Script reading stills from JTBC

November 9, 2022November 9, 2022

Script reading stills from JTBC’s Understanding of Like
by solstices

JTBC’s upcoming drama Understanding of Like has just released stills from its script reading, supplying us our initially glimpse of our leads. The lives of our 4 major characters, every with vested interests of their personal, intersect fatefully at… a bank. Not the most most likely spot for swoonworthy moments, but the drama promises a realistic and grounded appear into the several perspectives of like.

Yoo Yeon-seok (Narco-Saints) headlines as Ha Sang-soo, the chief of KCU Bank’s Yeongpo branch. With 3 years of encounter beneath his belt, he’s steady as can be, accomplishing his tasks with consistency and competence. That is, till adjust comes knocking on his door in the type of an unexpected variable named like.
Alongside him is Moon Ga-young (Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill) in the part of Ahn Soo-young, a senior bank teller with 4 years of encounter. Her gentle disposition and pleasant smiles earn her a great deal recognition, but she does not have higher hopes for like, comparing romance to a sandcastle that could crumble at any moment.
In contrast, Geum Sae-rok (Youth of May possibly) stars as the optimistic deputy manager Park Mi-kyung, who’s vibrant and candid about her feelings. Although she hails from a wealthy household, she wishes to assert herself outdoors of her household background, pouring her all into every single activity she requires on and accomplishing the title of the youngest deputy manager at KCU Bank.
Fresh out of the military, Jung Ga-ram (Like Alarm two) returns as Jung Jong-hyun, a diligent but down-on-his-luck idealist who’s studying for the police civil service test. At present, he’s functioning as a safety personnel at KCU Bank, juggling like, debt, and dreams.
Primarily based on the novel of the exact same name by Lee Hyuk-jin, Understanding of Like is directed by Jo Young-min (Do You Like Brahms?) and written by Lee Seo-hyun and Lee Hyun-jung. Although a premiere date has not been set, it aims to air late this year.

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