VR Short Film Review: Red Eyes (2021) by Lee Sngmoo

Watching a virtual reality film is not a thing that takes place each day, considering that the entire process nevertheless demands certain gear (such as a rotating chair) and has to be performed in pretty certain technical settings. As such, my initial evaluation of such a film will be as significantly for the title itself as for the entire expertise.

“Red Eyes is screening at Thessaloniki International Film Festival

What takes place is, they sit you in a rotating chair, and then a individual aids you to place up the VR glasses (which, if you put on glasses your self, can be a bit difficult). As quickly as you calibrate your view with two joysticks, and you handle to aim at the play button on the screen, they ask you to pause, they also location the headphones on you, and then you can commence the film.

The starting is certainly disorientating, but quickly you recognize that the action is not taking place only in front of you, but all more than the location, which means that rotating in your chair towards the left, correct and back, is primarily a necessity, in order to concentrate on the action. At the exact same time even though, the truth that wherever you turn, a thing is taking place (or a thing is there at least) is what tends to make the entire viewing rather unique. Even a lot more so in the case of Lee Sngmoo’s “Red Eyes”, a zombie invasion film in the style of survival horror games, which soars with tension and action and basically demands from its viewer to move about in his chair in order to totally appreciate it.

As such, the story focuses on two unique forces agents, a man and a lady, who enter the factory exactly where a chemical weapon leakage turned all the people today there into red-eyed mutants, and attempt to avert a mass destruction. As quickly as they enter even though, they uncover themselves against scores of enemies jumping onto them from just about every path, whilst they attempt to detonate the entire creating and get out unharmed.

The action choreography is exceptional, and basically appears even far better in VR, with the way the two agents cover every single other against the plethora of zombies coming towards them becoming very impressive. At the exact same time, and close to the finish, in an work to add some a lot more narrative components to the film, Lee has also incorporated a short romantic scene, and the Korean audience&amprsquors all-time favourite aspect, melodrama. These do not perform precisely wonderful, considering that, at 17 minutes, the director did not have time to totally discover them, but at the exact same time, they do not basically harm the sense the film leaves, which is very rewarding.

Jung Young-sam’s cinematography captures the claustrophobic sense of the setting artfully, with the visual aspect right here benefitting the most by the 3D strategy. Won Kyung-hoon’s frantic editing induces the film with a thunderous pace that suits the general aesthetics to the fullest, whilst the short moments of calmness are ideally placed in the narrative to provide some significantly required relief.

“Red Eyes” is a film all fans of zombie-action will take pleasure in, but most of all, it is an unprecedented expertise that I recommend every person ought to indulge into.



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