Under the Queen


Beneath the Queen’s Umbrella: Episodes 9-ten

The competitors comes to a boil as the princes battle for ascendency. Our heroine is busy performing what she often does: operating behind the scenes to hold her youngsters alive. But, with the Dowager Queen preparing for her subsequent ploy, it is obtaining tougher than ever to remain 1 step ahead.



Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Fresh from her fabulous mic-drop of gifting the Dowager Queen a poisonous plant, Hwa-ryeong realizes her error. In no way make a dramatic gesture in a Joseon drama. Not when your opponent lives and breathes drama. With gleeful abandon, the Dowager Queen requires to her bed, frailly lamenting that Hwa-ryeong has poisoned her. The King knows it is nonsense. In spite of this, he can not punish her for plotting to murder Seongnam — not now it is her word against Hwa-ryeong’s.

Faced with this, our heroine decides to step up her plotting game! 1st, it is teatime with the newly-emboldened Consort Tae, exactly where it becomes clear that Bogum’s possibilities are bound up with their mutual mother-in-law. Hwa-ryeong innocently lets drop that the Dowager Queen is ill. Positive adequate, Consort Tae whips up a plate of porridge and goes to curry favor with her ailing patron. It is super powerful! The Dowager Queen offers her a hefty ring and an even heftier rumor in return. (A lot more on the latter, later.) Consort Hwang, who peers in just at the incorrect moment, is appalled to see the ex-servant she often bullied all buddied up with her erstwhile ally.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Hwa-ryeong’s calendar is packed with all manner of intrigue. Subsequent up, it is the Chief State Councilor. Enemies they might be, but there’s 1 issue they have in prevalent: the Dowager Queen attempted to frame them each for murder. Hwa-ryeong remarks that he was meant to take the fall for Seongnam’s death. Quickly, the day will come when they might want to perform with each other. A tense meeting involving the Dowager Queen, Consort Hwang, and the Chief Councilor puts the final nail in the coffin. The teacup metaphors have turned, and the Dowager Queen’s loyalties have seemingly shifted from Uiseong to Bogum. With Group Evil splitting at the seams, Hwa-ryeong requires the Minister for War to 1 side, encouraging him to stay neutral in the upcoming conflict.

Meanwhile, the taekhyeon proceeds apace. Back on Wanwol Island, Seongnam’s suspicions are developing about the King’s old pal, Gyeong-woo. He’s creating a tidy profit promoting clams on the village workers’ behalf — but exactly where is all that dollars disappearing? Beside him, Cheong-ha frolics, delighted to be integrated. She’ll happily get counting sticks for the adorable village youngsters if it implies Seongnam will wait for her at the ferry. (I didn’t wait for you! Seongnam insists.) (He entirely waited for her.) Taking more than the boys’ area, she merrily joins Gyeong-woo’s quickly swelling household — while Seongnam and Bogum wordlessly set up camp on the poor guy’s floor.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Battered and starving soon after his run-in with bandits, Shimso drags himself back to the palace, prepared to resign the competitors. But Consort Ko has other tips. Beneath the watchful eye of the palace guards, she loudly shuns her son, proclaiming him to be no far more than a uncomplicated beggar. Thrusting a jeweled norigae into his hands, she demands he continue, even if he shatters each and every bone in his physique. Haggard and distraught, Shimso manages quite a few measures prior to collapsing.

Fortunately, he’s rescued by Hwa-ryeong, who treats him to his initial meal in days. It is not lengthy prior to Consort Ko comes crashing in, livid. How dare Hwa-ryeong interfere? As for Shimso — she regrets he was ever born. Thrown from the queen’s quarters, she sobs and rages, then vents her revenge by rooting by means of Gyeseong’s rooms. Right here, she discovers the hidden portrait. Why not wreck the lives of two youngsters though she’s at it? It is not lengthy prior to Gyeseong’s secret finds its way into the hands of Consort Hwang.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Hwa-ryeong returns to verify on Shimso. He is hanging by the neck. She cuts him down just in time to save his life, but he remains unconscious. When a penitent Consort Ko returns to his bedside, Hwa-ryeong shows each and every grace and kindness imaginable. Till the final, she says, Shimso was clutching the norigae — the only present his mother ever gave him. Nevertheless, when Shimso wakes, it is beneath the far gentler gaze of Hwa-ryeong. She shows him a particular drinking cup: a gyeyeongbae. When seven-tenths complete, it holds liquid just fine. Add far more, and it all drains away. A life needn’t be filled to the brim to be content material. Shimso under no circumstances wanted to be crown prince, and now he can admit it with out guilt. As to regardless of whether or not he’ll be in a position to forgive his mother… that could take time.

