Song Joong-ki and Shin Hyun-bin fight to take down Lee Sung-min in Reborn Rich

November eight, 2022

Song Joong-ki and Shin Hyun-bin fight to take down Lee Sung-min in Reborn Wealthy
by tccolb

New character posters and teasers have been released for JTBC’s upcoming fantasy-melo Reborn Wealthy, whose substantial cast is led by Song Joong-ki (Vincenzo), Lee Sung-min (Juvenile Justice), and Shin Hyun-bin (Monstrous).

Regardless of his faithful service as a private secretary to the Soonyang chaebol group, our hero Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki) is tragically forced to “take 1 for the team” with his death. But fate enables him a wild chance to take revenge by sending him back to the 1980s, reincarnated as Jin Do-joon – a youngster of the incredibly household that killed him.
The head of Soonyang is Jin Yang-chul (Lee Sung-min), who cherishes his business even a lot more than his household. Getting began out with absolutely nothing, he’s fiercely proud of his company’s good results and is ruthless about amassing a lot more wealth.
Having said that, Soonyang has a lot more than 1 foe and prosecutor Seo Min-young (Shin Hyun-bin) has her eyes on taking down the conglomerate as properly. Coming from a prestigious household who all perform in law, she is passionate about upholding duty and  justice.

In Min-young’s character teaser, we start with her vow to perform tough and take heed of any feedback to increase as a prosecutor. But it is not quick getting a lady in the workforce and she angrily rips down a poster advertising gender equality.
Even though Min-young is wary when Hyun-woo/Do-joon approaches her for enable, she’s subsequently disappointed when her colleague advises her not to go against Soonyang. Not letting them discourage her, the teaser then closes on her confident determination to stand by the law and continue her investigations.

Yang-chul’s teaser starts with a business celebration exactly where they unveil a new bust sculpture of their leader.
In his speech, Yang-chul proclaims that income suggests the planet to him and is even a lot more important than a life. With prideful glee, he shows off his vault to his grandson Hyun-woo/Do-joon prior to the household spends time collectively at the race track. The video then ends on Yang-chul’s simple explanation that “Businessmen make offers. So, how substantially need to I bill you?”

In the final teaser, we open on Hyun-woo introducing himself as “Jin Do-joon, grandson to Chairman Jin Yang-chul of the Soonyang group.” When asked about dating, he deflects saying that he’s also busy with college and then proceeds to share a fluttery moment with Min-young. Bypassing the line of succession, Hyun-woo/Do-joon then shocks Yang-chul with his bold declaration that he’s going to purchase Soonyang and grow to be its subsequent owner.
With PD Jung Dae-yoon (I’m Not a Robot) at the helm and scripts co-written by Kim Tae-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) and Jang Eun-jae, Reborn Wealthy premieres subsequent week on November 18 and is slotted to broadcast Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays on JTBC.

By way of JTBC
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