Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4


Revenge of Other people: Episodes three-four

It is only the second week, and there are currently far more twists and reveals than I can fathom. Each and every a single adds colour to our cast of characters, layers either motive or benefit, and complicates what we believed we knew about our story. The far more our heroine digs in, the far more risky it gets.


Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4 Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

This drama is so plotty and suspenseful — there is not a moment exactly where I’m not on the edge of my seat attempting to anticipate what comes subsequent. We have our fill of reveals this week, but like every single piece of data this drama doles out, there’s constantly a further layer or a thing to make it untrustworthy.

We choose up with our alleyway scene, and Chan-mi notices Su-heon’s harried manner… and the blood on his sneakers. She’s suspicious of him, and that only grows when they wind up at the columbarium collectively. Chan-mi is asking Won-seok if it is accurate he was such an awful individual, although Su-heon is going to his personal deceased sibling: his hyung died 3 years ago. Chan-mi tries to covertly figure out Su-heon’s story, but when he catches her, it turns into an essential moment of trust in between them.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4 Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

Certainly, a single of our significant themes this week is about trust — we see trust constructed, broken, and questioned. Even if Chan-mi is not positive about Su-heon, she winds up telling him about her personal brother. I appreciate how the drama handles this. As an alternative of possessing her clarify almost everything by way of dialogue, she shows Su-heon the spot exactly where she was standing. And conversely, we hear about Su-heon’s hyung’s brutal bullying and subsequent suicide. Gosh, what is up with this higher college.

This interaction may possibly develop a bond in between Chan-mi and Su-heon (or start out to), but when Jung-kyung returns to college and the police launch an investigation, Chan-mi suspects that his attacker was Su-heon. Now, it is essential to note that the complete college cheered when Jung-kyung left the college permanently, and his return leaves them universally upset. Jung-kyung is hated as a bully the individual who beat him and destroyed his foot is recognized as their “hero.” It is also speculated if the identical “hero” is the a single that “punished” Won-seok. Chan-mi’s radar goes up.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

Chan-mi is so suspicious of Su-heon at this point that she learns exactly where he lives (epic rooftop apartment achievable only in K-dramas), sneaks in, and steals his blood-spattered sneakers. But, when she sees him have an episode and a nosebleed that spatters on a further pair of sneakers, she sooner or later writes it off. Su-heon thinks he’s about to turn him (and his sneakers) into the detectives, but she essentially sides with him, apologizes, and returns the sneakers. This turns into an essential moment of trust constructed in between the two.

Though all this is going on, Chan-mi has other difficulties as effectively. Due to her chumminess with Su-heon, higher college imply girl GOOK JI-HYUN (Lee Soo-min) has her sights on her, possessing a significant crush on Su-heon. Ji-hyun is also at odds with GI OH-SEONG (Chae Sang-woo) who is subsequent on Chan-mi’s investigation list, given that it was Oh-seong who was in the middle of the pregnancy scandal that she discovered about.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

Just after a meeting with Oh-seong (created achievable by our all-about effectively-connected good guy Jae-bum), Chan-mi gets even far more confused. Oh-seong is visibly upset to understand she’s attempting to come across out about Won-seok’s death. He says Won-seok was constantly very good to him, and helped him out of a difficult predicament. Chan-mi does not know what to make of this, and neither do I.

When she follows him to return the cell telephone he left behind, Chan-mi accidentally learns a huge secret: he and Ji-hyun are essentially step-siblings! The two retain their secret meticulously, and although Oh-seong pretends to be good to get Chan-mi to retain their secret, Ji-hyun does the opposite and is far more antagonistic than ever.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

A lot more than her personal investigations, it is the secret notes that Chan-mi keeps getting that are pushing her forward at this point. Initial was a note to meet in the back of the auditorium exactly where she’s knocked unconscious with a brick and her telephone is unlocked.

She’s saved by Jae-bum and wakes up in a hospital VIP area. He’s adorably concerned for her, and we later understand (he admits it sheepishly) that his parents personal the hospital, and that her bill has currently been paid. She does not completely trust him however, even though, mainly because she does not inform him she was attacked till later, when the cellphone factor becomes an situation.

