Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


Undesirable Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

In the final week, our terrible prosecutor and evil chairman attempt to out-maneuver and out-plot a single yet another ahead of obtaining the ultimate showdown in the courtroom.


Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Right after the heartbreaking ending final week, we get no time to breathe and dive straight into what occurred in between Chairman Seo and Jae-kyung. As soon as Jae-kyung calls out Chairman Seo, the latter surprisingly gets on his hands and knees, begging to be forgiven but mainly to be let off the hook. In exchange for the MP3 player, Jae-kyung insists on receiving a written guarantee that Chairman Seo will leave Jung alone.

When it appears he’ll give in, Chairman Seo is not providing up that simply. Employing a compact sculpture of Lady Justice, he smashes Jae-kyung’s head in ahead of promptly grabbing the MP3 player. Chairman Seo leaves the clean up to a shaken Do-hwan, who sees a photo of Jae-kyung and his household, additional battering his conscience.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Rapid forward to the arrival of Jung, who insists that Jae-kyung is not dead, so the paramedics ought to eliminate the cloth more than his physique. Bring him to the hospital! He’s going to wake up! Wake up, Jae-kyung! He just got this new father figure, so why?!

Due to the fact Jae-kyung does not have any household left, Ah-ra offers Jung the striped armband. He’s the only a single who can be the chief mourner for the funeral. Oh no, that breaks my heart even much more.

In his workplace, Do-hwan is ridden with guilt. But he does not have time to wallow in his conscience, since Chairman Seo speedily calls for him, praising him for carrying out a fantastic job, even though also subtly threatening him for becoming an accomplice to a crime. Oh no. What will win: Do-hwan’s conscience or worry?

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

At Jae-kyung’s funeral, Jung and Chairman Seo go by means of the motions of the funeral rites. But as soon as that is more than, Jung is carried out becoming polite, promising the chairman: “I will never ever forgive you. So never ever regret what you did or ask for forgiveness. Do not get caught with out my permission. I’ll uncover you and kill you.”

Right after the funeral, Jung heads straight to the Civil Affairs Division workplace. Rummaging about for proof he can use, he notices the sculpture missing and figures that he just identified the murder weapon!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

He calls an individual, and promptly elsewhere, a mysterious hooded figure walks by means of a train station and areas an inconspicuous paper bag inside a rented locker. Then we see Jung rushing down to the locker and opening it to uncover the paper bag — and the murder weapon. Appears like Do-hwan’s conscience won out then!

Or at least, I hope that is him. Due to the fact also observing him from afar is Do-hwan, who reports back to Chairman Seo. Do-hwan suggests an individual from the cleanup crew gave the murder weapon to Jung. Is Do-hwan double-crossing each sides? Hmm…

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Now that they have the murder weapon, Jung and Ah-ra are in a position to confirm that fingerprints and the blood match that of Chairman Seo and Jae-kyung respectively, additional solidifying the proof. But of course, Jung wouldn’t be Jung if he does not attempt to rush into a (literal) fight.

Jung storms into the Kangsan Law Firm workplace, tracks down Ji-han, and threatens him making use of violence, in search of Chairman Seo. Ji-han additional provokes Jung, who beats him up sufficient to break his nose. For his rash actions, Jung gets suspended from the prosecution.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

That does not cease his investigation although. Jung turns to an individual who utilized to be Chairman Seo’s closest ally — Tae-ho — believing he has information and facts they can use to take down the chairman. But Tae-ho blames Jung and his stubbornness for Jae-kyung’s death. When he admits he ignored a lot of orders, Jung offers a quite speech about the duties of a prosecutor (which almost certainly would’ve moved me much more if he didn’t commit crimes left and correct).

No matter, since it worked on Tae-ho. He shares the secret to Chairman Seo’s results and energy more than absolutely everyone. Apparently, the chairman has a vast archive of all the proof he covered up for his strong consumers, which he makes use of as a leash to blackmail all of them into carrying out his bidding.

