Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4


Curtain Get in touch with: Episodes three-four

Just after a lengthy week of waiting, our grandmother meets the man she believes is her grandson, and her household reacts to a new bird flying into their nest. We’re gradually studying a lot more about each and every character, which adds a lot of layers to our story.


Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4 Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

The massive moment ultimately occurred! Jae-heon meets Geum-quickly along with all of the grandchildren — who all really feel differently relating to the reunion. Just after moving inside, absolutely everyone sits down to speak and get to know Jae-heon and Yoon-hee. To clear the air for the grandchildren, Jae-heon prefaces by saying he and Yoon-hee are only going to remain till Geum-quickly passes as he is only there to be with her in her final moments. Se-yeon shocks the space when she delivers to let them remain and reside there devoid of obtaining discussed it with her siblings initially.

As Jae-heon and Yoon-hee meet all of the grandchildren and individuals in the home, we understand by way of flashback that Secretary Jung has currently provided them the rundown on the grandchildren and their personalities. He’s advised them on who may well assist them if they get in problems (Se-yeon), who to steer clear of (Se-gyu), and who to be cautious of (Se-joon).

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Offered how calculated Se-joon is, he is currently skeptical about Jae-heon provided the timing of his miraculous look. Approaching Secretary Jung, Se-joon expresses his concern with Jae-heon getting a fraud. Secretary Jung tells him that it is not his trouble to be concerned about.

Right here, we see a lot more of Se-joon’s story as he responds by saying that ever because he was a youngster, he felt like Geum-quickly was usually a lot more preoccupied with her North Korean household than the household she currently had in her presence. This is a terrific instance of how effectively the drama is drawing its characters — especially the grandchildren – and slowing peeling back the layers of their relationships with each and every other as effectively.

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Just after a lengthy initially day in their “roles,” Yoon-hee and Jae-heon settle into their suite and breath a sigh of relief. Secretary Jung joins them to inform them they did a excellent job, specially Jae-heon. His convincing and emotional functionality sold his authenticity to (virtually) absolutely everyone. We see that it was so efficient due to the fact he was pulling the feelings from the supposed reunification meeting to his personal memories of getting abandoned by his mother as a youngster.

Whilst Se-joon is suspicious of Jae-heon, Se-yeon sees him as an individual she can get close to — sooner or later hoping he will take her side in the battle with Se-joon more than the sale of the hotel. Even even though she has a purpose to get close to her new “cousin,” Se-yeon is so caring towards him, and seeing their informal language and comfortability with each and every other is pretty sweet (as is her insisting he calls her noona!)

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4 Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Se-yeon requires Jae-heon out for a day in Myeongdong in an try to give him a taste of South Korea. For lunch, the two grab fried chicken and as Se-yeon is about to take a bite, Jae-heon stops her and calls for some sauces to mix collectively as he desires Se-yeon to dip her chicken in the mixture. She tries it and is shocked as it tastes excellent. Jae-heon bluffs that this is a trend in the North and everyone eats their chicken like this.

Cutting to a previous tactic meeting amongst Jae-heon and Yoon-hee, they be concerned that they know practically nothing about life in the North. But, Yoon-hee shrewdly explains to Jae-heon that they technically just came from the North and they ought to use the lack of understanding the South has to their benefit: essentially, what ever they say, individuals will have to think. The dipping sauces had been the initially instance of this, but these bluffs will only carry their errors so far. Hopefully, the two do not go overboard with this…

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

The subsequent day, Se-yeon is attempting to function with a further business that owns adequate shares in Nakwon to possibly vote with her in favor of not promoting the hotel. She tends to make a telephone contact to the business, only to comprehend that it is Dong-je pulling the strings. She pays him a check out in a further try to push him out as he is working with his shares to powerful-arm her into marrying him. He even intervenes on a conversation amongst Se-yeon and Jae-heon just to let Jae-heon know he’s going to marry Se-yeon. An individual can not take no for an answer.

With regards to this connection, I am interested to see if Se-yeon wanted to strictly concentrate on the hotel so she left him, or if it has turned sour for a lot more motives than just that. Realizing dramas, I’m guessing it’ll be the latter. And is Dong-je nonetheless wanting to marry out of feelings for her, or is he just getting petty or possessive?

