Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Gaus manages to retain issues fresh and unexpected, providing us a fantastic conclusion to our promoting team’s story. Absolutely everyone gets a likelihood to shine, and though they’re as ridiculous as ever, our characters have grown considering that we initially met them. Every day life could not generally be fascinating, but as our Gaus group learns, who you share it with tends to make all the distinction.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

It is time for everyone’s secrets to come to light, and I was not ready for all of them. We get some fantastic twists in the final week, highlighting what I’ve enjoyed so substantially about this drama. There’s generally a thing unexpected (and hilariously absurd) about the corner.

We ended final week with Sang-shik and Na-rae bodily shielding the monitor so no one particular (else) can see them generating out in the workplace. But the couple generating out on screen is not them – it is Wa-wa and Hyung-mi. Turns out they’ve been secretly dating for a though. They’re such an unlikely couple, the cool, chic Hyung-mi and the goofy Wa-wa. Absolutely everyone is stunned and can barely stomach their now open lovey-dovey behavior. Hyung-mi’s stoic aegyo is my new favored point.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Then, we have Senior Manager Wi and his spying on Director Choi. He records an incriminating telephone get in touch with amongst her and Chairman Baek, and just as he enthusiastically celebrates in his workplace, Na-rae pops out from below his desk. Now that she’s heard every thing, she gets roped into Senior Manager Wi’s scheming to catch Director Choi red handed.

And that puts Na-rae in a quandary due to the fact he tasks her with maintaining Sang-shik off Ma-tan’s project and assigning him a new project. He’s betting on Sang-shik’s carelessness, wanting him to leak their new telephone model for publicity.

Na-rae is beginning to really feel actually guilty for getting the prior ringleader Sang-shik’s anti-fan club. Seeing every person treat him as an idiot gets to her, so she tends to make it her mission to make him seem extra trustworthy. This includes a makeover so he appears extra qualified and coaching him in how to appear extra significant. Her efforts backfire considering that it tends to make Sang-shik really feel like she does not think in him and finds him embarrassing.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Regardless of every thing, they’re not capable to oust Director Choi. She manages to one particular up them and turn the scenario about by means of a double-double-cross. By way of leaking Ma-tan’s project to Energy, she got them to devote tons of dollars on building a copy, though Director Choi by no means spent a dime on generating the item at Gaus. With Energy in the hole, Director Choi’s win gets Gaus’s chairman on her side.

Then, there’s Ma-tan who cannot quit considering about Kang-mi and is determined to attempt to win her more than, in spite of currently getting rejected. When she tells him her best kind is unattainable drama leads, Ma-tan enlists Aziz’s assistance considering that he apparently has a wealth of K-drama know-how.

Aziz tends to make him memorize iconic drama lines that he can use about Kang-mi, and it is wonderful. Ma-tan requires each chance at operate to whip out an overdramatic romantic line that is completely inappropriate for the scenario. Kang-mi cannot take it any longer and lays out all the motives Ma-tan would make a poor romantic companion. It is harsh, and Ma-tan appears like a kicked puppy, but it was possibly important to make him comprehend how substantially he has to understand.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Much more pressingly for Ma-tan, his secret identity has lastly been found. Amazingly, it is Sang-shik who puts it all collectively following he sees a photo of Ma-tan’s mother. Sang-shik encourages him to be sincere with the group. That coupled with Kang-mi’s declaration that guys with secrets make her uncomfortable tends to make Ma-tan make a decision to come clean to every person.

No one particular believes him till Kang-mi puts collectively a presentation, full with Ma-tan’s household photo. HA. Now that they know Ma-tan is a chaebol heir, every person begins sucking up to him, hoping he’ll take them to Energy with him.

Except Ma-tan tends to make the surprising selection to remain at Gaus, mainly due to the fact his father gets caught embezzling. With that, Ma-tan is back to getting the powerless group maknae operating errands for his sunbaes.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

And for the most effectively-kept secret of all, there’s Advertising and marketing Group 3’s NA MU-MYUNG (Jo Jung-ji). Out of nowhere, he begins narrating in these final episodes, and we understand he’s been on the group from the get started. He’s the one particular who produced Sang-shik’s video public.

I didn’t recall ever seeing him, but he’s been in the opening credits all along. Properly played, Gaus. Breaking the fourth wall, Mu-myung – whose name signifies “I have no name” – requires us by means of all the scenes exactly where we missed him. Poor Mu-myung is so invisible to his coworkers that Sang-shik is the only one particular who appears to ever notice he’s in the space. But that tends to make Mu-myung privy to all their secrets, like he’s the Gaus Gossip Girl he even keeps a record of all the workplace romances in a notebook.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Meanwhile, Sang-shik and Na-rae have yet another hurdle to pass. Sang-shik desires to be a person each he and Na-rae can be proud of, so he decides to take an chance to go to Gaus’s India branch. Na-rae tries to be supportive, but they’re each driving Aziz crazy with their Romeo-and-Juliet dramatics.

They’re ready to say their goodbyes when Senior Manager Wi breaks the news that, when the firm heard Sang-shik was the only applicant for the part, they shut the system down. LOL. So Sang-shik is right here to remain.
Mun-hak, nevertheless, wins a net novel contest and decides to quit (just before un-quitting later). In a bold move, Na-rae announces at the farewell celebration that she and Sang-shik are dating… to no one’s surprise. Ma-tan collects dollars for the bet they all had going more than when they’d make it public. Apparently, even Advertising and marketing Group three is not obtuse adequate to be fooled by Na-rae and Sang-shik’s terrible acting.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

While it proved unnecessary, I adore that Na-rae was the one particular to make their connection public. Offered how condescending and derisive she was to Sang-shik in the previous, she necessary to do a thing to show him she is not embarrassed by him or their connection.

We finish with our group living out their boring workplace days collectively. Proud workplace couple Na-rae and Sang-shik say goodbye to Mu-myung, who is no longer invisible to the group. Sang-shik narrates that as extended as you have a person by your side, it does not matter what you are undertaking.

Then comes the wonderful epilogue. Absolutely everyone is introduced to the new recruit, and It is AZIZ!! The group now feels full. Sang-shik moved in with Na-rae, so Aziz now lives with Ma-tan. Exacting revenge for getting the residence maknae, Ma-tan forces Aziz to get in touch with him sunbae at operate. HA. We definitely finish with Sang-shik recording the group undertaking the Gaus Electronics song (from the teasers) for his channel.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

What a enjoyable ride! Pretty couple of comedy dramas have produced me laugh out loud that frequently. I loved the antics, the wacky characters – Aziz and Ma-tan by no means failed to entertain me – and all the workplace absurdity. Not only was it funny from get started to finish, but Gaus did a fantastic job of throwing in some curveballs as well. From the get started, I loved the part reversal of Sang-shik and Na-rae exactly where she got the common male lead beats and character traits. Then there’s the Candy/Cinderella setup for Kang-mi that didn’t go the common route considering that she refused to date a man-youngster, and Ma-tan chose to climb down the social ladder.

General, I was pleasantly shocked by this tiny drama that was at turns each hilarious and poignant, capturing the banality, frustrations, joys, and camaraderie of workplace life. The initially couple of episodes have been a bit shaky for me, but following that, Gaus totally won me more than. Now I have to have a second season that is all about Aziz’s unlikely journey as he masterminds his way into taking more than Gaus Electronics.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


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