Short Film Review: Takano Intersection (2021) by Mizuki Ito

“Appears rough. You gonna be ok?

Thinking of the size of the anime business in Japan, it is no surprise that not numerous independent animations see the light of day, at least outdoors the nation. Nonetheless, Mizuki Ito&amprsquors brief, that has currently won the Grand Prize at Kyoto International Manga Anime Award 2021, amongst a quantity of other awards, proves that good quality can be identified also outdoors the studios.

“Takano Intersection” is screening at ShortShorts

Close to an intersection in a city, the lives of 3 strangers overlap. A young girl is education in operating, along a quantity of other girls, but she appears the most fatigued and most resolved of all. A young man with numerous piercings in his face, whose garments appears to be of a chef, is walking alone, naturally dissapointed by anything. A small boy is struggling riding his bike and when it is about to turn the corner, the overlapping requires spot. The operating girl passes pretty closelly to the boy, he loses his balance and falls, but she continues operating. The man witnesses the entire factor, shoots her a glance and assists the boy get up. They all continue their paths, but the girl is not specifically guilt-no cost on what she did.

The entire story requires spot about in intersection and Mizuki Ito appears to use the place as a metaphor for her protagonists&amprsquor actions, as they are all in a “crossroad” relating to their choices. The girl is not confident if she ought to cease operating and go back and apologize, the young man is not confident of if he ought to go immediately after her for her deed, plus he appears to be at a crossroads relating to his chef job, and the young boy has to opt for of if he continues riding the bike or cease now that he is hurt. That the little choices we take in life essenntiallly define who we are is excellently expressed by means of this minimal method, which also presents an additional comment, relating to the not judging persons also speedily. Almost certainly the only concern right here is the explanation for the girl&amprsquors intense operating in spite of her exhaustion, which are not exactlyl clear, despite the fact that even this query is nicely embedded in the narrative.

The general presentation has a distinct anime style, in each character drawing and animation, but the fluidity of the lines and the background also move in European paths, with the mixture becoming really impressive. The truth that there are pretty couple of dialogues/lines, and Taishi Fujisawa&amprsquors Radiohead-like soundtrack also function really nicely for the general aesthetics, with the identical applying to the coloring of Yu Xue Shi, who makes use of the whites in rather elaborate style.

“Takano Intersection” is an great brief, that highlights the good quality of Japanese animation, even outdoors the anime business.

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