Revenge of Others: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Revenge of Other individuals: Episode 1 (Very first Impressions)

Higher on style and crisply told, Revenge of Other individuals provides us a sturdy appear at the drama to come with its very first episode. Although it paints a fairly bleak image for its characters, there’s anything about how the story’s told that keeps you hooked.

Editor’s note: Continued drama coverage is pending primarily based on Beanie feedback.

So, this episode fundamentally did every little thing I adore (and a handful of factors I hate but we’ll get to that later): sturdy character setups, globe-constructing that sucks you proper in, and some super crispy scenes that say significantly with tiny. When the general story is dark in theme and cold in tone, it also does not not give us some lightness, also. Immediately after all, this may well be a story of revenge, but it is set in a higher college, and with that comes some requisite cuteness. Or, at the incredibly least, uniform-sharing chivalry.

We open to meet our heroine, higher college athlete OK CHAN-MI (Shin Ye-eun) who’s headed for a pistol championship shortly. But when we meet her, she’s video-calling her adorable twin brother PARK WON-SEOK (Kang Yul). Although they’re far apart (he’s in college in Seoul, she’s on the beach in Busan), their bond is apparent — and so is their affection. Chan-mi very first refuses, but then ultimately provides in to contact him “oppa,” which she does as teasingly as probable. Immediately after all, he’s only ten minutes older than her.

This is such a excellent opening scene — not only due to the fact we instantly recognize their partnership and fundamental character setup, but due to the fact the camera speedily shifts from Chan-mi on the beach, to Won-seok in his classroom.

The push and pull involving what we see in the classroom, and what Chan-mi gets on the other side of the video contact is definitely effectively-conceived. We see Won-seok appear up and react to somebody coming into the empty classroom Chan-mi sees the telephone dropped, hears a voice, and then the contact is disconnected. Importantly — and tragically — she does not see what we see: there’s some sort of struggle, and Won-seok falls from the window to the snowy ground under, and dies. (I know this is the crux of this plot, but nooooo!)

Chan-mi blows it at the pistol championship due to the fact she’s distracted — she hasn’t heard from her brother because the hurried way their contact got disconnected, and it is been days.

The plot is really speedy right here, and follows the incredibly independent Chan-mi to Seoul. We also get additional background on the siblings: they grew up collectively in an orphanage in Busan, but Won-seok (whom she knows as Chan-gyu) was adopted at the age of eight. The twins had been heart-broken to component, and I currently want to kick the individuals that adopted him — and we haven’t even observed their complete awfulness but!

In Seoul, Chan-mi loiters outdoors her brother’s higher college and learns from some little ones outdoors that Won-seok has died. It is utterly shocking for her, and amazingly played as a scene. In rapid succession, we see Chan-mi at the columbarium, confronting Won-seok’s parents (apparently they in no way knew the two little ones kept in touch!), and sooner or later landing at the regional precinct. Right here she meets with the detective on the case and raises hell that it wasn’t suicide, like everybody thinks.

And right here I have to pause and say how significantly I adore Shin Ye-eun — I may well not generally adore her roles (I’m seeking at you, Welcome!), but she’s definitely wonderful at providing convincing, and even raw, performances, and we see that right here even though she’s hysterical at the precinct. She insists her brother would in no way take his life, she explains the situations about their final contact, and she demands to know why his cell telephone is missing if this is certainly just a speedily-closed suicide case. She’s dismissed, and like the heroine that she is, she requires matters into her personal hands.

Quickly, even although it is the worst issue for her athletics profession, she switches schools to transfer into her brother’s old higher college. I adore the touches of colour the drama provides right here — she has to beg to keep in the goshiwon she planned to reside in (because she’s beneath age), she buys a low-cost scooter to get about the city, and we see just how significantly this 19-year-old is employed to fending for herself. It is each sad and empowering at the very same time. I adore this heroine currently.

It is at this point in the story that Chan-mi’s path intersects — repeatedly, humorously, actually — with JI SU-HEON (Park Solomon a.k.a. Lomon). We’ve been introduced to him earlier with some scenes displaying his character’s setup, and it is no brighter than Chan-mi’s. Basically, it may well be worse.

