Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2


Behind Each and every Star: Episodes 1-two

But yet another adaptation has hit dramaland, and whilst I can’t say if this comedy lives up to its inspiration, it is off to a strong get started — with a lot of name dropping and huge name actors cameoing as fictional versions of themselves.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Any drama that starts with 1 of its major characters wearing a helmet with 1 of these tiny spinning propellers on prime promptly has my interest, and that is precisely the comical note on which our new drama begins. Set in the behind-the-scenes globe of talent management, it is fitting that Behind Each and every Star opens with KIM JOONG-DON (Seo Hyun-Woo) frantically driving his scooter — helmet propeller spinning wildly in the wind — to intercept a reporter on behalf of actress JO YEO-JUNG (as herself), who has been delayed at her horseback riding lessons.

Though Joong-don is just an agent, he should really win an award for acting — or at the incredibly least, lying — due to the fact he effectively stalls for time till his absent actress seems for her interview. The reporter is eager to hear about Yeo-jung’s most current casting rumor, and yes, she confirms, she’s up for the top part in Quentin Tarantino’s most current time-traveling-revenge-porn epic. Yeo-jung is all also content to gush about the project even even though the contract hasn’t been signed. So, of course, the gods of dramatic irony — which means Tarantino’s representatives — decide on that precise moment to text Joong-don that Tarantino is no longer interested in functioning with Yeo-jung due to the fact she’s “too old” for the (rewritten) aspect — ooof!

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Joong-don can not bring himself to relay the message to Yeo-jung, so he sits on the terrible news till WANG TAE-JA (Lee Hwang-eui), the president of System Entertainment (who is about to depart on an overseas getaway), asks for an update. When most of the agency’s workers react with somber quietness, 1 young employees member gets scolded for not reading the area and getting overly useful — which leads to her rage-quitting in the middle of the meeting.

Though the young woman’s boss, CHEON JE-IN (Kwak Sun-young), is place out at obtaining but yet another newbie quit on her, it turns out to be a serendipitous chance for SO HYUN-JOO (Joo Hyun-young), who is hunting to get started a profession as a manager. Obtaining currently attempted and failed to use her (mysterious) connection with DIRECTOR MA TAE-OH (Lee Seo-jin) to safe a spot on the System Entertainment employees, she volunteers as tribute when she overhears Je-in complaining that she demands a new fledgling manager on her group ASAP.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2 Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Hyun-joo is incredibly wet behind the ears and clearly has a lot to discover, even though, and on her very first day, she commits a monumental faux pas. She accidentally tells Yeo-jung that she did not get the part in the Tarantino film due to the fact of her age — oopsie! To be fair to Hyun-joo, even though, Joong-don had ample time to break the news to Yeo-jung himself, but he went out of his way to dodge her calls and hide below a desk when she unexpectedly dropped by the workplace to find her wayward manager. So following CHOI JIN-HYUK (Kim Tae-oh) casually spills the tea whilst providing Hyun-joo a tour of the swanky storage area complete of luxury goods, it is no wonder Hyun-joo believed the actress had currently been informed of her rejection.

Yeo-jung handles the scenario like a pro, but for the duration of the extended stroll she requires in order to course of action the terrible news, she stumbles upon Joong-don’s lunch “date” with KANG HEE-SUN (Hwang Se-on), the workplace secretary and a wannabe actress. Now that she’s cornered him, Yeo-jung plays dumb and backs Joong-don into a corner till he’s forced to admit that she didn’t get the aspect, but he fibs that Tarantino rewrote the script so that the lead character was male. She’s so upset by his lies she claims the trust is lost in between them — which is awfully hypocritical of her offered her exaggerated horseback riding capabilities — and she dumps him as her manager.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Meanwhile, back at System Entertainment, Je-in lives up to her reputation as a script-stealer and tasks Hyun-joo with sneaking into Tae-oh’s workplace to confirm he’s in possession of Kim Eun-hee’s coveted new script. Hyun-joo tries to charm and trick YOO EUN-SOO (Kim Gook-hee), the only other individual with access to Tae-oh’s e mail, into providing her his password so she can log in and see what scripts he possesses. Nonetheless, in the middle of assuring Eun-soo that she’s an exceptional secret-keeper, Joong-don storms into the workplace and demands to know who spilled the beans to Yeo-jung.

