Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6


Curtain Contact: Episodes five-six

In this week’s episodes, we see new relationships forming, other folks finding stronger, and some increasing far more distant. The stage is swiftly altering for our actors, and they’re starting to really feel the heat.


Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Phew! Soon after the cliffhanger final week, we uncover that Grandma Geum-quickly is okay. Desperately browsing for her grandmother, Se-yeon runs into Geum-quickly outdoors, who is seemingly completely fine. Geum-quickly relaxes Se-yeon and jokes with her casually reinforcing to her that she does not want to be concerned.

The subsequent morning, Jae-heon and Yoon-hee arrive back at the family members residence exactly where they run into the perpetually scowling Se-joon. To their surprise, he was good to them and spoke far more words to them in that one particular conversation than he has in the previous 4 episodes. Placing on a front to preserve them comfy, Se-joon is truly nonetheless wary of them. We see later on that he is testing them each and every possibility he gets.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Jae-heon cooks up a meal for Geum-quickly displaying off his cooking capabilities to the family members, but far more importantly, his willingness to aid out and do items about the home. His readiness to cook surprises caretaker YOON JUNG-SOOK (Bae Hae-sun) as none of the other grandchildren have stepped up to do something like that. Even though cooking, Se-joon approaches Jae-heon unexpectedly speaking Chinese. Jae-heon stares at Se-joon like a deer in headlights, but the ever-so-sharp Yoon-hee responds in fluent Chinese, surprising Se-joon. Just him getting present forces the two to be prepared for something.

Soon after the interaction, every person sits down to consume. Geum-quickly brings up to Jae-heon the concept of him functioning. He reiterates that he is only there to be with her. She insists that he performs at the hotel, to everyone’s dismay except Se-yeon – who was truly the one particular to bring the concept up to Geum-quickly. Reluctantly, Jae-heon accepts.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Contrasting Se-joon’s stone-cold demeanor is his wife, HYUN JI-WON (Hwang Wol-seul-hye), who appears far more open to accepting Jae-heon and Yoon-hee as extended family members which only frustrates Se-joon far more. Seeing it as a possibility to bond with Yoon-hee, Ji-won invites her to go buying for “retro” dresses for a celebration.

Soon after their buying excursion, they make their way to the celebration exactly where Yoon-hee gets to meet Ji-won’s “friends.” Yoon-hee swiftly picks up on their condescending attitude towards Ji-won and does not hesitate to step in and guard her new buddy. Pulling Ji-won away from the celebration, Yoon-hee pushes her to be far more vocal in defending herself – which tends to make her sincere assistance apparent to Ji-won. They’re blossoming into close good friends swiftly and I’m loving each and every second they’re on the screen with each other.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Meanwhile, it is Jae-heon’s initial day at function. All spruced up, he meets Se-yeon outdoors exactly where she compliments his appear and fixes his tie. I do not see the sparks of their connection just however as I do not get any hints of Se-yeon obtaining any sort of romantic affection towards Jae-heon. Conversely, on the other hand, we can quickly see Jae-heon gradually falling for Se-yeon. I imply, appear at the adoration in his eyes. He’s swooning!

At the hotel, Jae-heon is shocked to hear that Se-yeon has brought him on as a member of the arranging group. This is problematic as he desires a job that will minimalize his interactions with higher profile people today, as he does not want to danger finding caught. Speaking of higher profile people today, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KIM (Song Jong-hak) tends to make his way into Se-yeon’s workplace. Meeting Jae-heon for the initial time, he brings up the looming notion of favoritism taking into consideration Jae-heon’s instant entry on the arranging group. Jae-heon, attempting to get out of this essential job, agrees with Executive Director Kim and opts to be a porter rather. Not realizing Se-yeon is banking on him for his vote to preserve the hotel, his decision disappoints her.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Soon after a lengthy initial day, Se-yeon requires Jae-heon out to dinner with her co-workers. Everyone is drinking and obtaining a fantastic time, and in the midst of this, HONG RA-KYEONG (Kim Hyun-sook) – Se-yeon’s assistant and buddy – attempts to take a adore shot with Jae-heon. Jae-heon has to pretend not to know what a adore shot truly is, and awkwardly acts his way by means of — but there’s even far more awkwardness when Se-yeon breaks the two apart and feeds Ra-kyeong a bite of meals to cover up her prior action.

Becoming carried by Se-yeon back the the car or truck, a drunk Jae-heon virtually lets it slip to her that he likes her. She queries what he stated and he covers it up by following the comment up with statements that he likes Grandma Geum-quickly and he likes every little thing proper now. Se-yeon relaxes and proceeds to bring him to the car or truck.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

At residence, Jae-heon stumbles to Yoon-hee. Irritated, she scolds him for coming back so late and brings him into their area. As he falls asleep in bed, she stares at him, longing for her feelings to be recognized and reciprocated by the one particular she actually cares for.