He functions like a beaver at his component-time jobs (bowling alley, delivery meals boy) but he’s burdened by the health-related bills of his mother, who’s sick and needs hospitalization. He visits her and their partnership is super touching (damn you, drama!) — so of course that signifies additional heartbreak is in retailer for our hero.

Even though he does not have two cents to rub collectively, his scooter gets stolen just after an accident. And if that wasn’t adequate, the accident was due to some neurological challenges he’s experiencing. (Brace your self.) Su-heon’s stolen scooter gets bought by Chan-mi, and the two start out off their partnership with additional enmity than something else.

They’re thrown collectively quite a few occasions due to the fact of mentioned scooter and it all culminates in the course of Chan-mi’s commute on her very first day at the new college. Chan-mi’s on the scooter, Su-heon’s on a borrowed motor bike, and just after a close to-collision, Chan-mi winds up covered in garbage.

Right here, like in so lots of of Su-heon’s scenes, we see that there’s a chivalrous and sort young man beneath the ruffled feathers and toughness: he aids her wash her shirt (self-consciously attempting not to appear via her wet shirt) and when that does not operate, provides her his college jacket to put on. And by that I imply tosses it to her and leaves.

And so, Chan-mi begins her very first day of investigation higher college in Su-heon’s jacket. Understandably, this creates really a buzz, and the students speculate that they’re dating. And, as drama fate would have it, the two wind up in the very same class.

But there’s even additional connection involving them, due to the fact Su-heon is slightly suspicious to Chan-mi. She has sleuthed the telephone quantity of her brother’s girlfriend, but when she calls the quantity, it is Su-heon that answers.

Chan-mi follows him about a bit, and they wind up at a hospital. Then — in a scene that needs suspension of disbelief on so lots of levels — she overhears his conversation with his medical doctor. Poor Su-heon cannot catch a freakin’ break. Not only does he have to take care of his mother, and struggle financially as an alternative of instruction as a boxer, but… he’s just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and offered six months to a year to reside. Hold up, drama, this is just also cruel!

As melodramatic and painful as this unique plot pill is — and as significantly as I hate it — I’m prepared to wait it out and see what the narrative goal is. Why do we require to have Su-heon in such a dire circumstance? Is not his tricky life adequate? We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. As it is, we finish with a wonderful cliffhanger about his character.

Chan-mi is in the nevertheless-cordoned-off classroom from which her brother fell, reliving the day of their contact. All of a sudden somebody seems in the area — gasp — it is Su-heon! He says he was pondering about the kid that died all of a sudden, and then admits, “I wasn’t close to him, but I saw him fall and known as the cops.”

And so the internet continues to spin for Chan-mi — and it is so cool due to the fact no a single knows the two had been siblings but (thanks to his adoptive name). She’s even additional suspicious of her surroundings (and Su-heon) now, but also, poor Su-heon is likely just reckoning with what’s ahead for him.

If you couldn’t inform, the drama packs a ton of plot improvement into its very first episode, and we’re not carried out but! There’s a single additional introduction to add to the mystery issue, and that is one more new(ish) student: SEOK JAE-BUM (Seo Ji-hoon). We see him welcomed back to the college and announced as repeating the college year. He’s been via some sort of ordeal and cannot don’t forget something — aish! — and so he’s a tiny suspicious lol. And but, he’s also strangely sympathetic, just like Su-heon. (Either that, or his Seasons of Blossom character is forever lodged in my thoughts.)

Outdoors of undertaking a wonderful job with its rapidly pace and succinct storytelling (the writer definitely knows what’s up), this drama is just excelling at tone. For instance, winter. It is clearly winter, they’re all clearly cold, and there’s just no other season that this story could exist in. Similarly, we see moments of warmth in our characters, but they’re all locked in the coldness, so to speak, of their troubles.

In addition, the drama utilizes all of its components to create suspense, and the general path is definitely wonderful. It has an unsettling and sad really feel to it general — hammered in by the superb music, cool palette, and the extended moments the drama lets our characters stare into the abyss and contemplate their battles. To all that globe-constructing, add the clues and the cautiously unfolding mystery, and I believe this drama could be definitely riveting straight via its 12-episode run.

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