The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

At extended final, our spoon boys join hands to take the evil spoon swapper down, piecing their facts collectively to catch him off guard. The Golden Spoon does its greatest to tie up its narrative in a way that is satisfying for its characters, but as a viewer, I’m left wanting additional depth.


The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Devastatingly, Dad succumbs to his stab wound — and it is the catalyst for a entire lot of upheaval. Each Stepmom and CEO Hwang cover up Joon-tae’s most recent murder, although for diverse motives totally. Stepmom’s just attempting to guard her son no matter the price, whereas Doshin Group’s reputation is constantly at the forefront of CEO Hwang’s thoughts.

When Joon-tae fights with Seung-cheon, CEO Hwang intervenes with a gun to Joon-tae’s head. Although Joon-tae winds up holding the gun, the altercation ends with CEO Hwang possessing the upper hand, as constantly. He cruelly reveals the truth of Joon-tae’s parentage, exposing how Stepmom has been lying to him all this whilst.

Joon-tae confronts Stepmom, who refuses to admit the truth till the bitter finish. Disillusioned and betrayed also numerous instances to count, Joon-tae cocks the gun at her — then raises it to his personal head. Ahead of any individual can cease him, he pulls the trigger.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

That is the final we see of Joon-tae, and it is pretty the anticlimactic finish. Although his death is a tragic 1, he was never ever held accountable for his college shooting, or for the trauma he inflicted on Tae-yong. Provided all the create-up to that plot point, it feels a small like the wind has been taken out of our sails.

On the other hand, Dad’s death spurs the Lee loved ones into mustering up a fair bit of courage. Paying a go to to the opulent Hwang residence, Mom comments that CEO Hwang appears poor. He’s surrounded by all his riches, but he’s never ever happy.

Casting her gaze upon the fancy art tools that CEO Hwang employed to drive Dad’s poverty in, Mom picks up a pencil, musing that it suits a poor man like CEO Hwang. Then she snaps it in two, leaving CEO Hwang’s verify of condolence funds behind to cover the price.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final) The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Losing Dad has been a harsh wake-up get in touch with for Seung-cheon, and he lastly apologizes to Tae-yong for stealing his life. He delivers to let Tae-yong reclaim his original location, but Tae-yong turns him down — he’d nevertheless rather reside as “Seung-cheon.”

Seung-cheon’s transform of heart is a trigger of concern for CEO Hwang, who decides he wants to make the swap irreversible. That signifies Tae-yong practically gets kidnapped by a group of hired thugs, although he’s saved in the nick of time by Seung-cheon and Moon-ki (the latter of whom generally requires the thugs out single-handedly).

Possessing identified out that CEO Hwang conveniently identified Yo-han immediately after he supposedly committed suicide, Seung-cheon connects the dots and figures out that CEO Hwang was initially Kwon Yo-han. However once more, CEO Hwang is attempting to make a spoon swap permanent.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Seung-cheon attempts to place CEO Hwang behind bars, by handing a compiled list of CEO Hwang’s slush funds and economic crimes to the prosecution. He’s ready to go down with him as penance for stealing others’ lives.

As an alternative, CEO Hwang pulls an uno reverse card — he’s also handed more than proof to the prosecution, incriminating “Tae-yong” for CEO Na’s murder. Via a flashback, we study that CEO Na had threatened CEO Hwang with footage of him murdering “Yo-han,” major to his personal death at the hands of CEO Hwang.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Even though all this is going on, Tae-yong’s off on a mission of his personal — which is to ask for a refund for his golden spoon, ha. The spoon granny is befuddled, possessing anticipated Seung-cheon as an alternative. She mutters that Seung-cheon will not get to hear the final rule of the spoon, considering the fact that she only tells it to her spoon proteges on the final day of the ten-year period.

That nugget of facts comes in handy later, when Tae-yong confronts CEO Hwang for framing Seung-cheon. CEO Hwang sneers that Seung-cheon will never ever revisit the spoon granny once more, just like he never ever did. And that is his error, mainly because Tae-yong realizes it signifies CEO Hwang does not know that other folks can access his memories by consuming with his spoon.

