Chae Jong-hyeop becomes CEO for Park Sung-woong in Unlock the Boss

November 14, 2022November 14, 2022

Chae Jong-hyeop becomes CEO for Park Sung-woong in Unlock the Boss
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Mixing components of comedy, intrigue, and fantasy, we’re surely in for a entertaining ride with ENA’s new Unlock the Boss which stars Chae Jong-hyeop (Appreciate All Play), Seo Eun-soo (Missing: The Other Side), and Park Sung-woong (Snowdrop).

Following a suspicious turn of events, CEO Kim Sun-joo (Park Sung-woong) mysteriously finds himself locked inside a cellphone, which is consequently found by our hero Park In-sung (Chae Jong-hyeop).
Providing employment and some fairly, fairly money, In-sung is then recruited to obtain a way to free of charge Sun-joo – with the added favor of operating the tech organization till Sun-joo returns. Quick stuff, practically nothing to be concerned about.
In the most up-to-date group poster, we lastly get our 1st appear at Jung Se-yeon (Seo Eun-soo) as nicely. While a great deal of her character is nevertheless beneath wraps, we’re told that she’s Sun-joo’s secretary and is described to be even far more AI-like than actual AI.

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The new teaser starts like a thriller with Sun-joo alone in a remote location at evening. We then reduce to his dropped cellphone, which lights up as Sun-joo “awakens” and realizes: “I am Kim Sun-joo, the CEO of Silver Lining. I think I have somehow grow to be a smartphone.” He posts for support on the on the net forums, but every person thinks it is just a entertaining, new marketing and advertising concept.
When In-sung finds the telephone, he’s similarly amused and scoffs in disbelief: “If you are CEO Kim Sun-joo, then I’m Steve Jobs.” Acting swiftly, Sun-joo presents him with a signed offer you letter: “You stated that your job application was rejected at the final interview stage, suitable? You are hired.” In-sung’s parents are naturally shocked and the appearing text screens clarify: “A jobless 29-year-old becomes a CEO by opportunity?!”
We then jump to In-sung’s purchasing spree, preparing for his new job, as Sun-joo reads out the contract: “Please grow to be acting CEO for Silver Lining, on behalf of myself, CEO Kim Sun-joo.” Just after the drama’s title card, the teaser then closes on a newly suited In-sung, who wonders with smile: “If I’m the CEO… then I can clock out on the dot and not be concerned about other people’s disapproval, suitable?”
Directed by PD Lee Chul-ha (Okay! Madam) with scripts by Kim Hyung-min (Sweet Household), Unlock the Boss premieres subsequent month on December 7 in ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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