Jung Hae-in and Go Kyung-pyo go eye-to-eye in Disney+

November 15, 2022November 15, 2022

Jung Hae-in and Go Kyung-pyo go eye-to-eye in Disney+’s Connect
by tccolb

A get started date has lastly been confirmed for Disney+’s dark fantasy Connect along with a new video teaser and poster of the key cast: Jung Hae-in (Snowdrop), Go Kyung-pyo (Adore in Contract), and Kim Hye-joon (Inspector Koo).

The story imagines a new breed of immortal humans recognized as Connects, with 1 such individual becoming our hero Ha Dong-soo (Jung Hae-in). But when 1 of his eyes is stolen away by organ hunters, Dong-soo discovers that he can nevertheless see what that eye is seeing – in spite of becoming transplanted into the head of one more man.
This brings us to Oh Jin-seob (Go Kyung-pyo), the eye transplant recipient and serial killer who has been evading capture and terrorizing the nation. He didn’t anticipate, of course, that he would grow to be strangely connected to his (involuntary) eye donor and that Dong-soo would attempt to hunt him down.
Complicating matters is the mysterious Lee Yi-rang (Kim Hye-joon), who understands the secret behind Connects and provides to enable Dong-soo with his quest.

The new teaser starts with Yi-rang discussing the Connect phenomenon and she explains that Connects are a new variety of humans and represent a new humanity. We then reduce to an upset Dong-soo describing how he lost his eye and the appearing text screens re-emphasize the important points of his story as we understand that he can see what the other man is seeing.
By means of his visions, Dong-soo realizes that the man who took his eye – Jin-seob – is a murderer and is led to the subsequent crime scene as it is taking place. As the following text screen introduces the director – filmmaker Takashi Miike – Dong-soo resolves to get his eye back.
We then jump back to Yi-rang’s conversation, but the man she’s speaking with is skeptical about Connects. She meets with Dong-soo afterwards and confirms that he’s a Connect by slicing his knee. Even so, Dong-soo is additional concerned about stopping Jin-seob in order to stop future murders. The accompanying text screens announce: “New human vs. Murderer / The immortal human’s chase has begun!”
In the sequence that follows, the captions introduce the drama’s key actors and we get a short glimpse of Kim Roi-ha (Kingdom: Ashin of the North) and Yang Dong-geun (Cheer Up). The teaser then closes on Dong-soo demanding his eye back from Jin-seob and, curiously, their pictures grow to be overlapped.
With Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike (The Fantastic Yokai War: Guardians) at the helm, and scripts by Masaru Nakamura and Heo Dam, Disney+’s Connect will be launching subsequent month on December 7.

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