May I Help You: Episodes 7-8


May perhaps I Support You: Episodes 7-eight

As we arrive at the halfway mark this week, tiny seeds of romance are sown. But we may have to hold off on that for a when, due to the fact Pandora’s box is also unlocked and extra shocking revelations commence to pop out for lots of of our characters.


May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

She Has Appeared is the title of our very first episode this week. And Chung-ha’s look sparks some unintentional but cute jealous moments with Dong-joo, specifically when she learns the quite physician (who she’s met prior to when Chung-ha saved a homeless man) is Tae-hee’s very first adore. But I do not assume she has to be concerned about Tae-hee reciprocating any lingering feelings Chung-ha may have for him, due to the fact it seems he’s more than it. Or perhaps he’s just suppressing the feelings like he’s performing with the memories of his previous.

Also joining the ex-lovers in the health-related field are nurse So-ra and Dr. Mrs. Chung-ha’s mom, who modifications guys practically as normally as she modifications surgical gloves — a life-style which Chung-ha is not a fan of. Chung-ha does not actually have any other close friends, and now that she has traced her way back to Tae-hee’s orbit, she does not intend to stroll away so very easily.

Proving to be one particular of the most versatile and naturally-incorporated-into-the-story jobs in dramaland, a Dime a Job service is known as to drive Dong-joo to the countryside on a ghost request. And it gets greater when Tae-hee drives them into a ditch and they have to invest the evening collectively. As a side impact of the accident, Dong-joo sprains her ankle. And when Tae-hee begins to dish out health-related assistance, she catches on that he made use of to be a physician like Chung-ha is.

But due to the fact Dong-joo understands how it feels to deal with undesirable inquiries due to the fact she also had to quit getting an athlete due to her ankle injury, she does not push Tae-hee for additional facts. Rather, she jokes that he was almost certainly a quack due to the fact he hasn’t noticed that he’s operating a fever. She requires charge of nursing duties for the evening and puts him to bed, but their hospital roleplay does not go previous this. Heh.

May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

Prior to Tae-hee falls asleep, he wonders what would come about if he met an understanding lady who created him want to inform her every little thing. He appears worried about the possibility of becoming as well dependent, and dumping his challenges on such a lady. But the subsequent morning as they drive back to Seoul, Dong-joo tells him that he can lean on her anytime he’s possessing a difficult time. How sweet of her.

Dong-joo’s boss, Il-seob, also has a difficult time when it comes to his family members. For the reason that of his profession, his father calls him filthy and an abomination to their family members. Ouch! The father also blames him for bringing undesirable luck to his sister’s kid who has a heart situation. But practically nothing says “you can lean on me” greater than a slap to the back of his father’s head by So-ra, followed by an “Oops! My error. Your voice sounded like the ahjussi who scammed our family members.” LMAO! So-ra is a clown, but she’s also a girl just after my heart.

As So-ra swoons more than her developing crush on Il-seob, Dong-joo realizes that she may have fallen for Tae-hee as well. But when she shows up at the Dime a Job workplace for a macaron date with him, her rival in adore also seems and the date is more than prior to it even starts. Sigh. I really feel undesirable for Chung-ha due to the fact Tae-hee was the one particular who broke her heart. But then, can she just move on currently and quit interrupting cute moments involving my ship?

Father Michael was appropriate: very first loves are a Pandora’s box! And Chung-ha has come to reopen old wounds — painful ones, at that. For the reason that we come to understand that the boy ghost is truly Tae-hee’s kid brother KIM JOON-HO (Kim Ha-eon), who was hit on a rainy evening by dramaland’s favourite truck as he was operating to drop off Tae-hee’s ring at a designated place. Nooo!!! Now I need to have extra than a handful of minutes to get myself collectively.

May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

As it turns out, Father Michael and Vincent know every other, and Father Michael cashes in on a Dime a Job cost-free errand supply to send one particular of the little ones in the church on a camping trip with Tae-hee. Becoming a element-time matchmaker, Father Michael also ropes Dong-joo into going with Tae-hee and the boy, and they appear like such a cute tiny family members.

Tae-hee is quite considerably useless at setting up the camping gear, and he jokes about hiring Dong-joo to perform for Dime a Job due to the fact she’s so skilled at it. But he quickly sobers up as the boy reminds him of Joon-ho. The boy cries as they go stargazing due to the fact his dad is now amongst the stars. But Dong-joo comforts him by saying her personal mom is also a star, and their parents up there are watching more than them.

May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

Later on as Dong-joo and Tae-hee go on a stroll, she teases that he’s so skilled with little ones — and that is when he lastly tells her about Joon-ho. Joon-ho also loved the stars, and Tae-hee promised to take him stargazing if he brought the ring more than. Regrettably, the subsequent contact from Joon-ho’s telephone wasn’t an “I have arrived at the place,” but from the E.R. In the present, Tae-hee cries as he blames himself for getting the cause his brother died, and Dong-joo pulls him into a comforting hug.

But the worst is far from more than, due to the fact from Dong-joo’s recollection of her encounter with Joon-ho’s ghost (when he tasked her with acquiring the ring for him), he also stated she could ask a police officer if she couldn’t discover it. But the police officer is none other than Hae-an, who was also present at the scene of the accident, and was torn involving attending to a bleeding out Joon-ho or the passed out truck driver (who is presently hooked up to a life-help machine).

I have to say, this drama does an outstanding job in handling its reveals. The reveals are smooth and not rushed, neither do they really feel contrived or out of spot — from Tae-hee as a physician, to his sibling partnership with Joon-ho, and now Hae-an’s connection to the accident. The facts match in naturally, and they’re in line with every little thing the story has cautiously laid out in earlier episodes.

It is clear that what ever decision Hae-an created that evening is tied to his painful rainy day memory. And what’s worse, he appears to truly know the truck driver thinking about he visits the man in the hospital. Oh boy! I was actually loving the bromance involving the guys in the Dime a Job developing. Now what’s going to come about when Tae-hee learns that Hae-an is connected to the accident?

May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

Hae-an is pretty an intriguing character. He’s extra than his nation bumpkin persona, and he seems to know extra than he lets on. I wonder if he knows that Tae-hee and Vincent are Joon-ho’s relatives. Is that why he also moved into their developing? No, I need to have to quit spinning crazy theories and concentrate my interest on greater factors, like holding a prayer circle for the show to not get any extra sadder than it presently is — if that is even achievable at this point.

In the meantime, I need to have this Chung-ha arc to close so that my DongHee ship can sail. Tae-hee currently finds Dong-joo comfy sufficient to share his previous with her, and it can’t get any extra “I trust you, and I’m falling for you” than that. In addition to, they have gotten everyone’s blessings from Father Michael (the captain of our ship), to Dong-joo’s dad who gifted Tae-hee with a “Thanks for covering for me/hunting just after my daughter/please continue to watch more than her” present. So these two must just make it official currently!

May I Help You: Episodes 7-8

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