Sadly, Tae-ho does not know exactly where it is. It is a single of the chairman’s closely guarded secrets, which only his son almost certainly knows.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Right after setting up a meeting about the new proof, Chairman Seo tells Jung that he’s as well fantastic-hearted to a fault that it tends to make him vulnerable. Case in point: the chairman can use Ah-ra, Chul-gi, Eun-ji, and Joong-do against Jung, and he’ll falter. So Chairman Seo gives him an option: neglect about their grudges so his pals can be secure. He even gives a way back into the prosecution’s criminal division or a position as his lackey. Of course, Jung refuses, promising to bring down the chairman and save his pals. He’s gotten this far soon after all.

But it is not just Chairman Seo who has a grudge against Jung. His son Ji-han desires revenge for all the punches, basically kidnapping Jung to beat him up and kill him. When Ji-han roughs Jung up, the chairman destroys the murder weapon proof.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Chairman Seo also gives Jung yet another possibility, but he staunchly refuses. Jung credits his father for his stubborn commitment to justice: “He generally told me: ‘Immorality cannot beat justice.’”

The chairman rebuts that it is justice, not evil, that people today need to have to be scared of. “Do you know when people today get cruelest? When they think that they are just.” It is exciting since that in fact sums up Jung’s procedures as a prosecutor. He does not hesitate to use violence when he believes he’s carrying out it in the pursuit of justice. For him, when it comes to delivering justice, the finish justifies the indicates. And that is what tends to make him reckless and harmful — and a “bad” prosecutor.

Right after becoming held up by the authorities for so lengthy, Ah-ra and the other people turn out to be worried when Jung remains unreachable. Very good issue Eun-ji installed a couple’s place sharing app in his telephone (she’s receiving ahead of herself with her crush, lol). This makes it possible for them to track him down, arriving just ahead of Ji-han is about to smash Jung’s skull with a hammer. A fight ensues, with the crew winning, of course.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

As Ji-han tries to run away, Jung chases him down. With out his goons, Ji-han turns into a coward, begging for forgiveness. He wakes up in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed. The chaebol heir is shocked to hear he’s been unconscious for a week and his father has been arrested. It is even on the news! Jung tells Ji-han his father sold him out, blaming every thing on his son just to get away scot-no cost. Scared, Ji-han confesses to the incredibly very first murder, but denies every thing else.

Jung tells him that even if Ji-han denies it, all proof points to him. The only issue he can do now is attempt to escape. The prosecutor gives him a ticket out of the nation — only if he offers Jung the precise place of his father’s archive. Feeling like he’s left with no other decision, Ji-han offers up.

But it turns out, it has only been a day given that their altercation. All of that is element of an elaborate program concocted by Jung to get the archive’s place. Intelligent guy! If a small more than the best, lol.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Jung promptly heads to the archive. He finds the hidden door that leads inside, locating shelves of proof that can place the nail in Chairman Seo’s proverbial coffin.

But the old man guarding the bookshop has currently alerted the chairman of Jung’s arrival. Chairman Seo rushes to confront Jung, and upon arrival, he orders Do-hwan to kill Jung with the gun he offered. Confident that his lackey will not betray him due to becoming accomplices, the chairman appears shocked when Do-hwan turns the gun on him as an alternative of Jung. Do-hwan is Jung’s hidden card!

On the other hand, Chairman Seo is a single step ahead of them, since the gun he gave Do-hwan is empty. The chairman holds the gun with bullets, and he has goons hiding about the area.

Outnumbered, Jung and Do-hwan are knocked out. Upon waking up, the two uncover themselves tied with each other inside an empty pool gradually becoming filled with water. But they’re in a position to break no cost, fighting off the goons with each other.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Right after escaping, Jung meets with Ah-ra, Chul-gi, Eun-ji, and Joong-do, informing them that he has secured proof that can get them a search and seizure warrant for the archive: it is the evaluation report on the so-known as “accident” of Jae-kyung’s household.