Hence starts the hunt for CEO Hwang’s golden spoon! Even though an attempted heist at the Doshin developing proves fruitless, Seung-cheon at some point realizes that CEO Hwang’s spoon is hiding in plain sight, displayed in Alex Boo’s art gallery. Seung-cheon eats with CEO Hwang’s golden spoon, and he lastly learns the complete extent of CEO Hwang’s murderous previous.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

So does Joo-hee, whose broadcast station colleagues have stumbled upon the CCTV footage that CEO Na threatened CEO Hwang with. Joo-hee enlists the enable of well known influencer Yeo-jin to disseminate the video, and with that, the complete nation knows of CEO Hwang’s sordid crime.

At extended final, CEO Hwang gets his comeuppance, and Stepmom gets her revenge for Joon-tae’s death by tipping the police off to his place. With Moon-ki’s enable in digging up proof, Seung-cheon is exonerated from CEO Na’s murder.

Nonetheless, it is not more than till it is more than. Seung-cheon returns to the Hwang residence to pack up his points, which supplies a prime chance for him to get poisoned by a spiked drink. Joo-hee weeps more than his conspicuously covered corpse, grieving all her delighted memories with Seung-cheon.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

3 years later. Tae-yong is now a thriving manhwa author, possessing drawn the story of the golden spoon, heh. Thanking his parents for assisting him come this far, Tae-yong says that he is the golden spoon in other words, he’s wealthy just by possessing such superb parents.

Back at household, the Lee loved ones watches Tae-yong’s interview in a spacious new apartment. Seung-ah calls her husband more than to join them, and yay, it is Moon-ki! It is good to see that the Lee loved ones has lastly escaped the clutches of poverty, and that Moon-ki is also a element of that happiness.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

CEO Hwang gets released on a remain of execution, proving the corruption of the legal technique, but it is not freedom that is waiting for him beyond the prison walls. As an alternative, it is a glass of the extremely exact same poison he fed Seung-cheon, courtesy of Stepmom. She is not out to kill him, although — all he gets is two diluted spoonfuls, just adequate to maintain him immobilized and invalid.

Trapped in his personal physique, CEO Hwang is barely additional than a shadow of his former self. Having said that, Stepmom’s revenge does not finish there — she reveals that Yo-han was Joon-tae’s father. As it sinks in that Joon-tae was his biological son, a single tear rolls down CEO Hwang’s cheek. For an individual who was so greedy for energy and manage, he’s lost all of that now, unable to even appropriately grieve the son he killed.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Joo-hee’s job requires her to an interview with a philanthropic gardener, and she goes to meet the reclusive man on the beach. Lo and behold, it is Seung-cheon. How is he nevertheless alive, you ask? Effectively, it turns out that the Hwang loved ones gardener (cameo by Na In-woo) also had his personal golden spoon, and his swap lasted all of 3 seconds prior to he drank the poisoned juice and died in Seung-cheon’s location.

It is unclear how significantly Seung-cheon knows, considering the fact that he left the Hwang residence with his golden spoon in his pocket. He’s also study Tae-yong’s manhwa, and he muses that he sympathizes with the protagonist. He, also, hopes that the men and women who like him would nevertheless recognize him, even with a diverse name and look.

It is the precise want Seung-cheon when created, and it appears to strike a chord in Joo-hee. No matter whether she recognizes him — and no matter if he knows the truth of his personal identity — is left up to our interpretation. As the two gaze at the setting sun, content material to bask in this moment collectively, Seung-cheon narrates:

This globe is nevertheless unfair. But that dazzling, golden sunset is fair to every person. I know how to cherish this sunset, and so I am wealthy.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

With that, the drama ends on a hopeful note, wrapping all its twists and turns up in as neat of a bow as it can handle. Honestly, I nevertheless do not know how I really feel about the finale — technically, it hit the narrative beats it is been setting up, but I’m nevertheless left feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

I get that it was supposed to come complete circle, in that Joo-hee nevertheless recognised Seung-cheon as per his want, but it fell flat mainly because of how abruptly that final switch was shoehorned in. It felt like a deus ex machina to get Seung-cheon out of his predicament and give him a fresh start out.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

That is a trend in this show, and it is 1 of my problems with it — numerous characters, such as Alex Boo, existed just for comfort. I want the drama explained the spoon peddler’s motivations, as an alternative of just waving her off as a magical plot device. Why is she even promoting the spoons in the initial location? All these guidelines look to recommend that she’s attempting to teach greedy, funds-hungry men and women a lesson, but at the finish of the day she ruined numerous lives and took no duty for any of it.