Miles away, Gyeseong ultimately tracks down SEO HAM-SEOK (Tae Won-seok), the man they are meant to bring to the palace. He’s allegedly a monk now, even though his religiosity is questionable: Gyeseong finds him mid-fistfight with a neighbor, getting seduced his wife. It gets worse. Some nicely-targeted snooping reveals that Ham-seok has been busy in exile his rooms are packed to bursting with military tomes, maps, and battle plans — all the raw components for a coup.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Uiseong falls back on his mother’s favored diplomatic tactic: remorseless bloodlust. In zero seconds flat, he’s stabbed the man with whom Ham-seok was fighting. Ham-seok is promptly arrested for murder. Just after deftly revealing that he was the 1 who framed him, Uiseong gives him an out — as lengthy as he returns with him to the palace. It is all pretty expedient, offered you are cool with a small homicide! Nevertheless, it is a error to believe you are the only 1 in Joseon capable of scheming major. Turns out, Ham-seok is in cahoots with some familiar faces… Master Toji and Doctor Kwon.

Back at the palace, Hwa-ryeong continues to play whack-a-mole with her children’s indiscretions. This time, it is Muan. He’s ultimately admitted his adorably flustered feelings for CHO-WOL (Jeon Hye-won), a young gisaeng in education. Muan moves quick Hwa-ryeong finds the two in bed with each other, hunting markedly much less clothed than final time. Muan is provided a stern motherly lecture. Cho-wol is provided a warning. It is clear, says Hwa-ryeong, that Muan only desires Cho-wol for his concubine, not his wife. Is that genuinely the life she covets? Serene and unruffled, Cho-wol repeats that she’s content material with what ever kind their connection requires.

It appears, says Court Lady Shin, that the two ladies are fated to collide. Hwa-ryeong was when good friends with Cho-wol’s mother. Furthermore, Cho-wol is the purpose for the existence of Hyewolgak — a sanctuary Hwa-ryeong founded for struggling ladies. This explains why Cho-wol known as out Hwa-ryeong for her hypocrisy: didn’t she when say that regardless of gender or social status, men and women really should be treated the exact same? But, there’s the rub — Hwa-ryeong is prepared to be a hypocrite for her youngsters.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Elsewhere, Bogum consults his conscience, and finds it fractionally louder than his ambition. If Seongnam thinks that Gyeong-woo is ripping off an whole village for private obtain — nicely, it could not be a fantastic notion to place him in charge of national taxes. And so, in the name of truth, honor, and justice, the two princes… rifle by means of his belongings though Cheong-ha stands lookout. But, a master of subterfuge Seognam is not he’s caught hanging halfway out of a window. Nonetheless, they got what they came for: Gyeong-woo’s ledgers.

It is only by operating with each other that they hit upon the truth. Gyeong-woo wasn’t exploiting the village. He was assisting them spend off their creditors and establish economic independence. Why not come to the palace, gives Seongnam, and implement his theories on a grand scale? Gyeong-woo smiles. Turns out, he knew who the princes had been to commence with… and he’s delighted to say, they’ve got their father’s smarts. The 4 prepare to journey back — even though, not prior to a tender moment involving Cheong-ha and Seongnam. With her usual brand of brazen charm, Cheong-ha keeps it plain and shameless: she likes Seongnam. Commonly, her heart thumps weakly. About him? It beats in typical time.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Tiny does Seongnam know, an absolute smorgasbord of nasty rumors await him back house. Thanks to that whispered word from the Dowager Queen to Consort Tae, the palace is saturated with speak about Seongnam getting Hwa-ryeong’s illegitimate kid. This rings specifically cruel when we discover who was to blame for Seongnam’s exile. You guessed it: the mother-in-law from hell. When the Dowager Queen deemed his birth unlucky, Hwa-ryeong’s infant was ripped from her arms.

