Yoon Park answers Sooyoung

November 7, 2022November 7, 2022

Yoon Park answers Sooyoung’s fanmail in MBC’s Please Send a Fan Letter
by tccolb

The 1st teaser has dropped – as nicely as a vibrant new poster – for MBC’s upcoming Please Send a Fan Letter, featuring the rom-com’s 3 leads: Sooyoung (If You Want Upon Me), Yoon Park (Forecasting Enjoy and Climate), and kid actor Shin Yeon-woo.

When his daughter Yoo-na (Shin Yeon-woo) falls critically ill, single-dad Bang Jung-seok (Yoon Park) is determined to hold her spirits up and care for her the very best that he can – even if it implies telling some white lies. Hence, starts the fan mail project: writing a fake letter and pretending that star celeb Han Kang-hee (Sooyoung) wrote back in response to young Yoo-na’s fan letter.
As these items go in dramaland, Jung-seok and Kang-hee truly know every other from their higher college days and we get a peek at their 1st encounter post-higher college in the newest teaser.

The video starts with Kang-hee greeting her fans and the press, introducing herself as a prime actor in South Korea. We then reduce to the breaking news, citing difficulty on Kang-hee’s final drama and announcing the most current scandal: “Fanletters thrown in the trash?” As Kang-hee screams that it wasn’t her, the short article reports on her agency’s formal apology – assuring the public that they’re investigating CCTV footage and that it was most likely a error that will not ever take place once more.
Kang-hee tries her very best to stay clear of the angry crowds, but she’s accosted by an unknown man – who is promptly overtaken by our dad-in-shining-armor Jung-seok. Kang-hee and Jung-seok are shocked to see every other, and one more news short article cuts into scene. With a subheading claiming that a young girl with leukemia received a letter from Kang-hee, the principal headline reads: “Life’s greatest danger becomes an chance.”
The young girl in query, of course, is Yoo-na and she presents the letter in a reside-stream interview – which Kang-hee watches in confusion. If Kang-hee didn’t create the letter, who did and why? Though a shocked Jung-seok asks Yoo-na what’s taking place, Kang-hee goes to the hospital to uncover out for herself. The teaser then closes on our OTP meeting every other once more.
Written by Park Tae-yang with PD Jung Sang-hee (Showtime Starts) at the helm, the four-episode drama has moved up its premiere date to November 18, following Golden Spoon.

By means of MBC (1), (two)
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