The drama gave us a cast of such interestingly complicated and morally gray characters, and then it threw them to the whims of its plot. I wanted to delve deeper into their moral dilemmas, not watch them run about in circles just to pull off but yet another plot twist.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Although her machinations got tiring quite swift, I believed Yeo-jin was a compelling character. Yeo-jin created a protectiveness more than Seung-cheon, mainly because she felt like the pillar of assistance she never ever got to have herself. She most likely conflated sympathy with like, considering the fact that she’d never ever received genuine like her entire life.

It felt like Yeo-jin wanted to give Seung-cheon the affection that she constantly craved, going to excellent lengths for him in the unconscious hope that he’d do the exact same for her — which explains her deep hurt and betrayal when he didn’t reciprocate. Even although Seung-cheon has never ever offered her any purpose to fall for him, only manipulating her feelings when it served his wants, Yeo-jin nevertheless latched onto him mainly because she was unconsciously projecting her previous self onto him.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

I wonder if the exact same also applies to Joo-hee, considering the fact that Seung-cheon represented the independence that she dreamed of. She was initially attracted to Seung-cheon’s diligence, admiring how he supplied for himself. He was who she wanted to be, and it was her escape from her stifling chaebol life. Maybe this would clarify how Joo-hee’s like for Seung-cheon lasted so extended regardless of recognizing him for all of 1 week?

As our major character, Seung-cheon is an individual we’re supposed to root for, but I felt significantly less and significantly less invested in him as the drama went on. It felt like the writers weren’t pretty confident what to do with his character, going from ruthless anti-hero 1 minute and sympathetic hero the subsequent. Seung-cheon was a item of his situations, but numerous of his motivations have been self-serving, regardless of his moments of concern for his loved ones. By the time his realization and redemption arc came, I was currently also detached to care all that significantly.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Till the extremely finish, Tae-yong kept finding the brief finish of the narrative stick, and as a longtime fan of Lee Jong-won, I couldn’t enable but really feel disappointed. Tae-yong’s greatest act of agency was deciding upon to maintain his swapped life, and even that was contingent on no matter if Seung-cheon would maintain his guarantee and not go to the spoon granny at the final minute.

Even though I suppose 1 could argue that Tae-yong got the greater finish of the deal anyway, I want he had additional say in shaping his personal fate. I cheered with so significantly excitement when he figured out CEO Hwang’s achilles heel, only for that technique to finish up becoming commandeered by Seung-cheon. Provided how significantly CEO Hwang has tormented and abused Tae-yong, I want Tae-yong got to play a bigger and additional active function in taking him down, rather than merely a couple of verbal spars.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The Golden Spoon raised numerous pertinent and relevant social problems, but I felt that the drama failed to capitalize on that. It was a rather shallow take on the dichotomy of wealthy versus poor, favoring dramatic stakes and shock worth more than insightful commentary. It is such a shame, mainly because the drama had so numerous avenues to expand additional, but it never ever took them.

The extremely thought of the golden spoon itself is a commentary on how the poor are trapped in structures of inequality that avoid them from increasing previous their social class. This lack of class mobility signifies that the poor can never ever grow to be wealthy therefore the only way out for Seung-cheon is to actually be the wealthy particular person by stealing his life.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

That is not to say that the drama didn’t attempt to speak about its social problems, of course. 1 instance is the confrontation amongst Tae-yong and CEO Hwang this week whilst the latter claims that wealth is unfair and talent ought to win out, Tae-yong declares that humans are the exact same regardless of social class or capacity. CEO Hwang stands for meritocracy, but how fair can a meritocratic technique actually be when it is founded upon inequalities that produce an uneven playing field? Tae-yong’s idealism is hopeful on an ideological level, but Seung-cheon’s pragmatism holds weight also.

Honestly, I did appreciate this drama — as significantly as I bemoaned the endless twists and turns, attempting to maintain up with its unpredictability every single week did give significantly enjoyable and amusement. Having said that, as an individual who desires to care about my characters as additional than just agents advancing a plot, I can not enable but really feel disappointed by the drama’s wasted prospective.

The drama shone most when it had its characters operating in tandem, but these scenes have been also small, also late. If 1 thing’s for confident, it is that The Golden Spoon surely requires the cake for the most — and the longest — time skips in a single drama.

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

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