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Back property, Se-joon has plagued Se-gyu with the very same doubt in Jae-heon that he has, so Se-gyu requires it upon himself to search Jae-heon’s space. Receiving caught by Jae-heon in the method, Se-gyu plays it off and requires him out to a bar in the wee hours. At the bar, it appears like Se-gyu is attempting to bond with Jae-heon (even even though it is uncomplicated to see by way of his fake demeanor) till he brings up a DNA test. Each he and Se-joon want to use Jae-heon’s hair for a DNA test to clarify no matter whether he is the genuine grandson or not. Just to clear the air, you know.

Whilst Se-gyu reaches for Jae-heon’s hair, Jae-heon stands up and turns on the drama, lecturing Se-gyu for not trusting him. Se-gyu scrambles although a lady at the bar recognizes him. It turns out he’s on her undesirable side. She begins to fight with him and Jae-heon tries to split them up, but in undertaking so, gets stuck in the middle of it. The lady grabs each of them by their hair and we see later that Jae-heon requires this opportunity to pull out some of Se-gyu’s personal hair for the DNA test. Jae-heon’s speedy on his feet!

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Just after the test outcomes come back as a match, Se-joon reads more than them, shocked to see that Jae-heon is “actually” associated to them — despite the fact that I nonetheless consider he does not think it absolutely. He does not look like a single to give up this effortlessly, even with definitive proof staring appropriate at him.

Meanwhile, Secretary Jung visits the orphanage that he grew up in. As he talks to a single of the nuns, we understand that Jae-heon lived in the very same orphanage! The lady asks about Jae-heon and if Secretary Jung remembers him (which indicates he currently knew who he was?!). She also shares that Jae-heon landed a massive acting gig and donated dollars to them generously. (Secretary Jung mutters to himself when he sees how tiny of the complete quantity he in fact donated.)

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

Back at the hotel, Yoon-hee and Jae-heon inform Geum-quickly that they want to travel as they haven’t gotten to sight-see about South Korea however. She realizes that they have been stuck at and about the hotel so she offers them dollars and sends them off. They pretend to go off on getaway all vibrant-eyed and bushy-tailed, but they genuinely go property individually to their old lives for a breather.

Right here we understand a tiny a lot more about Yoon-hee. At property, we see that she has a poster of Jae-heon in her space. She holds a frustrated appear on her face although searching up at the poster. Her crush on Jae-heon is produced really apparent — to absolutely everyone but Jae-heon. He is either absolutely uninterested, or he is so caught up in anything about him that he fails to recognize her affection towards him. I can not consider this is a newfound crush for her.

Also, when Yoon-hee catches up with her mom, we understand that she’s operating on a case: the prospective sale of Nakwon Hotel and the battle for its future. This is just a further hint that there are a lot of holes in Yoon-hee and Jae-heon’s cover, and sooner or later their genuine and fake lives will collide…

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

We subsequent catch up with Jae-heon on “vacation” — he’s ogling more than his bank account as there’s a handful of a lot more digits than usual. He meets his pal, PARK NO-KWANG (cameo by Lee Yi-kyung), who performs at a luxury auto dealership. He boasts to No-kwang about his dollars and decides to splurge on a fancy auto and a evening out at a club, only to wake up the subsequent day and regret it. (He’s also almost caught on-scene by Se-gyu who is also partying there.)

That very same evening, Se-yeon wakes up randomly worried for her grandmother. Looking for her, she fails to uncover her in her space or anyplace else about the home. In the sink is the blood and tablets that Geum-quickly has coughed up. The episode closes with a distressed Se-yeon frantically looking all more than for Geum-quickly, who’s nowhere to be located.

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

This week was a blast! We’re gradually but certainly studying about each and every of the characters — despite the fact that, I’m left with a lot more queries this week about backstories and motivations. I like the dynamic amongst Jae-heon and all of the grandchildren and am searching forward to seeing how Jae-heon and Se-yeon’s connection develops especially. With regards to their future romance, I honestly have no notion how that will match into points provided the existing predicament, specially with the impending betrayal Se-yeon will knowledge.

Curtain Get in touch with does a terrific job of creating each and every of its character fascinating and layered — for instance, this week has brought Jae-heon’s backstory into concentrate a tiny a lot more, and I’m searching forward to seeing why he wanted to act, and Secretary Jung’s prior understanding of him. Also fascinating is the genuine Moon-sung, who we’ve only noticed in quick snippets so far. This week we saw him uncover an report about Geum-quickly and the hotel — so get prepared for the impending doom of his arrival! And then there’s Geum-quickly herself. She’s the trunk of this tree and absolutely everyone else is the branches. I do not even want to consider how points will go soon after she passes.

Curtain Call: Episodes 3-4

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