May I Help You: Episodes 5-6


May possibly I Assist You: Episodes five-six

This week, we return to the planet of our ghost-seeing major lady as she navigates her ghostly adventures and the societal perceptions attached to her job. We also take a small dive into the life of our errand boy and his unexpected and surprising previous.


May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

We resume from our week-extended hiatus by going back 3 months in time to almost everything that led up to the alter in trajectory of our principal characters’ lives. Beginning from Tae-hee, we understand he’s in fact a medical doctor (wow!) and the boy ghost who haunts him (Dong-joo’s initial ghost) was a website traffic accident victim he couldn’t save.

Tae-hee blamed himself for the boy’s death, major to a single of the most drastic profession switches in dramaland: medical doctor to errand boy. Meanwhile, following her initial fright upon seeing the boy ghost, a (nevertheless scared) Dong-joo managed to locate a lost ring as per his final request. But due to the fact then, she hasn’t been capable to get in touch with his loved ones to return it, so the request remains unfulfilled.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

Back to the present, Dong-joo has moved out of the Dime a Job constructing (and into a rat-infested dorm) thanks to the friction in between her and Tae-hee. But Hae-an is not getting any of it due to the fact how can “the hamburger to his fries” just up and leave with no any resistance from the landlords? Heh. His crush on her is cute! But much more than that, he in fact reaches out to make positive she’s secure. And for his sweet sake, I hope he does not create genuine feelings for her due to the fact that ship is headed for an iceberg.

Vincent is also pissed that thanks to a specific an individual, he has to appear for a new tenant. And stated an individual is equally not proud of his actions, specifically due to the fact he has come to comprehend that Dong-joo was not lying about her capacity to see ghosts. Tae-hee tries to track her down, but no such luck, as even her dad thinks she’s holed up at Noryangjin (a renowned study town for civil servant hopefuls).

When a drunk Dong-joo and Tae-hee sooner or later cross paths, she’s not prepared to listen to him as she nevertheless thinks he’s going to spill her ghost-seeing secret to her boss. She tells him she will confess to the boss herself! And the subsequent time she sees Tae-hee with her boss, she interrupts them with an, “I stated I will be the a single to do it myself!” Lol. Considering he currently spilled to the boss, she submits her resignation — which her boss promptly tears up following texting her to show up the following day.

Anyway, following saving her from an alleyway stalker, Tae-hee apologizes to Dong-joo for misunderstanding her, and she ultimately learns that he didn’t reveal her secret to her boss. Their friendship also resumes when she moves back to the Dime a Job apartment and she learns that Tae-hee saved the husband of the pregnant ghost on the bridge.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

This week’s ghost client highlights a complicated Dong-joo has about her job: her hands. We’ve observed her severely scrub them following operate, and then there’s the basic notion that funeral directors have dirty and unlucky hands due to the fact they touch dead men and women — a notion the daughter-in-law of the client passes on to her small son, and Tae-hee occurs to overhear. And even though he’s petty adequate to expose the two-faced daughter-in-law in front of their guests, it does absolutely nothing to lift Dong-joo’s spirits.

On their ride property, a self-conscious Dong-joo is cautious not to touch Tae-hee, but he clasps her hands firmly about his waist as they speed off on the Scooter of Budding Romance. “They’re fairly and cool. Your hands,” Tae-hee tells Dong-joo when they arrive property, and these are not just empty words — he in fact indicates it.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

Tae-hee and Dong-joo go for drinks afterwards, and Dong-joo feels much less lonely now that she’s capable to open up to an individual about the issues of her activity as a ghost errand girl. Tae-hee advises her not to assume of it as just an “assignment” provided from above as termed by Father Michael (who also occurs to be her uncle), but as one thing remarkable accomplished by her hands to support the deceased and the men and women they left behind.

By the way, I genuinely like the function Father Michael plays in Dong-joo’s life — he’s a spiritual leader, uncle, and pal. Dong-joo’s path is a lonely a single and it would have been tougher on her if she didn’t have him in her corner encouraging her. Some of my favored scenes are the ones exactly where the two share a drink collectively and panic at the believed of her father (and his brother-in-law) locating out that she performs with ghosts. Lol.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

Dong-joo and Tae-hee have a mini moment of panic when they wake up the subsequent morning in the identical bed, but absolutely nothing has occurred in between them (but). Dong-joo’s scream sends Hae-an knocking at her door, and it is genuinely hilarious to watch Dong-joo and Tae-hee scramble about to avoid Hae-an and Vincent from locating out that they shared a area overnight.

Anyway, now that Tae-hee has been in her area, it is not an unfamiliar location to him, and he aids her grab a alter of garments and some study books to rush down to Noryangjin when her dad abruptly shows up for a stop by. Regrettably, he can not bolt away rapidly adequate so he also runs into Dad, and quickly he’s inducted into the Baek family’s college of lies. Heh.

Sadly, at some point in a funeral director’s profession, they’re bound to send off an individual close to them, and that moment quickly arrives for Dong-joo when So-ra’s grandmother (cameo by my favored K-drama halmeoni Kim Young-ok) dies. Dong-joo is a sobbing mess as she thanks Halmeoni for taking care of her like a genuine granddaughter. And there’s a marked distinction in the attitude of the daughter-in-law from earlier, and So-ra’s loved ones who are genuinely grateful that Dong-joo is the a single who’ll prepare Halmeoni to be sent off.

In standard grandmother behavior, Halmeoni wishes that each her granddaughters will settle down quickly adequate, and her final request is for Dong-joo to pass on a wedding present she ready for So-ra. But when Dong-joo’s boss stops an unruly guest from misbehaving at the funeral, So-ra (whose greatest want is to date – and kiss – a man) requires the boss to be her present from her grandmother. Lol.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

Halmeoni herself is a present Dong-joo believes was sent by her mother, due to the fact Halmeoni often came to choose her up from college with an umbrella on rainy days, and this now tends to make Dong-joo sentimental anytime it rains. Hae-an also has a rainy day memory, despite the fact that we have but to understand what it is — but it appears like a sad a single, due to the fact he grows somber on these days, and even opted out of a planned film outing with the Dime a Job housemates which his crush was positive to attend.

But although Hae-an nevertheless remains stuck in his memories, Dong-joo is studying to let go of hers as she runs with Tae-hee in the rain. And although Tae-hee is also starting to settle into his present reality, his previous shows up in the particular person of fellow medical doctor TAK CHUNG-HA (Han Dong-hee), who occurs to be the ex-girlfriend (and just about fiancée) he broke up with when he left the health-related profession. And from the appear of points, she nevertheless has lingering feelings for him. Uh oh!

It is sad, but not inevitable, for some sufferers to die as physicians can’t save every person. But there has to be a particular story attached to the death of the young boy that would make Tae-hee just stroll out on his former life. Did the boy get into the accident due to the fact of him? Gasp! Was the ring supposed to be for Tae-hee’s proposal? I have a lot of concerns which hopefully the drama will answer in time.

In any case, I hope Tae-hee learns to forgive himself. Despite the fact that as we saw from how he blamed himself for becoming the cause Dong-joo didn’t hear the pregnant ghost’s final words, Tae-hee can’t effectively deal with self-blame. Nevertheless, with ten requests left to go, I’m hoping Dong-joo manages to fulfill the ghost boy’s request and use the chance to support Tae-hee say a correct goodbye to the boy, and place the previous firmly behind him.

May I Help You: Episodes 5-6

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