Cheer Up: Episodes 10-11


Cheer Up: Episodes ten-11

We go effortless on the mystery this week and fill our time with kissing, confessions, and crossed lines in appreciate — producing these some of the most enjoyable episodes however. If the appreciate triangle was beginning to remind you of day-old comfort retailer kimbap, rest assured this week injects some required freshness back into the story. And if you hate triangles altogether, the Yonhee campus is now buzzing with possible romantic duos to hold your interest.


Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Is it just me or is this show receiving greater? No, there’s no cheering this week, which is a disappointment, but there’s also nearly no mystery, prophecy, or death speak either. And when you take these items out of the equation I realized just how excellent of a drama this could be. We are left with college little ones dealing with the dilemmas of their households, their hearts, and their development toward adulthood, with a couple of alcohol blackouts along the way. These episodes left me smiling and wanting to see extra of these characters, which hasn’t often been the case.

Very first, absolutely nothing comes of the observatory meeting that we ended Episode 9 with. Jung-woo leaves without the need of ever coming face to face with the culprit. We do not find out something new about the motives of this creepy sunbae in these episodes either. But in lieu of all that, we get moments that are heartfelt and downright hilarious, like when Jin-hee and Chun-yang come to campus and lastly understand who every other’s little ones are.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Right after the festival, Jin-hee saunters up to the group and provides to purchase them dinner. What she seriously desires is to come across out who this girl is that her son is rumored to be dating. Hae-yi raises her hand but says that she and Sun-ho are not dating. To clarify, Sun-ho admits that he’s the a single with the crush on Hae-yi, not the other way about. Jin-hee cannot think it and starts to protest when Chun-yang walks up and defends Hae-yi. Of course Sun-ho is the a single with the crush on her daughter — and he’s not the only a single! The two moms bicker and Sun-ho feels embarrassed, but Hae-yi is clearly proud.

Though I loved this scene simply because of the moms displaying off, it also serves to let Jung-woo know that Hae-yi does not have feelings for Sun-ho. Sun-ho’s confession — in front of the complete group — leads to teasing when they all go to Cheers for celebratory drinks. There, the group has about ten drinks as well quite a few and wakes up in Busan unsure of how they arrived.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

It turns out they’re all at Jung-woo’s mom’s residence. They took a taxi from Seoul when Jung-woo began drunkenly crying about how he treated his mom the day just before. They got the notion for all of them to go apologize to her collectively — which they did, in total mayhem — and now right here they are, hungover and broke. Even worse is that Jung-woo’s mom desires payment for space and board considering that she permitted them to keep in the middle of the evening and fed them breakfast. With no revenue, she sends them down to the street industry to function of their debt (and I have no clue whose flower-print garments they’re all wearing as they do it).

Hae-yi is no stranger to really hard function so she gets down to business enterprise. But as she does, memories of the evening just before start off creeping back into her blacked out brain. Someplace in the drunkenness, there was a kiss! But with who? She tries to sneakily ask Sun-ho and Jung-woo who each deny something out of the ordinary occurred.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11 Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Later, Jung-woo and Hae-yi are sitting on the beach just after dark, bonding more than what it was like to wait for their operating mothers to come dwelling when they have been little ones. Hae-yi at least had her tiny brother, but she imagines that Jung-woo should have been lonely. We discovered earlier that Jung-woo’s father was a singer (and not a thriving a single) and that is why his mom was wary of him focusing on cheering rather than studying. In the finish, she tells him to hold performing what he loves simply because he shines so vibrant performing it.

In higher spirits just after the speak with his mom, and with Hae-yi proper beside him as fireworks go off above the water, Jung-woo confesses to Hae-yi. Just at that moment, Hae-yi remembers the face of the individual she kissed final evening — and it is Sun-ho. Ahhhh! Not only did she kiss him, she then puked all more than him. Ugh, that is rough (and gross). With this new info, she starts to stay clear of each boys as they vie really hard for her consideration.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11 Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Oddly, the kiss appears to confuse Hae-yi. Exactly where she was as soon as clear about her lack of feelings for Sun-ho, she now feels like she cannot choose who she likes and is stressed attempting to figure it out. At dwelling, she hears Jae-yi on the telephone saying I appreciate you to his girlfriend and abruptly the tables are turned. For as soon as, Jae-yi is the a single providing guidance, and it is adorable. He tells his noona that it is uncomplicated, at some point she’ll just know who she likes.

Hae-yi gets a possibility to test this guidance when — thanks to a class assignment — she should go on a $ten date with each Sun-ho and Jung-woo. (Why didn’t I get any assignments like this in college?!)

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Mainly because of Hae-yi’s crazy function schedule, she sets up her dates with each guys on the similar day. Sun-ho is initially and when he realizes that she remembers the kiss, he says to pretend it by no means occurred so they can really feel comfy about every other. With the $ten limit, Sun-ho borrows the apartment of a buddy, exactly where he and Hae-yi have river views, video games, and pasta producing.

When Sun-ho burns the pasta, Hae-yi appears at his telephone for the recipe but finds rather his nicely-researched notes on how to win her heart. He had all the things planned for their date, which includes all the lines he would say to her (which she had believed sounded a tiny inauthentic, and now she understands why). As he’s attempting to reclaim his telephone, the two fall on the couch, face to face, but just after an awkward pause it is clear there will be no sober kissing for these two.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11 Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

Hae-yi rushes off to her date with Jung-woo (waiting at a bus cease exactly where the ad space reads, “Follow your heart”). Though Sun-ho had all the things planned and perfected, absolutely nothing goes proper on the date with Jung-woo. The noodle shop has a two-hour wait, so they skip their meal only to come across out the library he wanted to show her is closed. He drags her all more than town, boring her, till they finish up at the principal occasion. Jung-woo is an astrophysics main, and so, he’s reserved time on the telescope at the observatory.

When Hae-yi sees Jung-woo in his element with the telescope, there’s no hiding her attraction. Seeking up at the stars, she gets sentimental, asking if men and women turn to stars when they die. He answers her like a total nerd, providing a scientific explanation of matter. (She appears annoyed but I feel I just fell for him.) She says she was pondering of her dad and questioning if he was up there. The intimacy in between these two is unmistakable, as they often go back to discussing subjects they hold close. Even if the starting of the date was a failure, searching at the evening sky moves her in a way that Sun-ho’s date plans couldn’t.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

When Jung-woo and Hae-yi are walking dwelling from their date in the rain, sharing an umbrella, Hae-yi requires the initiative she knows Jung-woo will not. She grabs his wrist and leaves him wide-eyed with a kiss. The umbrella falls and we get lots of slow motion kissing. Just before the episode ends, we see Hae-yi meet with Sun-ho and definitively dump him. She then goes to Jung-woo for extra umbrella kissing and the two appear sealed in coupledom. Of course this leaves the query: what about the team’s no dating rule?

I know I haven’t been favorable to Jung-woo, but he seriously grew on me in these episodes. Right after he confessed to Hae-yi, he was instantaneously softer. His demeanor became looser and his face brighter. Positive, it is in all probability in significant element thanks to the makeup group, but he was actually glowing. When he place on that pink shirt and began displaying off his brains, Sun-ho by no means stood a possibility.

Cheer Up Episodes 10-11

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