Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Adore in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

At final, our contractual tale comes to an finish this week – but not with out the usual final minute tropes. They’re accompanied by laughter and a couple of sprinkles of tears, as every single of our characters come to a resolution of their arcs and plot their way to happily ever just after.


Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

In our finale, the supply of drama comes from the peanut-sized brain that is Hae-jin’s brother. Initial, he threatens to expose the Jamie Project to the public if the Eena Group’s chairman does not give him 20% of the company’s stocks. Then he sends some lazy males in black to break into Sang-eun’s home searching for proof, but in this day and age, who nevertheless keeps factors like that at house? Pfft. Honestly, if he place in this substantially dedication and work into his operate at Kangjin Group, he may possibly at least have created some decent achievements for himself.

The downside to all of this is that Gwang-nam begins to rethink his Canada move in order to remain behind and guard Sang-eun. Aish! Ji-ho, Hae-jin, and Mi-ho also want to guard Sang-eun, and you’d feel she’s a minor who cannot manage her company by herself the way they attempt to withhold information and facts from her — against her wishes — all in the name of protection.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Ji-ho even dangers his profession by attempting to weasel Mi-ho out of prison time in Operation Take Down Eena Group just for the reason that Sang-eun cares about the lady. Tsk. This is not the romantic or caring gesture he thinks it is, it is just really reckless — and unexpected also, for the reason that it is neither a judge nor a Ji-ho issue to be this biased.

Fortunately, in 1 of the smartest and most selfless moves Ji-eun has ever created, she lets Sang-eun in on Ji-ho’s plans, and Sang-eun shuts the complete issue down. Mi-ho currently plans to take duty for her actions, and she has created peace with the truth that she’s not probably to go scot-cost-free herself. And if Ji-ho will not listen to her request to remain away from the case, at least he will listen to Sang-eun when she tells him hands-off the matter.

But Sang-eun is also not in help of Mi-ho’s self-sacrificing plans for the reason that as it turns out, she has recognized for years that Mi-ho is her mother. As she begs her mother not to abandon her once again, Mi-ho breaks down. And I’m sorry, but her crying is just actually funny — each the visuals and the sounds lol.

Taking matters into her personal hands, Sang-eun waltzes into a board meeting at Kangjin Group as the Eena Group’s daughter, and exposes Hae-jin’s brother as the sleazy pervert he is. From the recording she plays, it turns out he not only created the moves on her at the arranged marriage meeting 13 years ago, but he also vowed to kick the rest of his loved ones out of the corporation. Of course, in the present, his father has him thrown out of the meeting and sent abroad on exile in the usual chaebol style. Fantastic riddance!

Regrettably, we are not carried out with the drama just however for the reason that they throw in a final minute noble idiocy trope from Sang-eun, and make my Ji-ho cry. *Cusses in alien languages.* Just when I believed we’d ultimately get a drama exactly where the lead couple does not break up at all, they had to manufacture this added contrived and unnecessary conflict which does absolutely nothing but make everyone miserable. Ugh!

The couple sooner or later gets back with each other just after Sang-eun returns to her fantastic senses, and wedding plans get underway. (Park Min-young is a beauty in wedding dresses!) But as it turns out, neither of them in fact desires a wedding ceremony — just after spending so substantially time fussing more than the information — they just assumed the other particular person wanted the wedding. Heh.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

But our couple are not the only ones chasing just after their happiness. Sang-eun draws parallels in between her connection with her mother and Hae-jin with his mum, in advising the mum to enable Hae-jin to reside the way he desires. Fortunately, his mum requires this to heart and ultimately stands up to his dad to release their son from the shackles of chaebol duty. As a result, Hae-jin returns to acting with a strategy of finding out directing as nicely, and he in fact appears happier.

As for Gwang-nam, his reluctance to debut as a singer in Korea stems from the worry of losing every little thing if his sexuality is outed like what occurred at his former job. His concern is valid, but so is Jung-hwan’s determination to debut him and remain by his side as a manager. Gwang-nam’s loved ones hasn’t totally accepted his sexuality however, but they reduce him some main slack just after hearing that he’s going to be a singer below Kang Hae-jin’s agency.

Hae-jin and Ji-eun go on a date which is not a date, but there’s some possibility right here, yunno. Mi-ho and Sang-eun now have a appropriate mother–daughter connection and Eena Group’s chairman decides to donate his assets and retire. And we’re supposed to just forgive them so quickly, proper? Anyway, there’s no finish to a rom-com with out the proposal — which Ji-ho characteristically does not even feel about till his colleagues bring it to his interest.

Sang-eun ends up carrying out the proposing in her usual flashy style, accompanied by Gwang-nam singing in the background. (He sings the primary OST of the drama, and I chuckled at the meta. Heh.) Ji-ho also has his personal far more intimate proposal planned for later on, and Sang-eun is only also content to say yes! They move in with each other celebrated by the persons they like, and this is such a beautiful note to finish the drama on.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

As substantially as I enjoyed the ride, I have to say this drama was absolutely nothing close to fantastic. It had some main flaws, from the writing which was kinda all more than the spot, to the genre which kept dancing in between the lines of rom-com and makjang. Like several a drama I have watched, there was a gap in between my initial expectations and the reality of what I sooner or later got.

Nonetheless, I remained really substantially willfully blinded to the faults of this drama till the finish, and possibly that is why I enjoyed it as substantially as I did. Far more than the plot itself, I was far more invested in the characters. In particular Ji-ho, who is arguably the most effective issue to come out of the drama, and created sitting by way of the show worth it.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Jung Ji-ho is a classic instance of the proper character meeting the proper actor, for the reason that although Ji-ho was lovable on his personal, Go Kyung-pyo created the character even far more charming and uncomplicated to root for. Ji-ho bewitched me and I gladly gave in to his enchantment for the reason that there had been a quantity of factors I’d overlook in other male leads, but I squealed anytime Ji-ho did them. Like dialogue delivery, for instance, as even the most mundane lines sounded really attractive coming out of his mouth. Heh.

Ji-ho came a lengthy way from his early days in the Timid Persons Anonymous, and it was actually intriguing to watch the slow evolution of his character. Though he nevertheless remained his slightly curt and reserved self, he grew out of the standoffishness and I like that his transformation from antisocial to social was not a total 180° adjust. A lot of his charm resides in his “interacting with persons (except Sang-eun) is stressful” nature, and a drastic adjust in that would have messed up his character.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Sang-eun was generally Park Min-young as we’ve noticed her in several a rom-com, and the character wasn’t that particular adequate to leave as substantially of an impression. She has spunk (and fantastic hair), I’ll give her that, but I liked her far more for the actress than the character herself.

As for Hae-jin, bless his heart, but the only eye-catching component about him was that he was played by Kim Jae-young. He didn’t even stand a likelihood as a worthy competitors, and they did him no favors by producing him come across as a whiny, annoying kid far more than half the time. But he ended up content with himself and his loved ones, so I guess all’s nicely that ends nicely.

Will I miss the drama? Honestly, not actually. Ji-ho just getting his remarkable self, and his interactions with Sang-eun, are likely the only factors I’ll miss about it. But did I have enjoyable each watching and weecaptaining the show? Abso-freaking-lutely! All round, it was an entertaining mess, and occasionally that is not such a poor issue.

Love in Contract: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

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