Turns out, whoever unlocked her telephone employed it to send a racy (and sorry but hilariously photoshopped) photo of Ji-hyun about the college. Though Chan-mi offers with the aftermath of this (which is a disaster and awakens Ji-hyun’s hate even far more), we see Jae-bum investigating the attack. The second he learns about it from Chan-mi, he makes use of all his connections and energy to his benefit, watches CCTV footage, and appears to catch the auditorium brick culprit: Oh-seong.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4 Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

Chan-mi is receiving deeper and deeper into a mess, and as the mysterious notes retain appearing in her locker, she’s adding up enemies like crazy. And all of them want her out of the college — and will do something to terrorize her all the way back to Busan.

It is about this point in the story we recognize that Ji-hyun is far more than a spoiled brat — she’s essentially got a squad of delinquents that are at her beck and contact. She compels them into a beatdown of Chan-mi (ugh, brutal), which Su-heon sees from his rooftop just after a brooding shower at the fitness center (I imply, he has causes to brood).

Chan-mi goes back to her goshiwon, but she’s been reported (thanks to Oh-seong once more) and is kicked out. It is right here that Su-heon swoops in once more, and with all the trust he now has in her, he lets her remain in his apartment. This is exactly where we get a entire bunch of squee we definitely required, but as these two get closer, it only tends to make me far more worried for Su-heon’s fate.

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

The subsequent anonymous locker note leads Chan-mi to the college for the duration of a senior presentation by a monk — swiftly hijacked by we-do not-know-who-however, who streams literal footage of Won-seok’s murder and death. OMG. The college is now upside-down, and rightly so, with DETECTIVE JIN (Kim Ju-ryung) place in charge of the investigation. (Just before we move on, essential bits of interconnectedness to try to remember: we have discovered that Detective Jin is married to Su-heon’s neurologist, and that Detective Jin’s police chief boss is Oh-seong and Ji-hyun’s father.)

Poor Chan-mi is far more distraught than ever just after seeing this footage, and the drama offers her time to grieve. But not that extended, mainly because there’s a further note in her locker (probably importantly, in a various style than the other folks), and she follows its guidelines, desperate to come across the truth. She waits in the dark shooting variety for the individual to arrive — they claimed they have data she desires, and she’s prepared to threat it all (definitely, she’s fearless!). And who turns up? Jae-bum. Noooooooooo!

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4 Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

Okay, I completely have a soft spot for Jae-bum’s character, but he’s got a severe query mark hanging more than him — as does, effectively, everybody. The far more we understand about a character or a bit of action in the previous, the deeper we get. A lot more data, far more queries. No answers.

One particular of these intriguing reveals, even though, was about Oh-seong and Jae-bum, which is what tends to make this cliffhanger Jae-bum reveal even far more crazy. We see Jae-bum confronting Oh-seong on getting the a single to assault Chan-mi in the auditorium. He shows him the CCTV footage, and and proves it is him by the restricted edition sneakers that had been a present to Oh-seong from Jae-bum. (Not positive how he remembers this if he has amnesia, but… does he definitely have amnesia? Absolutely nothing is specific ideal now.)

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

What’s weird is that even though Oh-seong is visibly disturbed, the subsequent day at college he turns the tables on Jae-bum. He’s wearing the restricted edition sneakers, but there’s also a further pair strung up in a tree. This was such a creepy moment of reversal, and however I’m not definitely positive what we reversed to? Some of these scenes are just delightfully opaque, and my takeaway is that every single time we’re offered a explanation to trust a character, we’re give two causes not to.

In truth, that is how I really feel about this complete drama, and why this plotty suspenseful setup is just so very good. I do not know who to trust, every single time I kind a new hypothesis I’m forced to throw it out by the following scene, and almost everything is hanging deliciously in the air. Excellent writing. A lot more, please!

Revenge of Others: Episodes 3-4

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