I adore Yoon-hee’s character as she is pretty forthcoming and astute. We see she does not delay in getting there for people today who want her and the ones she cares for. She’s also a lot far more collected than Jae-heon is as he loses rationality at instances – a lot of it branching from his increasing affection for Se-yeon.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

His second initial day on the job, Jae-heon is functioning diligently as a porter, but Dong-je spots him and has him provide some bags to his suite. He tells Jae-heon to open one particular of the bags and then to attempt the footwear on — element of a scheme he’s got going to bribe Jae-heon to his side. Jae-heon does not take kindly to this and aggressively denies his give, not missing out on the possibility to act protectively towards Se-yeon, either (which is not precisely what Dong-je was hoping for).

The confrontation continues for Jae-heon when Executive Director Kim spots him in the lobby and chews him out for leaving his post. He’s sent to the laundry area to function rather, but what appears like a finest case situation swiftly turns into a worst case situation.

Two good friends from the theatre are also functioning in the laundry area and instantly recognize Jae-heon — just as Se-yeon walks in to choose him up. Fortunately, they’re all actors and they play along, and later, Jae-heon explains the complete scenario to them, and that he’s is acting on such a “huge” stage. Let’s hope the two know how to preserve a secret.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Se-yeon continues to guard Jae-heon, and confronts Se-joon, pondering he’s instructed Executive Director Kim to be intentionally antagonistic towards him. We’re offered hints of how the two siblings utilised to be on the exact same web page, which is echoed once again later when Se-joon and Se-gyu chat more than drinks. Se-gyu brings up how there was when a time when Se-joon felt negative for Se-yeon (which appears straight associated to Dong-je, hmmm). Se-joon attempts to transform the topic, although, and ultimately leaves sadly, his detached character is starting to separate him from his siblings and other family members members.

We quickly discover far more about Se-yeon and Dong-je’s history when he “invites” Jae-heon for dinner in his suite with Se-yeon. Yoon-hee is also at the hotel going to her husband, so the two couples have a pretty awkward dinner. Right here, we see the calm and rational Yoon-hee compared to the clouded head of Jae-heon. Jae-heon brings up the connection of Se-yeon and Dong-je and pushes as well far as he brings up their feasible arranged marriage. This leads to Dong-je excusing himself from the table, and Se-yeon mentally checking out. Soon after the meal, Yoon-hee reprimands Jae-heon outdoors for his lack of sensibility and awareness.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

We’re offered a tiny far more insight into Se-joon when Jung-sook delivers him a drink he loved as a kid. She asks him why he is so harsh. He, surprisingly, does not dismiss her and proceeds to speak about his parents’ passing. It is revealed that they died in a plane crash even though functioning for the hotel. Se-joon thinks they overextended themselves for Geum-quickly and that she has been employing them all as tools to reconnect with her North Korean family members.

I honestly was not pondering this would be the purpose for his bitterness. I assumed it would be much less rational, but this tends to make his reasoning look so considerably far more true. I believe his feelings are justified but he is handling them in a selfish way. I also wonder why he is so cold towards Se-yeon especially. My guess is that he thinks she didn’t mourn their parents adequate or she didn’t show it as she was so occupied with the hotel.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

As for Se-yeon, she has scars of her personal. The subsequent day, Se-yeon requires Jae-heon to her private workshop and it is complete of paintings that she has accomplished in the previous. He asks her about them, acquiring out that she has a passion for painting, which then leads to him asking why she stays at the hotel. She says it is a element of her and she cannot abandon it. She loves the hotel but she is somewhat obligated to preserve it afloat. In her case, I believe she have to be opposite of Se-joon exactly where she sees the hotel as a legacy of her parents and she cannot leave it since of them.

Soon after this conversation, it appears like Jae-heon is liking Se-yeon even far more (and far more definitely). From the emotional bonding when she confided about her parents and her painting to the adrenaline-filled escape at the police verify-point, these two are finding closer by the day.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

To finish this week’s episodes off, Geum-quickly decides to have her final banquet and offers every of her grandchildren ten invitations to give to their good friends and family members. The occasion swiftly arrives and with it a complete host of unexpected characters converge on the scene — namely, the look of Yoon-hee’s mother and one particular of Se-yeon’s good friends (who Jae-heon play-acted boyfriend for).

Yoon-hee anad Jae-heon turn about-face and then freeze, not positive what to do, even though we get a giant cliffhanger. I have no concept how our actors are going to handle their escape as they are proper in the middle of the vortex this time.

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6 Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

Outdoors of landing such a large cliffhanger, this has been a wonderful week for character improvement in the drama. In these two episodes, Se-yeon and Jae-heon have grown a lot closer, although I’m nonetheless finding far more sibling than couple vibes. I do not know how the drama will make this romance convincingly, but I’m pretty interested to see how she comes about to falling for him. The underlying fight for the hotel could also be affecting her outgoingness towards Jae-heon, but she also appears like a genuine particular person and has currently told Jae-heon why she was attempting to get close to him in the initial location.

Lastly, I’m glad we lastly got to dive into Se-joon’s thoughts a tiny bit as I have been wanting far more of him from the begin. He is such an exciting character and in my opinion, the most exciting of the 3 grandchildren proper now. But with Grandma Geum-quickly is gradually finding worse, and the true Moon-sung attempting to make his way to South Korea, who knows how all these plot threads will play out. Will Moon-sung make it in time prior to her death and blow Jae-heon’s cover, or will the banquet be adequate to do that?

Curtain Call: Episodes 5-6

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