Believing the chairman will move his archive to a new place quickly, Ah-ra operates double time to safe the warrant. But they’re as well late it is currently empty. Jung and Ah-ra intercepts the transport truck — also empty. Once more, it appears the chairman is a single step ahead, preparing two trucks, identical down to the plate quantity.

But Jung has also anticipated this, sending Joong-do in to ~infiltrate~ the truck in advance even though he follows making use of the couple’s place sharing app. Poor Joong-do is curled up inside a box, unable to move about, and he’s promptly caught as soon as they arrive.

When Jung fights off all the goons, a single of the minions douses all the proof in gasoline and throws a lighter into it. But an individual catches the lighter and saves every thing from imminent burning — thanks Do-hwan!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

The subsequent day, Jung finds Chairman Seo to arrest him. The chairman says he cannot use proof that was acquired with out a warrant. But operating about that law, Jung has produced a single of his minions to blow the whistle on Chairman Seo — below threat, of course.

With Chairman Seo’s blackmail material gone, most people today are turning their backs on him. Jung is reinstated into the Criminal Division and is even place in charge of the case against the chairman. We ultimately see Jin Jung in court wearing these prosecutor robes! Lastly! It just took us the complete drama lol.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Meanwhile, Chairman Seo does not have a lawyer, representing himself and denying all charges. Tae-ho and Secretary Tae are brought in as witnesses, each confessing and pointing to Chairman Seo as the mastermind. But the chairman didn’t get to exactly where he is with out becoming sly. He knows the correct way to phrase his statements to discredit all the testimonies against him..

Confident that he’s winning, Chairman Seo tells Jung that there are no other witnesses he can bring to stand to construct a case against him. If Jung is arranging to bring in Do-hwan, Chairman Seo can just as simply tear him down.

But no, to the chairman’s utter shock — and absolutely everyone else in the court — the genuine hidden card is Jae-kyung! He’s alive! Blessed day!

Apparently, in the course of the murder scene cleanup, Do-hwan has observed indicators of life from Jae-kyung, prompting him to get in touch with Jung. That is when their partnership began. And they even have yet another hidden card: the sculpture Chairman Seo utilized against Jae-kyung. The a single Chairman Seo destroyed is a dupe.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Flustered by this new turn of events, Chairman Seo is not in a position to defend himself. Delivering his final statement, Prosecutor Jin Jung demands that the defendant be indicted to the complete extent of the law, i.e. the death sentence. Hooray! A win for the fantastic guys and our terrible prosecutor!

With his very first (severe) case officially closed, Jung is excited to get back to work… but he’s reassigned to the Civil Affairs Division? Once more? Apparently, since he can run wild below Jae-kyung’s supervision. “We’re much more open to rule-bending than the Criminal Division,” he jokes. You do not say.

The series closes in a setup mirroring the opening scene: our terrible prosecutor going soon after the criminals in his usual, not-so-legal procedures, even though Ah-ra attempts to rein him in through get in touch with. This time, just in a superior version of the prosecution workplace.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

In a mid-credit scene, we see Chairman Seo speaking to an individual on the telephone, demanding they ought to get him out of prison. Sadly for him, he does not have the similar energy as he did ahead of, as a specific Chairman Park orders him to keep place and quiet, even though Prosecutor Jin Jung is becoming dealt with. Oooh, exciting. Sounds like a second season is attainable, then?

From Do-hwan’s double agent act to the accident of Jung’s dad, I’m glad we got firm closure on most loose ends. Sadly, the show is not a thing I’d go back to. It took a even though to choose up its pace, so if I was just watching it on my personal, I might’ve dropped it in the very first half. The components that produced the show much more entertaining and engaging came in the latter half, e.g. Jung and Chairman Seo outmaneuvering every single other, and Do-hwan’s redemption arc. Even so, it is been a wild ride. So lengthy to our terrible prosecutor!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

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