The Golden Spoon: Episodes 13-14


The Golden Spoon: Episodes 13-14

The cat is out of the bag, and our leads scramble to get their stories straight though the persons about them reel from the revelations. No excellent deed goes unpunished, and no spoon swap does, either.




Our spoon boys are forcibly swapped back by the whims of the universe, which naturally sets forth a new wave of chaos. Some excellent issues do come out of it — Tae-yong ultimately finds the courage to stand up to CEO Hwang, and it is clear his time as “Seung-cheon” has permitted him to mature into a superior particular person.

At a board meeting filled with elitist snobs, Tae-yong puts them in their location by declaring that the enterprise does not belong to him or the executives, but the popular citizens protesting outdoors. It is a sharp contrast to Seung-cheon, who sneers to his buddies that fickle shareholders do not personal any rights to the enterprise.


Speaking about Seung-cheon, he goes residence to a birthday spread that is extravagant by the Lee family’s requirements, painstakingly ready by Mom. Except his birthday want (which only we are privy to) is to return to becoming “Tae-yong.” Effectively, there goes any shred of sympathy I had left for Seung-cheon, ideal out the window.

Yeo-jin catches on fairly immediately to the truth that “Tae-yong” is now, effectively, Tae-yong, and she promptly starts formulating plans to get her favourite puppet Seung-cheon back. Meanwhile, Joo-hee has also discovered about the swap, getting overheard 1 of Yeo-jin’s pretty loud telephone conversations.


In order to confirm her suspicions, Joo-hee requires Seung-cheon on a drive to the beach and mentions prior travel plans. Seung-cheon plays along, considering that Tae-yong need to have mentioned these issues — except Joo-hee produced it all up, so he’s just revealed that he’s back in his original location.

Sincerely, Joo-hee tells Seung-cheon that his background and status might be vital, but what matters most is his character. She signifies to reassure Seung-cheon that she nonetheless likes him, but he reacts by harshly rebuffing her, ashamed that he abandoned her and his family members.


Rather of calling him out for his abrasive behavior, or reproaching him for leaving her alone on the beach till the sun’s almost setting, she hugs him when he ultimately returns and confesses that she missed him. In response, Seung-cheon kisses her.

Okay, I get that Joo-hee is sort-hearted and all, but she’s starting to come off as a bit of a doormat. Plus, it feels somewhat abrupt and unbelievable that she accepted this fantastical premise so conveniently, considering the fact that she spent more than a decade becoming unaware of the swap. I do not know about you, but I’m not definitely feeling this romance.


In any case, the pair are now blissfully in enjoy, snuggling up to every other and sharing kisses. A single of which, of course, has to be witnessed by Yeo-jin, considering the fact that this show loves its drama. Hurt that Seung-cheon loves a girl that is not her, Yeo-jin impulsively requires revenge by treating Dad to a meal — with Seung-cheon’s golden spoon, of course.

The story is outlandish even to a manhwa author’s ears, but the seed of doubt requires root in Dad’s heart, and he ultimately caves and eats with the spoon. All of Seung-cheon’s spoon-associated memories flash by way of his thoughts, and by the finish, he’s wracked with guilt towards his true son.

“The “The

At this point, the T in Tae-yong stands for trauma, which resurfaces once more this week. A bottle of spilled wine evokes an image of CEO Na’s blood staining the floor, and with that comes a barrage of memories.

Not only does Tae-yong bear in mind that Joon-tae was the accurate college shooter (phew, he ultimately knows!), but he also recalls vital facts from the evening of CEO Na’s death. Following arguing with CEO Na, Tae-yong had stormed out of the property, then returned to locate him dead. He’d collapsed from the traumatic shock, and who should really method to verify up on him but CEO Hwang himself.


Speaking about CEO Hwang, we ultimately discover extra about our poor papa. He wasn’t constantly Hwang Hyun-do — turns out he utilized a golden spoon also, way back in the previous. Back then, his name was Kwon Yo-han, Hyun-do’s extra capable business enterprise companion. He had smarted at how Hyun-do looked down on him and disregarded his assistance, except he’s now turn into the pretty particular person he as soon as despised. Actually and figuratively.

Case in point: bear in mind when CEO Hwang coerced Joon-tae to turn himself in? As usual, CEO Hwang was just treating persons like his pawns. He’d threatened Joon-tae with proof of his shooting spree in the States, forcing him to falsely confess to CEO Na’s murder. Following which, he’d double-crossed him, leaving him to rot in jail rather of generating excellent on his guarantee to get him released.


