Premiere Watch: Reborn Rich, Please Send a Fan Letter, Somebody, Weak Hero Class 1

November 17, 2022November 16, 2022

Premiere Watch: Reborn Wealthy, Please Send a Fan Letter, Somebody, Weak Hero Class 1
by missvictrix

Our most recent cohort of dramas is right here, and in a crazy broadcasting selection, they’re all releasing on the identical day. Granted, they each and every have diverse weekly airing schedules — and incredibly diverse flavors — but, effectively, it will be a busy Friday.

Reborn Wealthy

Time slot: Friday-Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Fantasy, melo
Episode count: 16
Factors to watch: Soon after what feels like months of waiting and teasing and hype, Reborn Wealthy is creating its premiere. With just about every thing going for it, if this is not a smash hit I consider all of JTBC will be crying. Song Joong-ki stars as the metaphorical servant of a chaebol group who dies wrongfully on their watch (and probably at their hand). When he reincarnates into 1987, he’s all of a sudden the youngest son of stated chaebol loved ones — but has retained the memories of his previous life, it appears. Smells like revenge. With Lee Sung-min and Shin Hyun-bin also top this stellar ensemble cast, this drama is anticipated to kill the competitors.
TLDR: Song Joong-ki returns (!!), giant epic cast, three-episode airing schedule, chaebol’s youngest son, revenge
Please Send a Fan Letter

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: MBS
Genre: Rom-com
Episode count: four
Factors to watch: MBC purposefully moved up the premiere of this adorable four-episode drama to overlap with Reborn Wealthy, which I’m taking as a clear signal of tone — 1 akin to all the rom-coms that other networks air in the course of the Superbowl, for instance. So, if chaebol revenge is not your speed, you can tune into this rom-com exactly where Yoon Park lastly lands the lead, and he’s paired with Sooyoung. The two get involved when Yoon Park fakes a fan letter reply in Sooyoung’s name for the sake of his ill daughter, and I’m positive there will be substantially squeeing and crying involved in this setup.
TLDR: Yoon Park in a top man part, brief drama, promises to be adorable, bring tissues

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Psychological, thriller, mystery
Episode count: eight
Factors to watch: I come about to adore Kim Young-kwang — but I do not know if I’m prepared to see him grow to be a serial-killing psychopath. That is ideal, leave it to Netflix to give us a different disturbing setup: a lady who creates a social connection app finds that it is the hyperlink in a serial murder. But as an alternative of, you know, amping up the app’s safety and bringing the killer to justice, she gets into a sordid and disturbing romance with him. On the other hand, the writing and directing appear like they’ll be masterful… if you can make it previous the topic matter.
TLDR: Deranged Kim Young-kwang, smitten Kang Hae-rim, Netflix, serial murders, hook-up apps
Weak Hero Class 1

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: Wavve
Genre: Youth, drama, thriller
Episode count: eight
Factors to watch: Possibly it is due to the fact we’re neck-deep in a different dark higher college thriller (Revenge of Other people), but I really feel like I’m prepared to dive into Weak Hero Class 1. The premise is a shrimpy-hunting kid who fights back against the violence at his college applying smarts, psychology… and yeah, likely extra violence. Park Ji-hoon requires the lead with Choi Hyun-wook, Shin Seung-ho, and Hong Kyung, so even if some of them break our hearts playing cruel bullies, we know they’re basically puppies underneath (ideal??).
TLDR: Park Ji-hoon from Wanna One particular, Choi Hyun-wook from Twenty 5 Twenty One particular (!), fighting back against college violence, webtoon adaptation
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