You can only pick one: Sports drama


You can only choose a single: Sports drama

You can only choose a single, and boy the stress is on. The DB group will answer a new prompt in every single post, and you are invited to do the exact same in the comments. Prepared to play?

You can only choose a single: sports drama

missvictrix: I’m a single of these viewers who does not care for sports, and swears she will not watch a sports drama. Then, I watch them and adore them. I consider my favourite, even though, would have to be Appreciate All Play. Certain it took a dive into its depressing middle and didn’t appear back, but I completely forgave the drama, due to the fact it was attempting to do deep points, and carry its characters by means of grief, guilt, and forgiveness. Add to this a story of teamwork, with badminton players that went from hateable to loveable, the squishy and great Chae Jong-hyeop who’s head more than heals for Park Joo-hyun (who’s so versatile and fantastic in every little thing), and I am sold. I’m even cheering for badminton players and caring about tournaments. I would even rewatch this a single, which is saying a lot.

DaebakGrits: Given that I lately gave Stove League as my answer for the Namgoong Min prompt, I’m going to give Racket Boys as my answer. I enjoyed the crap out of this tiny slice-of-life sports drama when it aired final year. So enjoyable! So youthful! And such a excellent overall performance by Tang Joon-sang and the other young actors! It is not possible to watch this story and not smile. Attempt it! I dare you!

solstices: Cheerleading is technically a sport, so I’d have to say Sassy Go Go! I do not ordinarily watch sports dramas (I’m terrible at sports, and therefore hardly ever have interest in them), but this drama was so earnest and complete of heart that I identified myself wholly invested in the team’s journey. I loved it from starting to finish — the loyal friendships, the witty banter, the cheerleading choreography, the grudging but genuine camaraderie, and the redemption arcs that had been totally earned. The two clubs may well have began out on fully opposite ends on the spectrum, but cheerleading brought them with each other, enabling them to see previous their prejudice and type a strong help method for a single an additional. I’m nonetheless mad that I can not rewatch it due to the fact I do not want to see that college violence assailant, but as a complete the drama nonetheless holds a specific spot in my heart. Can Lee Won-geun, Jung Eun-ji, Cha Hak-yeon, and Chae Soo-bin co-star in an additional drama once again, please?

Unit: Cheerleading is a sport, proper? Even even though its routines left a lot to be preferred, Sassy Go Go is nonetheless that a single drama that has my heart. I’m a sucker for stories that get started out with a reluctant set of people today coming with each other, and ending up becoming the most effective squad ever. But far more than the cheer routines, Sassy Go Go is a tale of higher college friendships, fights, creating up, gaining self self-assurance, standing up for oneself, cute crushes and 1st loves. And most importantly, Lee Won-geun and his attractive eye smile, which produced me a lifelong fan.

alathe: Stove League! Okay, so, confession time: what I know about sports you could scrawl onto the head of a pin with area to spare. In truth, I know so tiny that I spent the 1st episode of this show convinced that the title was Hot Stove “Leak” and was desperately looking for the metaphor. So, that is how you know this drama is definitely, amazingly excellent. It somehow got me to care about baseball. It is all down to a gorgeously written, deeply human ensemble cast, with flaws each bit as endearing as their enthusiasm and goodness. Namgoong Min and Park Eun-bin make for a delightful double-act — individually, they shine, but with each other they’re magnetic. Nonetheless, what actually produced the drama for me was how true and redeemable it tends to make its seeming villains. The characters of Kwon Kyung-min and Lim Dong-gyu are like a masterclass in how to create a satisfying redemption arc. By the finish of this show, you will be experiencing all the feelings for the whole cast of about fifty million characters, in addition to becoming in a position to spout reels of statistics concerning their baseball overall performance final season. This show is a single of utter joy for me, and I can not propose it sufficient.

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