as significantly as Meebo does, who does not look to have significantly to do with this planet, at least as the other people perceive it. By means of all the quirkiness, although, a quantity of messages are presented right here, in the most eloquent and intriguing style. (Japanese) society demands from people today to mature, adapt, study tough and get a job according to their possible, with the people today who are not, sooner or later treated as pariahs. Meebo’s path even so, highlights the truth that there are option, &#8220not-typical&#8221 roads to accomplishment, and that following your obsession to the finish can truly lead to wonderful points, even if they in all probability will take a bit much more time than the “right way”. That the protagonist remains cheerful even in the face of total failure also sends a message, as significantly as how critical friendship and excellent parenting (primarily which means understanding and supporting young children even when they do not make sense) can be in the life of anybody. That her will to chase her dreams sooner or later brings a quantity of people today about her, also sends a message in the exact same, anti-pariah path.

At the exact same time, the film also functions as an encyclopedia for fish and the way to consume them, with the level of detail getting astonishing, as indicated in a quantity of scenes but most of all in the shishamo scene exactly where the complete point moves on a complete other level.&nbsp

Moreover, the film is quite significantly a car for Non to showcase her acting skills, with her providing an astonishingly committed overall performance, not leaving the quirkiness of her character even for a moment, retaining each an intense rhythm and a quite fitting physique movements all through the component of the film she seems in. Her presence is truly 1 of the very best traits of the title, with Okita anchoring the film on her and she delivering in the very best way attainable, with the drunken scene getting the apogee of her overall performance.&nbsp

Yasuyuki Sasaki’s cinematography captures all the aforementioned components with an utterly fitting quirky realism, filled with vibrant colors, whilst the editing final results in a quite fitting, reasonably speedy but also leisurely pace.&nbsp

“The Fish Tale” is an outstanding film, quite uncomplicated to watch and fascinating contextually, as significantly as a proof that each Okita and Non are at present at the leading of their game..&nbsp



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