You can only pick one: Park Min-young drama


You can only choose one particular: Park Min-young drama

You can only choose one particular, and boy the stress is on. The DB group will answer a new prompt in every post, and you are invited to do the very same in the comments. Prepared to play?

You can only choose one particular Park Min-young drama

missvictrix: This is a challenging one particular, mainly because I’ve observed and enjoyed most of her dramas. Although she’s firmly situated in the rom-com queen throne by now, I feel I like her scrappier roles from earlier in her profession additional, and so I guess it is City Hunter that I’ll choose right here for that cause. This was the 1st time I saw Park Min-young (if I try to remember properly!) and I was quite considerably obsessed with Kim Nana, from her fearless kick-butt behavior, to how she evolved into a bubble of cuteness when she was in her apartment with her bunny ear headband. This will most likely usually be the image of Park Min-young I maintain in my mind’s eye — proof of the energy of a 1st impression.

mistyisles: I’ve written rather a bit lately about the really specific location City Hunter will usually hold in my heart and why I can most likely under no circumstances, ever watch it once again. So if I can only decide on one particular of Park Min-young’s dramas… I’ll go with Healer, due to the fact I’m considerably additional confident it’ll hold up to a rewatch just after all this time.

DaebakGrits: I’m not a fan of Park Min-young’s acting mainly because it feels like she’s consistently employing a consumer service persona — usually smiling sweetly and hunting attractive and poised, like a flight attendant featured in an airline advertisement. Ironically, that shortcoming worked to her benefit in What’s Incorrect with Secretary Kim mainly because that is specifically the sort of facade her character had to exude when in the presence of her boss. What’s Incorrect with Secretary Kim was also one particular of these dramas that had a supporting cast that was so entertaining and likable that I enjoyed when the plot deviated and featured their antics extensively.

Dramaddictally: I know Park Min-young is the rom-com queen but my favourite of her dramas is the non-comedic I’ll Discover You on a Lovely Day. This one particular stands out for getting what I feel is her most effective function and also one particular of my favourite dramas. It is a slow-moving, slice-of-life drama that shows her variety and gets superior as it goes on. All the winter climate paired with the characters’ frozen feelings make the feels pile up prior to everyone’s pasts come to the fore — creating some significant sobbing. I definitely like Park Min-young and Seo Kang-joon with each other right here, making the cozy center of this cold globe.

jenzy: Gosh, this is like getting asked to decide on in between your parents. Amongst the numerous gems of her profession (and there are numerous!), I feel I’d have to say City Hunter requires the best spot of Park Min-young dramas. She just glows as the bubbly and badass Nana. I also really feel like when numerous later action shows also executed the balance in between gritty higher stakes, comedy, and romance excellently — I imply Park Min-young would later go on to star in the also astounding Healer — in my thoughts, City Hunter is the 1st exemplar of compelling storytelling and morally gray heroes that nonetheless holds up present day. And not to mention the completely killer OST. If you haven’t listened to “Suddenly” by Kim Bo Kyung you are missing out!

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