Cheer Up: Episode 9


Cheer Up: Episode 9

Only one particular episode this week but it delivers all the pep and shine we’ve been missing. Our tight-knit group hits a misstep and nearly misses their debut stage but difficult-earned cheer abilities assist them pull by means of. To balance out all the light we get a small darkness as nicely, when the creepy culprit who’s been following our group lastly comes forward.


Cheer Up Episode 9

As we enter Episode 9 we uncover our favored cheer group in festival mode. They’ve been practicing their new routine for a month and excitement is in the air. Sadly, on the day of their debut, the group learns the show can not go on. Their dance song can not be played at the occasion due to a drunk driving scandal by the song’s creator. Even though it is a disappointment, the Freshman 5 uncover a backup song and modify their moves. With new lyrics and renewed verve, they aim to execute as planned.

As they get almost everything ready, Sun-ja puts on Jung-woo’s captain uniform, just to mess about, and rips a massive hole beneath the arm. When she learns the uniform is worth $five,000 — or the price of five,000 cream buns, as Hae-yi notes — she freaks out and tries to repair it just before Jung-woo finds out. With her shoddy sewing job, nonetheless, the jacket rips once again later although Jung-woo is wearing it on stage. In a rockstar move, he requires off the torn coat and tosses it in the crowd, leaving the newbies absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Cheer Up Episode 9

As the freshman are gearing up for the show, Yoo-min is on the mystery case. She learns that the culprit of each the falling stage light and the threatening messages is probably a member of the cheer squad. The individual texts her, telling her to meet at 4PM at the university’s observatory. Jung-woo says he’ll be on the lookout for any individual leaving at four but, in the finish, he decides to join Yoo-min in case there’s any difficulty.

As Yoo-min and Jung-woo wait in front of the observatory, a guy walks up and delivers a letter — supposedly on behalf of the texter — that reads: “What could Do Hae-yi be carrying out now?” Jung-woo and Yoo-min recognize that rather than a meeting, they’ve been led away from the group. They each run to uncover Hae-yi.

Cheer Up Episode 9

In that moment, Hae-yi is with her ex, who’s in the band, asking him to rearrange the overall performance song so the group can dance to it. When Jung-woo lastly locates her she can not inform him what she’s carrying out considering that the freshman haven’t told the captains but of their save-the-day strategy. Jung-woo, as an alternative of saying he’s worried, says he’s disappointed in Hae-yi’s lack of duty for the group. Why does she go off alone and not answer her telephone? Hae-yi does not say something, even although taking duty is precisely what she’s attempting to do.

When the newbies’ strategy gets authorized, all 5 of them get to execute in their stage uniforms collectively for the initially time. The new routine is enjoyable and higher-power and we lastly get to see it in complete. The festival is an all-day occasion but by evening, Jung-woo requires the mic in front of the packed stadium and tells the individual who is sending the texts to cease acting like a coward and come forward. It does not lead to quick outcomes, but at least they’ve lastly gone public with the issue.

Cheer Up Episode 9 Cheer Up Episode 9

In the middle of all the cheering and mystery solving, we nevertheless have our appreciate lines. Episode eight ended with Hae-yi and Sun-ho hugging on stage as Sun-ho cried. In this episode we study that somebody took a photo of that moment and posted it on-line, generating absolutely everyone in college consider the two are dating.

When the group finishes their overall performance, they bask in the glow of their accomplishment and stand with the crowd in the stadium. Min-jae appears at Sun-ja with a clear crush and Sun-ho officially confesses to Hae-yi. It is his initially time telling somebody he likes them, rather than just asking them out. He says it is scary, but he’s prepared to accept his initially unrequited loved.

We later study in the epilogue that Jung-woo also “confessed” to Hae-yi earlier in the day — but it was although she was sleeping in the practice space. As he’s walking away, she wakes up, pretends she wasn’t sleeping, and tells Jung-woo not to be weird about her. She did have feelings for him, but she understands he does not really feel that way, so he ought to just act typical. Jung-woo appears a small upset, and I wonder how extended this miscommunication can go on.

Cheer Up Episode 9

We lastly meet Jung-woo’s mom in this episode but it nevertheless does not shed a ton of light on his backstory but. His mom shows up at the university and is angry to study that he’s on the cheer squad — and captain no much less. She says she’s leaving but we later see that she truly stuck about to see Jung-woo execute. She murmurs to herself that the apple does not fall far from the tree, hinting at why she’s so angry about him cheering. (Man, I genuinely hope there is no crazy cause getting to do with cheerleading accidents to clarify why his dad’s not about.)

On the mom front, we get extremely small from Chun-yang and Jin-hee right here, but what we do get is valuable. Chun-yang and Jae-yi go to Yonhee to assistance Hae-yi’s major day, and mom and bro are exuberant fans (even if Jae-yi is yawning by the time the factor drags into evening). Jin-hee arrives alone to see Sun-ho execute and is just as proud. Each moms tear up at the sight of their little ones on stage.

Cheer Up Episode 9

When the festival is lastly more than, Jung-woo finds a message in the dressing space to come to the observatory — no date or time listed but he runs off anyway. In the dark. Alone. When he arrives he does not see any individual there. We see, standing on the observatory above Jung-woo’s head, the guy who delivered the letter to Yoo-min earlier — and he’s holding a knife.

We then see a montage of him executing all the misdeeds up to this point — the texting, the light falling, the spying, and so on. He’s one particular of the cheer group sunbaes from the prior year who attends all the group events, but we’ve only noticed him as element of a bigger group. Considering the fact that this is not a character we’ve met but, we’ll have to wait for the coming episodes to realize his motives.

Cheer Up Episode 9

It is been a although considering that we truly got to see the cheerleaders cheering so that was undoubtedly the highlight of this episode. It is so good to watch the group lastly functioning collectively. Now that they’re a smaller group, we get to see how person personalities play out in the group dynamic, permitting absolutely everyone to have their personal function rather than feeling like side characters.

The other highlight for me, even although it was smaller, was the moms getting in the stands to assistance their little ones. They looked entirely out of spot and so entirely proud. With only one particular episode this week it feels like a lot of facts is missing, but that is also all the far more cause to tune in subsequent week to see how items play out.

Cheer Up Episode 9

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