One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)


A single Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Even though curtailed in length and confused in tone, A single Dollar Lawyer completes its run and tries its hardest to not only tie up loose ends, but preserve performing what it after did effectively. And although the ends are certainly tied, however all the hullabaloo behind the scenes has actually shown in the drama’s production, and I’m left not totally positive what it is I just watched.


One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Jumping ideal in exactly where we left off, Ji-hoon and Mari stop by Min-cheol in his swanky workplace. It is meant to threaten him — and it does — but Ji-hoon acts like a doofus. Even though he notices the stacks of money on the desk, he winds up leaving the encounter with a stack of blank paper for his printer. Such is Ji-hoon.

Our wacky group of 3 reconnoiter at Ji-hoon’s fancy apartment house. Say what?! Yes, it is our finale, and we’ve ultimately got eyes on exactly where (and how) Ji-hoon lives. Moo-jang does not fail to point this out, and I really like the self-reference right here. It is as if the drama is saying, “I know we under no circumstances showed you this effectively, so right here ya go, we’ll make a joke of it.”

One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Although the group goes more than their plans, Mari stares blankly at the photo of Grandpa Baek on Ji-hoon’s investigation wall-window. He swiftly tears it down and says her grandpa is innocent — which leads to her surprise that he knows who she is, and Ji-hoon’s apt reply: “Did you consider I was dumb?”

To additional convince us that Grandpa Baek is A-OK, we get a flashback to a current conversation with him and Ji-hoon exactly where he says that he desires Mari to be portion of a globe exactly where the outcome is not currently decided (i.e., every single case rigged by corruption and blackmail).

This becomes essential later, due to the fact in a good moment, he secretly assists Mari hack Baek Law Firm’s personal database to obtain the incriminating data for which Joo-young after lost her life. Mari finds it, secures it, and shares it with Ji-hoon and it is specifically the proof they need to have concerning all the JQ Group nonsense.

One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final) One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Meanwhile (and a small earlier), we invest a lot of the episode with Ji-hoon and Min-cheol. Very first, our group sets on a hilarious mission to make him and Ji-hoon appear chummy, which is about the most ridiculous strategy out there. But it functions, and when Evil CEO finds out, he kicks Min-cheol to the curb. Except our group — and our beautiful Prosecutor Na and Min-hyuk — are there to get as a lot data and help out of Min-cheol as they can.

Then, what we completely anticipate to take place takes place. Min-cheol appears like he’s screwed more than Ji-hoon and the gang, and Ji-hoon appears like he’s about to get shot by Evil CEO for the duration of The Ultimate Showdown. But actually, Ji-hoon and the prosecution are currently numerous methods ahead. The complete scheme has been planned in order to get a good tidy confession out of the CEO, which takes place just as quickly as his hubris gets the superior of him (handy, but buyable). Now, Evil CEO can rot in jail for ordering the murder of Joo-young, amongst his other crimes.

One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Though this final plot arc is supposed to be the culmination of all of Ji-hoon’s tragic backstory, it is blown by way of so speedy that not even the sudden time-jump of final week can assist it. It is not undesirable or badly played, but it is predictable. In reality, the only issue I identified compelling about it was when Ji-hoon was speaking to Prosecutor Na about his risky mission. She says he could die, and he says he currently did… when Joo-young died.

At this point, I’m feeling undesirable for this cast. They are pouring all they’ve got into these scripts, but the rewrites and ostensible chaos behind the scenes are worse than the elephant in the area they quite a lot kill what ever this drama had going for it about six or seven episodes ago. Sadly, it is not the initially drama this has occurred to, nor the final.

One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final) One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

Interestingly, as our drama wraps up and delivers justice, it is also determined to finish with a small heart, and a load of comedy. Our group argues more than the 1,000 won charge, but Ji-hoon insists they preserve it. And then we see him in action — a lot like we opened the drama — swooping in in all his oddball glory to save clientele in dire straits.

All in all, this ending was a pretty valiant try to bring the drama back to its roots, but to simultaneously tie up the loose ends of the overarching storyline. It does each these factors, but however, it is not sufficient to hide the nonsense going on backstage. So, although I have to give a hearty applause for the production’s try to make the finest of a worst case situation, I’m also left a small salty. I kinda want my 1,000 won back.

One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 12 (Final)

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