By now, I’m fairly confident the guidelines of the golden spoon could fill up an complete web page and then some, but there’s 1 extra to add. As usual, the spoon grandma didn’t give us the complete story — and our spoon boys locate out initially-hand. The clock ticks twelve midnight, marking the finish of their birthday, and all of a sudden they’ve swapped once more. Oh, so you are telling me all that fuss was for a short-term 24-hour switch???

On 1 hand, I’m relieved that they’re back in their swapped locations (mainly because swapped Tae-yong is an absolute gem), but on the other hand, I’m frustrated that the drama keeps undercutting its personal stakes. The planet-developing does not really feel constant mainly because new guidelines preserve acquiring added in on a whim to suit the plot’s requirements, which just feels awfully easy rather of becoming compelling.


Anyway, back to the story. Dad’s nonetheless reeling from the revelation that “Seung-cheon” is not the son he as soon as knew, but that does not cease him from loving him all the similar. Getting noticed all his memories, Dad’s moved by Tae-yong’s sincere declaration to Seung-cheon that he chooses Mom and Dad more than all the funds the spoon could offer you, and he resolves to cherish Tae-yong like his personal son.

In addition, Dad might be hurt that Seung-cheon chose to leave his family members behind, but he has a huge heart, and he cannot remain mad at his son. He asks Seung-cheon out for a humble dinner, wanting to share 1 final meal collectively prior to he lets go of his true son for excellent. Handing his son a poem that Seung-cheon as soon as wrote as a kid, about all the tiny issues in life that persons can get pleasure from for cost-free, Dad reminds “Tae-yong” to constantly bear in mind the warm heart Seung-cheon had.


Of course, in this show, no excellent issues can final. Seung-cheon gets a get in touch with from Joon-tae, and when he measures out to answer it, he gets attacked by a beer bottle to the back of the head. Furious that CEO Hwang betrayed him, Joon-tae’s escaped from prison, and he’s thirsty for revenge. He pulls a switchblade on Seung-cheon, but Dad intervenes and requires the knife for his son.

Bleeding out, Dad weakly calls Seung-cheon’s name, apologizing for not recognizing him all this though. He reassures Seung-cheon that he’ll constantly enjoy him no matter what his name is, and that he’ll constantly be his son. And with that, Dad dies in his son’s arms.


Whyyyyyyyy. The excellent-natured Lee family members are 1 of the finest components of this show, and I’m heartbroken that we’ve just lost 1 of the kindest characters. Dad will absolutely be dearly missed, along with his unconditional enjoy for his family members and his resilience in staying accurate to his values.

Mom had a fantastic moment this episode, when she stood up for her husband right after CEO Hwang demeaned him with that artist toolkit. I enjoy that she was simultaneously empathetic towards Stepmom’s discomfort, but also drew the line and refused to continue delivering side dishes to a family members that belittles their challenging function and character on the sole basis of their poverty.


I’m dreading the aftermath subsequent week, when the rest of the Lee family members locate out about Dad’s tragic passing. Dad just wanted the finest for each his sons, constantly going the additional mile to treat them to what ever smaller luxuries he could afford. It is telling that he utilized the pocket funds Mom gave him to invest in Tae-yong a new suit, only for Tae-yong to notice that Dad’s nonetheless wearing the similar old tattered garments.

Seung-cheon also noticed the run-down state of the Lee property, complete of reused and rickety furnishings, but at this point it feels like also tiny, also late. Nonetheless, I’m glad that our spoon boys are each on the similar web page at lengthy final, and that they’re ultimately operating collectively to sort out their identity crises.


It appears like the drama is attempting to lead towards Seung-cheon returning to his location, as per Joo-hee’s wishes, but I’m honestly not also keen on that outcome. As extra birth secrets come to light, I’m hoping that the identified households will win out more than blood ties. Tae-yong deserves a family members that loves him for who he is, not who they want him to be.

Nonetheless, I cannot fault Tae-yong for becoming curious about his birth mother, and I just hope that the revelation of CEO Hwang’s swap will push Tae-yong into leaving that abusive household and joining the warm Lee family members. (Hey, a girl can dream!) I’m expecting Dad’s death to be the catalyst that ultimately shakes up Seung-cheon’s greedy resolve, and as we enter the finale week, I’m bracing myself for a lot extra turmoil.


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