Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4


Behind Each and every Star: Episodes three-four

Absolutely nothing is what it appears this week as our cast of characters prove to be as skillful in acting (re: lying) as the stars they handle. With the fate of the business nonetheless up in the air and every person attempting to save Approach Entertainment (or themselves), certainly some secrets are bound to be exposed in the method, correct?


Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4 Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

Right after getting their president die unexpectedly and leave Approach Entertainment to his eager-to-sell widow, our currently floundering agents are not ready to manage however a further business curveball — but when it rains, it pours. Joong-don, Tae-oh, and JANG MYUNG-AE (Shim So-young) are appropriately concerned when tax auditor LEE SANG-WOOK (Noh Sang-hyun) shows up and sets up shop in President Hwang’s old workplace — specially when there’s a fairly fantastic possibility that President Hwang made use of business funds for private motives. Je-in, on the other hand, is far more than pleased to roll out the red carpet for the oh-so-delectable auditor.

One particular appear at Sang-wook and his attractive glasses (yummmmmm), and she eagerly volunteers to maintain an eye on him though he digs into Approach Entertainment’s monetary statements. Her motives are purely unskilled, of course, and she cranks up her flirting game to an eleven. Her strategy is comical in its overt innuendo, but it is helpful. As a great deal as Sang-wook tries to rebuff her — nonetheless smarting from her current rejection by way of a dating app — the sexual tension among them is so thick, you’d need to have a chainsaw to reduce by way of it. He may well be saying no (for now), but his eyes linger on her in a way that indicates his pride is the only issue holding him back.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

Although Je-in is off playing seductress, Joong-don and Tae-oh are busy attempting to sign mother-and-daughter-in-law duo KIM SOO-MI and SEO HYO-RIM (as themselves) to the very same drama production. At initially, the actresses are eager to sign on with the project, but then they each intentionally tank their meeting with the screenwriter. Hyo-rim has second thoughts about functioning on a drama with her mother-in-law, feeling exceptionally pressured to reside up to her expectations, and Soo-mi is tired of getting typecast as characters whose only defining trait is their maternal connection to a further character.

The screenwriter is prepared to give them each a second possibility mainly because she believes their genuine-life dynamic will translate properly to her drama, but neither Soo-mi nor Hyo-rim is a fan of her interpretation of their private partnership. Points get a tiny violent, and — for the second time — the screenwriter decides she does not want to operate with either of them. On the vibrant side, the entire scenario mended the broken fences among mother and daughter-in-law. Nevertheless, they are much less pleased with Tae-oh when they locate out he manipulated them in order to sign each of them to the very same drama and — consequently — make twice the dollars.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

While — from a business enterprise standpoint — Tae-oh’s motivations are logical and understandable, his procedures continue to be amoral and carry more than to his private life. Below the guise of an apology (for his aggressive confrontation with Hyun-joo in Episode two), he provides Hyun-joo tickets to a So Ji-sub film premiere. In reality, even though, the film tickets are just a indicates for Tae-oh to introduce Hyun-joo to a further agent so he can pawn her off on a diverse business.

He’s not quite discriminatory about who he introduces her to either, as the other agent is exceptionally handsy and disgusting. Did Tae-oh not know he was sending Hyun-joo into a lion’s den? I guess it does not actually matter mainly because his reaction to the aftermath of Hyun-joo publicly throwing a soda on her harasser says it all. Tae-oh admonishes her for disturbing the peace and generating him appear negative. Ugh, poor Hyun-joo. I actually hope by some makjang-level twist he is not her father, but if he is, then I’d like to see her burn his ideal life to the ground.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4 Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

To be sincere, the way this drama keeps strongly hinting at Hyun-joo’s birth secret with no explicitly confirming Tae-oh is her father is a bit frustrating, but it became apparent with this week’s episodes that the writers delight in toying with our expectations. In a further instance, they are now teasing us with a possible partnership among Joong-don and Hee-sun.

Joong-don lastly attended Hee-sun’s play, and he’s so moved by her overall performance that he delivers her a contract with the agency. But how a great deal of his attentiveness need to we attribute to his new part as her agent? Effectively, it is challenging to say at this point mainly because the writers maintain building moments exactly where we assume there is some romantic chemistry establishing among them, only for it to turn out to be — on the surface at least — skilled interest and pride. I locate this specific tug-of-war with the writers decidedly much less irritating than Hyun-joo’s birth secret, even though, mainly because there is no threat of incest with this couple.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4 Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

And, man oh man, the writers are actually operating with the dramatic irony of pairing up a (presumed) sister with her brother mainly because I’m not the only a single rooting for Eun-gyul and Hyun-joo — assuming they are not siblings, of course. Tae-oh’s wife, SONG EUN-HA (Jung Hye-young), desires to know all about the new, young employee who appears to have caught her son’s eye, but Tae-oh derails that train of believed. (Hmmm, I wonder why?)

But with no providing a reputable purpose — *cough* incest *cough* — for her to not play matchmaker, Eun-ha is all also eager to have Hyun-joo keep more than for dinner and unknowingly make points awkward for every person. Even Eun-gyul, who witnessed Hyun-joo’s argument with his father at the film premiere, knows a thing is going on and appears subdued at the dinner table.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4 Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

Back at Approach Entertainment, Tae-oh’s position is up in the air as he weighs his possibilities and plays the skilled field. He’s been supplied a job with competing agency Star Media if he can bring all of his clientele with him, and that appears to be the path he’s leaning. Particularly considering that his original program to pool his dollars with the other agents and obtain Approach Entertainment from President Hwang’s widow may well not pan out now that there’s a Chinese business interested in getting the agency — assuming the audit goes properly.