With Yeo-jung’s ties to the corporation up in the air, Tae-oh starts scheming behind the scenes, and following pulling some strings he’s in a position to land Yeo-jung the aspect in Tarantino’s film. There’s just 1 caveat: she will have to get plastic surgery to make herself seem young sufficient for the part. In order to convince Yeo-jung that she will not appear like an unnatural plastic alien following the process, he cons her with a fake image of his 50-a thing wife, claiming she appears so naturally youthful due to the fact of Botox injections. (That is some subsequent-level manipulation ideal there!) And now that Yeo-jung has agreed to group up with Tae-oh, he plans on branching out from System Entertainment to get started his personal management corporation.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2 Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

But the bond in between manager and actress is not effortlessly broken, so Joong-don tracks down Yeo-jung at the farm exactly where she’s been taking horse riding lessons (and nonetheless hasn’t sophisticated to sitting on an actual horse). Though he’s there to convince her to keep with him and System Entertainment, he also genuinely cares about her and chooses to assistance her choice and profession. So he follows her to her plastic surgery appointment, and waits outdoors for her to comprehensive the process.

As Yeo-jung sits with the physician and prepares to say goodbye to her existing face, she has second thoughts. She backs out of the surgery — considerably to Joong-don’s relief — and decides to age naturally and gracefully. When this indicates she will miss out on the Tarantino gig, she plans on sticking with System Entertainment — and Joong-don.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Amidst Yeo-jung’s defection threats, word got out that Hyun-joo was the 1 who told Yeo-jung she was rejected by Tarantino, so Je-in fired her. Underneath Hyun-joo’s timid nature, even though, is a scrappy person prepared to do what it requires to get the job completed, so in order to maintain her position, she sneaks into Tae-oh’s workplace and steals the script Je-in wanted to get her hands on. She survives to see yet another day at System Entertainment, but the similar can not be mentioned for the corporation president.

When President Hwang was on getaway, he died unexpectedly. Rumor has it that he kicked the bucket whilst undertaking the horizontal tango, but the truth is that he slipped and hit his head close to a pool. The tragic loss of their beloved leader sends the corporation into mourning — and survival mode. Tae-oh, who has abandoned his program to get started his personal corporation due to the fact he no longer has a star actress prepared to stick to him, commandeers the ship and unofficially methods into the part of leader — considerably to Je-in’s annoyance.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

1st on his harm handle job list is to reassign the actors President Hwang personally managed to new agents. LEE HEE-JOON (as himself) voluntarily partners up with Je-in, and he promptly puts her in an awkward position when he tells her that his grief is so overwhelming that he’d like to back out of his upcoming film project with Director BYUN YOUNG-JO (as herself). Je-in has to either locate a replacement or convince Hee-joon, who has retreated to a Buddhist temple to mourn in peace, that he should really resume his filming commitment.

Je-in laments her existing predicament more than drinks at Joong-don’s property, but the extended-time friends’ conversation is sidetracked when Je-in starts pondering her future and asks Joong-don to be the sperm donor for the infant she’s contemplating obtaining. The reality that the two of them have such a conversation is amusing all on its personal, but when a nicely-which means Joong-don tries to resolve Je-in’s difficulty by recasting Hee-joon with JIN SEON-GYU (as himself), she publicly renounces him as a contender for her platonic infant daddy.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

The dispute in between Je-in and Joong-don is mirrored in between their respective actors, who have a extended history of competing for the limelight and for getting the president’s favorites. When Je-in learns of their history, which dates back to their stage acting days, she tracks down Hee-joon at the temple and casually tells him that it is fine for him to drop out of the film due to the fact Seon-gyu is interested in the part. Of course, Hee-joon — as Je-in hoped — adjustments his tune.

Now everybody at System Entertainment is tasked with maintaining the two of them apart at President Hwang’s funeral till Je-in and Joong-don can sort out the casting fiasco. But, of course, the two actors locate out mid-funeral that they each think they have claimed the part. Cue: more than-the-prime kerfuffle in the middle of the funeral hall that carries more than to the smaller sized, far more intimate graveside service attended by important members of the System Entertainment employees.

