Revenge of Others: Episode 2


Revenge of Other individuals: Episode two

Issues get turned up a notch (okay, a giant notch) in Episode two, as the plot thickens in approaches we didn’t want, and almost certainly didn’t even feel of. This drama is shaping up to be deliciously unpredictable, and although it is a great deal darker and violent than the standard fare, there’s some thing addictive in the storytelling.

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Revenge of Others: Episode 2

To say “the plot thickens” is certainly an understatement. As we get a lot more eyes on our characters and setup, points are not what they appear. What was presented as a quite basic story (sister tries to uncover out about her brother’s death) has turn into a multi-faceted tale that I really honestly do not know exactly where it is going. And I enjoy it for that.

Chan-mi appears to be settling into her new college just fine, but her investigation is not that basic, and the introduction of quite a few new characters proves it. Initial is the return of the college bully SA JUNG-KYUNG (Jin Ho-eun) who has a hairdo that would be hilarious if this kid weren’t so scary. His parents purchased him out of his final bout of difficulty: he raped a student there. She cowers in his presence, and he lords it more than her. It is so awful I’m tempted to turn the drama off, and however I do not. (Aside: This bully function is a testament to the guarantee of actor Jin Ho-eun. He final played the adorkable manager in Shooting Stars earlier this year and I had to forcibly convince myself this was the exact same actor. Touché.)

Revenge of Others: Episode 2 Revenge of Others: Episode 2

As Chan-mi learns about our violent bully, she’s naturally suspicious of him. In class a single day, she overhears some grandstanding: a student says that now that Won-seok is dead, he can be the major dog. Huh?! Prior to Chan-mi can even method that statement, although, she confronts Jung-kyung on the heartless way he’s speaking about the deceased (without the need of providing away her private connection, of course it is her trump card and she’s maintaining it close).

It appears like Jung-kyung is about to crush Chan-mi like an ant beneath his shoe when our amnesiac student Jae-bum actions in to calm points down. It is really fascinating how the area responds to him, and how the other students treat him. Is it kid gloves? Is it worry? I dunno, but it is some thing, and this reveal is going to be a heavy a single for confident.

Revenge of Others: Episode 2 Revenge of Others: Episode 2

Chan-mi and Jae-bum get thrown with each other once again later when she’s tapped to coach Jae-bum on some target practice. She’s as challenging a trainer as you can think about, and Jae-bum can barely handle to retain the pistol from shaking in his exhausted arm. It is not till later that she softens towards him: she learns that she’s education him as a component of a joint therapy work to get him to regain his memories. We discover he was in an accident and a subsequent coma for six months. It is a miracle he survived. (I’m not confident how that fits into our timeframe, but let’s shop that clue for later.)

And basically, Jae-bum appears like a total puppy. He likes Chan-mi appropriate off the bat, and gets her quantity (you know, simply because education), and later, he even has his driver pull more than on the way dwelling so he can get out of his car or truck and greet her. He’s so valuable and likable that I’m worried he is basically neither of these points. But for now, we do not know a great deal for confident, except his wealthy family members and the previous accident.

Revenge of Others: Episode 2 Revenge of Others: Episode 2

Speaking of puppies that are not precisely puppies, we have to catch up with Su-heon, who’s at very first performing a lot more of the exact same — operating about functioning and attempting to spend his mother’s hospital bills. An vital clue, nonetheless, comes throughout a further seek advice from with his medical professional. “Have you had any sudden character modifications?” he asks. “Any bursts of violence?” (Retailer this clue for later, also, guys.)

One particular day in college Chan-mi notices that Su-heon is in agony at his desk, and when he runs out to the bathroom, she follows him, worried. This leads her appropriate into the men’s area, and the two inadvertently uncover the rape victim pointed out earlier, who attempted suicide. Gosh, this show. This is the subsequent time I debated turning it off simply because of the violence and general harshness. But there’s so a great deal goodness also!

Su-heon jumps up and more than the bathroom stall like a hero and they wind up saving the girl’s life. Importantly, the detective that Chan-mi previously met was referred to as to the scene. The detective warns her not to investigate on her personal, and Chan-mi fundamentally ignores that and asks the detective to not reveal her connection to Won-seok.

Revenge of Others: Episode 2

Chan-mi and Su-heon’s paths are nevertheless entangled, although, and very first we see him return the telephone to Won-seok’s supposed girlfriend HONG AH-JUNG (Wooyeon). She appears to be buddies with the silver-haired girl that we’ve observed hovering about: TAE SO-YEON (Jung Soo-bin). So-yeon appears really shifty at very first, but as we discover her backstory, the sympathy goes up, as does the trust (properly, as a great deal as a single can trust any of these characters).

So-yeon not only goes to see the rape victim, but meets with Su-heon — the two have seemed really friendly — to ask him to get vengeance for the rape victim (AKA, let’s get Jung-kyung expelled from the college for fantastic and get revenue from his family members). Why is she asking this of Su-heon? Why are they acting like this small vigilante unit? Effectively, turns out, that is sort of what occurred after in the previous.

Revenge of Others: Episode 2

We get a further horribly violent set of scenes exactly where we see how So-yeon herself was after brutally bullied. She was on the verge of death when Su-heon saved her, and forced her bullies to apologize to her. How did he achieve this, you ask? By beating them just as brutally. In flashback, we see him march into their noraebang area, and with the emotionlessness of a Terminator, beat them like they have been rag dolls. It is violent, and the message is that bullies will only cease when you beat them inside an inch of their lives. I’m not confident I like this message, but I’m confident there’s a lot more to it as we get deeper.

So, Terminator-mode Su-heon is apparently a point, simply because we see him do it once again when he sneaks into the college at evening and terrorizes Jung-kyung and beats him with a hammer. All the when, the words of his medical professional about character modifications and bursts of violence playback in his head (and mine). Oh boy, this is actually nuts! I wasn’t confident why the brain tumor point even necessary to be in this story, but this is exactly where they are going? It is half comic book and half horror film, but for some explanation it is functioning for me.

Revenge of Others: Episode 2

Anyway, Su-heon’s violent tendencies are not the worst reveal of the episode. The worst reveal – for me and for Chan-mi — is that her beloved twin brother wasn’t constantly the sort smiley face on the other finish of the video get in touch with. Certainly, he was the major bully at the college. We not only get the harsh truth from a girl who utilized to go to their college (who agrees to meet with Chan-mi when Ah-jung refuses), but we see it all in flashback also. Ugh, he’s awful, and I’m sad.

But also, properly-played, Show! This drama has such an edge of unpredictability to it. If the story weren’t so properly-told, layered, and complete of all these clues, I would have tapped out by now due to the violence — but there’s some thing about it that has me completely hooked. It is a brutal globe — even a lot more so than I anticipated right after Episode 1 — but the writing is so tight and exciting that I’m prepared to stick to exactly where it leads. (But please, can at least a single of these characters be innocent?)

Revenge of Others: Episode 2

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