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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what created you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Revenge of Other people

Curtain Contact: We’re moving a tad bit slow for the third week, but I appreciate the drama is attempting to unfold the emotional attachments cautiously. That becoming said…. are they? I really feel zero chemistry involving Jae-heon and Se-yeon to the point I’m asking yourself if this loveline was just a false flag lol. Meanwhile, Se-gyu lounging on the couch in Dong-je’s suite, hanging out with his hyung, and bringing fruit to his granny — these are my favored bits of this drama. Choi Dae-hoon has a new fan in me.

Appreciate is for Suckers: I’m just gonna say I have zero sympathy for our second lead female. I know I’m supposed to care that she’s sad but I do not. Proper now I’m all about the stealth ship that is Chef John (yay redemptive arc!) and Ji-wan. Can they get a spin-off drama??



At present covering: Reborn Wealthy

Behind Each Star: I certainly do not catch all of the cameos and meta references, but I’m truly enjoying the ones I do recognize. I’m also enjoying the episodic, celebrity-issue-of-the-day format a lot extra than I anticipated (and extra than a lot of the overarching key cast plotlines, to be truthful). I have mixed feelings about Je-in in certain, but I assume a lot of it is since I carried more than a LOT of residual fondness for Kwak Quickly-young’s Inspector Koo character, and for some explanation it is taking me longer than usual to adjust.

Revenge of Other people: I truly, truly want Jae-bum to be the absolute sweetheart he seems to be, but judging by quite a great deal actually everybody at this college, I’m preparing myself for that to be the opposite of the truth. Aside from that, I do not have a great deal to say, since this show has me on the edge of my seat in a cannot-appear-cannot-appear-away type of way.

Secret Royal Inspector and Joy: What a gem! I’m so glad I went back and picked this 1 up. It had a excellent balance of enjoyable, intrigue, heart, and really feel-very good hopefulness that just hit all the correct notes.



At present covering: Behind Each Star

Appreciate is for Suckers: My enthusiasm for this drama has dwindled, but I’m hanging on since I’m hopeful that it will turn about now that Yeo-reum has admitted to herself and to Jae-hoon that she has feelings for him. I’m not seeking forward to the ensuing Ji-yeon waterworks, even though.

May possibly I Assistance You: I identified the initial episode of this drama incredibly amusing since I’ve essentially dated a funeral director ahead of — heh. We didn’t break up since of his job, like the characters in the show, but I believed it was exciting that the story opened on the social stigmas related with the profession that can at times be off-placing in the dating planet. The rest of the drama is rather charming, but I’m not totally caught up on the episodes at the moment.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls: Attempting to accumulate some extra beans ahead of the finish of the year, but as an alternative of finishing the dramas that I dropped close to the finish, I decided to start out an completely new 1 that I’d previously dismissed as “not my factor.” I’m nonetheless not certain how a great deal I like this dark, Grimm-like story, but the cinematography and OST are beautiful. For now, I’m interested to see exactly where it goes.



At present covering: Cheer Up, Appreciate is for Suckers

Age of Youth (1 and two): I’ve been dealing with wellness stuff the final handful of weeks, which has meant I’ve been taking some down time. “Down time” of course is code for watching additional K-dramas. How I let Age of Youth linger on my “to watch” list for so lengthy is a mystery and now that I’ve noticed it, I really feel ashamed. Season 1 may well be amongst my favored dramas of all time. These characters are wonderful, and to jam them all with each other into a property and see how it plays out was beautiful, funny, sad, and so relatable to watch. With how a great deal I loved the initial season, Season two was a bit of a letdown. It is not the exact same without the need of Yi-na, but I also assume the writing was weaker the second time about. As a complete, it is funny watching Park Eun-bin and Han Ye-ri in these roles in retrospect — offered the monstrous roles they’ve gone on to conquer, they look like babies back then. Amazingly talented babies, but you know what I imply.

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