Seon-gyu is very first up to speak at the private memorial, and he pours his grief into a song that expresses his feelings. Hee-joon, on the other hand, can not stand for him to have all the interest, and so the solo turns into a duet. At very first, the two males fight for mic supremacy, but by the finish of the song, they’re sharing the microphone and hugging every single other. Simultaneously, Je-in and Joong-don have the similar epiphany, and collectively they effectively convince Director Byun to alter the heterosexual romantic plot line of her film to a like story in between two males.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2 Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

When the majority of System Entertainment’s seasoned agents have been caught up in the drama in between Hee-joon and Seon-gyu and simultaneously contemplating purchasing the corporation shares their president left to his widow, Hyun-joo — bless her heart — continued to bumble her way by way of her new position at the corporation. But at least she created a new buddy out of novice actor GO EUN-GYUL (Shin Hyun-seung), who can not mimic a Busan accent to save his life, ideal? Incorrect! I completely believed we have been about to have a youthful like line in the performs, but ahead of my ship got to completely hoist its sails, it is tainted by the realization that Eun-gyul is Tae-oh’s son — and possibly Hyun-joo’s half-brother?

Hyun-joo’s connection to Tae-oh is nonetheless murky, but the show absolutely desires us to think he’s her father. I’m hoping — for the sake of my fledgling ship — that it is a misdirect, but Tae-oh was vehemently displeased to locate out Hyun-joo had befriended his son, believing it to be a calculated decision on her aspect. His excessive reaction indicates her mere existence is a threat to his peaceful household life, so it is tough to visualize that — in the wake of his tirade — Hyun-joo’s hurt feelings and whispered comment about “family” alluded to some sort of metaphorical familial connection.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

Though this drama is billed as a comedy, I didn’t locate it laugh-out-loud funny — but I do not see that as a terrible factor. The tone, pacing, and humor reminded me of Director Shin Won-ho’s dramas, and I can not tension sufficient how considerably I like his operate. So for me, this drama has the prospective to turn into a favourite, but — complete disclosure — as soon as once more I have zero expertise of any of the prior versions of this show to sway my opinion. From what I’ve study on the web, even though, the French Contact My Agent! is nicely-loved, so I’m confident — based on how this version goes — fans of the original may well disagree with me and drop it.

I also have to applaud how Episode 1 tackled the subject of age and plastic surgery inside the Hallyu (and by extension the film sector). Jo Yeo-jung’s story arc may possibly not have been as humorous as the feud in between Lee Hee-joon and Jin Seon-gyu, but that moment when she stared at her reflection and contemplated her choice to have operate completed on her face — chef’s kiss. I really feel like the drama did nicely to get in touch with interest to a hot button concern without the need of shoving it down our throats.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

That mentioned, there was 1 location of representation that I wasn’t wholly pleased with: the (presumably) gay character Jin-hyuk. I say “presumably” due to the fact they under no circumstances explicitly state his sexuality, but — and here’s aspect of my concern — he hits just about every stereotype of the effeminate gay man trope with the added flaw of getting annoyingly incompetent for the goal of LOLs. Like, come on, I’m supposed to think he does not know how to operate a telephone and accidentally answers a get in touch with twice whilst attempting to silence it? Even diehard iPhone customers are not going to make that error their very first time operating a Samsung cell telephone.

So whilst I want to award the show points for obtaining an LGBTQ character, I’m also annoyed that he wasn’t a far more likable, constructive portrayal. Perhaps this was a characterization from the original that just didn’t translate nicely? Or possibly I’m getting further crucial due to the fact presently airing Appreciate in Contract — which, let’s be true right here, hasn’t completed quite a few factors nicely — really did a fantastic job with its gay character. It is only the very first week of Behind Each and every Star, even though, so possibly Jin-hyuk will be handled differently as the story progresses. Perhaps they can get started by providing him a much less ridiculous hairstyle.

Behind Every Star: Episodes 1-2

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