On the other side of the taekhyeon, Gyeseong pleads with Uiseong: they can not in very good conscience bring a seditionist back to the palace. Uiseong is predictably chill about the complete prospect — his whole motto is “victory tastes sweeter paired with horrible collateral harm.” Gyeseong rides back at furious speed, determined to outpace him. Nevertheless, alone and unarmed, they are ambushed by Consort Hwang’s males. Gyeseong is knocked unconscious and strung up by the neck, subsequent to a forged suicide note.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Meanwhile, Consort Hwang tells the King that — shock, horror, and gender nonconformity! — Gyeseong has a shameful secret. Furthermore, she has proof, in the kind of a portrait. Nevertheless, Consort Ko has leveled up in compassion considering the fact that she final spoke to Consort Hwang. Forcible outing followed by murder is not actually on the menu for her any longer. Turns out, she spoke to Hwa-ryeong. The painting has been swapped for an unremarkable image of a tiger. Gyeseong wakes, injured but alive, subsequent to their mother. Their initial believed is of Ham-seok, but Hwa-ryeong says the King currently knows. Correct now, Gyeseong should withdraw from the competitors — and remain closeted for as lengthy as they reside.

Uiseong refines his strategy on the fly, denouncing Ham-seok as a rebel prior to the King. While the King considers it in poor taste to bring a traitor to the heart of the palace, it is adequate to win him a spot in the final. A warmer reception is granted to Gyeong-woo, who is asked which prince he deems worth of kingship. In honor of their teamwork, he offers each Bogum and Seongnam his seal of approval. 3 princes are left in the taekhyeon.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

Afterwards, Hwa-ryeong tidies up a handful of loose ends. Consort Hwang, considerably to Consort Tae’s delight, is demoted to Fourth Junior Consort. A whispered word from Hwa-ryeong assures her that sparing her life was deliberate… and contingent on her maintaining quiet about Gyeseong. And then, the masterstroke. She does a small forgery of her personal. Generating it appear as even though COURT LADY NAM (Lee Jung-eun) faked Gyeseong’s supposed suicide note, she draws in the Dowager Queen by means of her lackey. Caged in — by her personal techniques, no much less — all she can do is listen when Hwa-ryeong announces she has an present to make.

The final stage of the taekhyeon commences. The King will not be judging it. Nor will his senior officials. As an alternative, the Confucian scholars of Sungkyunkwan are getting gathered to come to a decision… and they will not be permitted out till they’ve created up their minds.

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10 Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

There’s an irony at the heart of this series: in attacking Hwa-ryeong with each and every weapon in her political arsenal, the Dowager Queen has forged the best successor. I really like it. All of Hwa-ryeong’s most up-to-date techniques come straight from her mother-in-law — from blackmail, to forgery, to sabotage. And naturally, it is distinctive: there’s a compassionate core to every little thing Hwa-ryeong does — for absolutely everyone, not just her youngsters. Nonetheless, that is what tends to make it all the far more delightful that her techniques are shaped far more normally than not by her enemies. There’s a fantastic deal the Dowager Queen could admire about her, if only she could acknowledge it.

This has been a plotty, nicely-paced series of episodes. I adore every little thing about the island trio: watching Seongnam and Bogum’s teamwork evolve from grudging to heartfelt has been a delight — and Cheong-ha has owned my whole heart considering the fact that her pretty initial cheeky grin. (Plus, does anybody else have a soft spot for the wide-eyed antics of Consort Tae? Watching her is like a fortunate dip of hilarious expressions.) It is fantastic to see Gyeseong obtaining far more plot, even though I have reservations about how small narrative agency they’re provided in relation to their queerness. It is all pretty nicely to depict historical discrimination, but what about Gyeseong’s personal thoughts on their gender, or any complex feelings they could have about Hwa-ryeong’s efforts to shield them from the globe? Nonetheless, I have a feeling the show might be constructing up to one thing in that regard — I definitely hope so. Here’s to far more scheming subsequent week… might it be ever far more outrageous!

Under the Queen's Umbrella: Episodes 9-10

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