Secrets never ever keep secret about Approach Entertainment, even though — not with Eun-soo, Tae-oh’s nosey wannabe operate-wife, reading his texts and emails. News of Tae-oh’s defection spreads by way of the business and every person provides him the cold shoulder — except for Myung-ae. She provides him a resounding slap across the face when she finds out that he is also the whistleblower who triggered the monetary audit.

He claims he did it to delay the Chinese buyout, but there’s just a single trouble with his program that he didn’t account for: the reality that President Hwang entirely embezzled business funds. To spend for a hotel space. Exactly where he shacked up with his mistress. (Wuh oh. Appears like he did expire through some bedsheet calisthenics.)

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

On the client side of Tae-oh’s story, he busily attempting to assistance actress SOO-HYUN (as herself) make a comeback in Korean action cinema. With most of her help technique back in the United States, she finds it challenging to balance motherhood and her profession — specially when she can not locate a decent nanny to take some of the load off of her plate.

To make matters worse, a video of her beating up a street gang goes viral for all the incorrect motives, but when it is confirmed — thanks to Hyun-joo’s slow-mo version of the video — that Soo-hyun does not use excessive force, she rises in recognition. While she misses out on the major action flick she was gunning for, Soo-hyun finds a pleased medium starring in stunt-filled commercials with far more versatile filming schedules. Oh, and she donates all the dollars to a women’s charity.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

Meanwhile, Joong-don and Je-in attempt to arrange a meeting with the hotel to locate out the extent of President Hwang’s embezzlement, and they’re spotted by Sang-wook. Not realizing Je-in has been attempting — and failing — to seduce the business auditor, Joong-don puts on an act and pretends that the two of them are there for a secret romantic rendezvous.

Taking into consideration Sang-wook is currently beneath the impression that Je-in is allergic to commitment and a habitual liar (like every person else at Approach Entertainment), it is understandable that he does not think her when she says she and Joong-don are “just buddies.” He coolly dismisses her advances… till she lastly opens up and tells him the truth.

On the a single hand, yay for honesty and passionate kisses! But on the other hand, I’m not so confident it was a smart move to admit to the auditor that your deceased former boss made use of business funds on a like nest. Is it also quickly to raise a celebratory flag that at least a single romantic ship has left the harbor? But what if Sang-wook makes use of her confession against her and Approach Entertainment?

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

As soon as word got out that Tae-oh was moving to Star Media and taking all his dollars-generating clientele with him, the Chinese business decided to bail. The rest of the senior agents wonder if, possibly, this was all a calculated plot on Tae-oh’s element to reduced the market place worth of the business so that they could afford to acquire it from President Hwang’s widow. Taking into consideration how manipulative he is in his day-to-day business enterprise, it absolutely appears inside his wheelhouse. Buuuuuut he’s also exceptionally self-serving — the type of guy who would toss youngsters overboard on a sinking ship to assure he got a spot on a lifeboat.

Confident sufficient, Tae-oh completely intended to abandon Approach Entertainment for Star Media, and the drop in the company’s worth was totally unplanned. He does not appropriate everyone’s misconceptions, even though, and he alternatively basks in their praise. But the celebration is a bit premature, as Je-in drops a bombshell on them all: President Hwang embezzled A LOT of dollars from the business. And, in quick, they’re screwed.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

It feels a bit erroneous to compliment this drama for creativity and ingenuity when I know it is a remake, but — ignoring that reality — Behind Each and every Star is a single of the couple of dramas that finds a strong balance among it is overarching story and it is formulaic set-up. It wisely keeps the bigger plot line (the fate of the business) very simple, and every little thing else fill in the gaps.

I’m specifically pleased with how the episodic celebrity cameos are woven into the plot. They’re offered just sufficient interest to be fascinating and shine a light on some much less glamorous elements of Hallyu life, but they are not so complicated that I’m left feeling like they have been rushed. As opposed to Shooting Stars, which was decidedly a romance set in the globe of talent management, this drama feels far more like a accurate slice-of-life peek at all the behind-the-scenes chaos. Admittedly, a great deal of the chaos is exaggerated for our entertainment, but I do not locate that it detracts from the realism. Alternatively, I’m exceptionally invested in these characters — fantastic and negative. There was a lot of negative this week, even though. Certainly, Tae-oh continues to be a huge dingle-berry, but I was also disappointed in Je-in.

As good as it was to see good to see an independent lady in her late-thirties confidently go immediately after what she desires, I identified her flirting “technique” off-placing. Confident, I had a fantastic laugh more than the coffee machine bit, but immediately after that, her behavior crossed into sexual harassment — lots of unreciprocated touches and invasion of space and privacy. If it weren’t for the camera and music score emphasizing Sang-wook’s intense I-want-you-but-you are-incorrect-for-me bedroom eyes, I’d be challenging pressed to think her advances have been reciprocated. Fortunately her advances have been (ultimately) welcomed, mainly because that was a single helluva on-screen kiss. Noh Sang-hyun is a somewhat new actor, but he actually held his personal against Kwak Sun-young. I can not say for specific that I’m rooting for this “couple” — but I am absolutely cheering for far more Noh Sang-hyun.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 3-4

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