ABLAZE Announces Retail Partner Barnes & Noble to Stock New Manga, Manhwa and Webtoon Titles

Comics publisher ABLAZE has announced that Barnes &amp Noble will be amongst the crucial national retailers stocking an acclaimed quartet of manga/manhwa/webtoon titles that incorporates BLITZ (manga), HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN! (manhwa/webtoon), THE BREAKER (manhwa) and ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB (webtoon).

These ABLAZE titles are certain to delight readers and will make proper present selections as the 2022 vacation season starts.&nbsp All titles will be readily available at Barnes &amp Noble starting November 22nd.&nbsp

Readers are invited to go to their nearby Barnes &amp Noble retailer, or order their copies straight from Barnes &amp Noble on the internet at:

BLITZ Vol. 1:




THE BREAKER Omnibus Vol. four (most up-to-date volume):




ABLAZE titles are distributed in-print&nbspin North America and worldwide&nbspby Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors.

BLITZ, Vol. 1 by Cédric Biscay, Harumo Sanazaki and Daitaro Nishihara • MSRP: $12.99 • Readily available Nov 22nd!

Immerse oneself into the planet of chess, exactly where intuition and mental agility are valuable assets on the way to victory!

Tom, a young higher college student, has a crush on his classmate Harmony. When he learns about her passion for chess, Tom rapidly decides to sign up for the school’s chess club. But he does not even know the guidelines! To impress Harmony, he is left with no selection: he have to discover rapidly and train seriously. Quickly Tom discovers the existence of Garry Kasparov, the greatest player in the history of chess. He stumbles upon a virtual reality machine that promises to assistance him analyze the most legendary matches of the master! In an unexpected twist of occasion, Tom quickly is granted access to the highest echelons of the chess planet&#8230&nbsp Bonus material incorporates chess approach suggestions and a chess lexicon.

HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN!, Vol. 1 by O&#8217Emperor and Gom-Guk • MSRP: $19.99 • Readily available Nov 22nd!

The Webtoon sensation HEAVENLY DEMON REBORN! tends to make a fantastic present for that particular action fan this vacation season…the story of a hero and his journey of revenge!

In an ancient planet exactly where martial artists reign supreme, Unseong can only watch as his master

is brutally beaten to death just after a false accusation of practicing forbidden demonic arts. Even just after a valiant fight, he fails to kill these accountable and faces his personal finish. But fate has other plans… Alternatively of taking his final breath, he awakens as a kid, coaching to be an elite soldier of a demonic sect. Now Unseong have to embrace the demonic arts and harness energy in his ultimate quest for revenge.

THE BREAKER Omnibus Vol four, by&nbspJeon Geuk-jin and Park Jin-hwan&nbsp&nbsp·&nbspMSRP: $19.99 • Readily available Nov 22nd!

In the most up-to-date volume, Chun-Woo Han, aka Goo Moon Ryong, aka Nine-Door Dragon, have to rescue his student Si-Woon from the martial arts alliance, and the only way to do so is to place his personal life on the line! Taking a web page from the book of his personal master, Chun-Woo begins down a unsafe path for his disciple’s sake.

Hoping to lastly bring an finish to his lengthy-lasting misfortunes, the Goo Moon Ryong willingly jumps into a trap, top to what could be his final battle against the skilled fighters of the alliance. And even though the huge clash amongst the showy methods of the martial arts schools and the immovable will of the Nine-Door Dragon will make alliance fighters fall like autumn leaves, Chun-Woo may possibly not have what it requires to get previous the most elite fighters of the Murim worlds and save Si-Woon!

ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB, VOL. 1: DEATHWISH Volume 1, by&nbspPeter Richardson&nbsp·&nbspMSRP: $9.99&nbsp·&nbspAvailable Nov 22nd!&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp

The hit webtoon comes to print! Welcome to DEATHWISH. A graphic and chaotic comic about life, death, suicide, and the other side.

A rebellious higher college student is brought back to life in a strange underground facility just after committing suicide. Now, she have to piece collectively not only how and why she has been resurrected, but also confront the fragmented memories of her previous and the horrors of the laboratory that want to send her back to the afterlife. This breakneck story illustrates a violent vision of life just after death.

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