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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what produced you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: 1 Dollar Lawyer

Curtain Contact: I definitely enjoyed our second week! As anticipated, I am all about the old college feels that are shooting out of this drama left and appropriate, and I definitely like how we’re finding hints of how the home of cards is going to speedily collapse. There are soooo several dangling ends and dangers at this point, and the utter carelessness of our actors on “vacation” just epitomized that. Do they not comprehend the gravity of what they signed up for? They may possibly be excellent at acting, but they’re not incredibly excellent with the prevalent sense. Also, can they quit switching to their Seoul accents even though they’re in their bedroom, please?! Or if you are gonna do that, at least whisper.



Revenge of Other individuals: I’ve only watched the very first episode so far, but I’m intrigued. Not crazy about the entire terminal illness factor, but nevertheless intrigued sufficient to hold going for now.

Behind Every single Star: I liked the very first episode, but the second was what hooked me. That graveside scene had me crying and laughing at the very same time, and if that is an indication of what we can count on from the show as a entire, I’m right here for it!

Secret Royal Inspector and Joy: The finish of Blind’s run left me craving additional Taecyeon, and I had some added time on my hands, so I decided to choose up this show that I missed when it aired final year. Turns out, it is specifically what I didn’t know I necessary! I’m about halfway by way of and I appreciate every little thing about it — the leads, the side characters, that 1 sympathetic villain, the tragic crown prince storyline with all its angst and longing, just every little thing.



At present covering: Behind Every single Star

Like is for Suckers: I have mixed feelings about this drama appropriate now. I nevertheless appear forward to it each and every week, but I’m sooooo frustrated with the appreciate triangle that I’m on the verge of jumping overboard and swimming more than to a new ship: the surprisingly adorable pairing in between our chef and webtoon artist. There’s nevertheless space for two ships in my metaphorical harbors, but I’m going to want Yeo-reum and Jae-hoon (to a lesser extent) to get their heads out of their asses. Yeo-reum wants to quit becoming so passive about every little thing — from dealing with the bulldozer that is Chae-ri to addressing her feelings for Jae-hoon. Logical me is like, “Well, it tends to make sense that she’s not prepared to address her feelings so quickly just after her failed pretty much-marriage. It is a dumb move on the writers’ component for attempting to make a rebound into a romance.” But the romantic in me is yelling, “Do some thing to repair your connection with Jae-hoon!” And Jae-hoon, my dude, why you believed confessing your feelings so quickly just after the demise of her final connection is beyond me. It is like he’s mad at her for not wanting to get started a new connection two days just after her final 1 ended, and everybody but him — and the writers, apparently — can see why that is a poor notion. If Jae-hoon ends up with Ji-yeon (who has the character of a plain, un-syruped pancake) simply because the writers are attempting to develop a story all about the significance of “timing” in relationships, I’m going to pull out my hair.



At present covering: The Golden Spoon

The 3 Musketeers: This musical is so a lot entertaining! Possibly it is simply because I watched the second-final Seoul show, but the cast was absolutely getting a blast onstage and providing it their all, which translated to crackling chemistry and captivating camaraderie. I uncover it definitely adorable how the older veteran cast, who play the titular 3 musketeers, have essentially adopted infant musketeer Kyoung-yoon as their son. That practically ten-minute adlib segment was comedy gold! Also, I’m nevertheless in awe more than how exhilarating the combat choreographies had been, and how nicely the actors pulled off the swordfighting. The musical was a charmingly sincere take on a classic story, and I identified myself laughing, crying, and cheering by the finish.

Mental Coach Jegal: I came for Kang Young-seok, and stayed for the No Medal Club (and Kwon Yul). So I’m going to attempt and bear in mind this show for the endearing characters it gave us, rather than its disappointing ending. Our characters normally doled out nuggets of wisdom, and 1 in distinct resonated deeply, becoming my favourite line of the show: “It’s okay to cry, and it is okay to falter. The moment when we are at our weakest is also the starting of our development.” The drama may possibly have stumbled its way towards the finish line, but at its core it was generally complete of heart. I’ll absolutely bear in mind its uplifting message of understanding to forgive, embrace, and above all, treasure oneself.


Like is for Suckers: This show has me grinning like an idiot. It is providing Fight My Way meets unREAL in the finest strategies. I’ve generally loved Lee Da-hee, but as an individual who in no way regarded as herself a Choi Siwon fan, I’m so shocked at how nicely he does the tender scenes or conveys all these pining feelings with a *appear* and a low voice. Like, come on guys, that confession scene??? That had to be 1 of the most understated, confident, swoonworthy factors I’ve observed in a even though.

Boys Just before Flowers: I’m getting a blast revisiting the 2000s camp classic. The cheese! The outfits! The crazy plot points! The (slightly toxic by 2022 requirements) masculinity! Sam Levinson wishes he had this group when he wrote Euphoria.

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