The First Responders come to the rescue in new teaser

November six, 2022November six, 2022

The Very first Responders come to the rescue in new teaser
by Jenzy

Save a life or catch the negative guy? In the most recent teaser for SBS’s upcoming action drama The Very first Responders, we see what it appears like when neighborhood heroes want to make higher-stakes choices below stress.

The drama does this by seeking at the dynamics amongst 3 very first responders in various fields. From the police force, we have the hotheaded Jin Ho-gae, played by Kim Rae-won (LUCA: The Starting). He’ll quit at absolutely nothing to catch criminals, which puts him at odds with his equally determined colleagues at the fire division: firefighter Bong Do-jin, played by Sohn Ho-joon (Was It Like?), and paramedic Song Seol, played by Gong Seung-yeon (Bulgalsal: Immortal Souls). Because the two are in the enterprise of saving lives more than nabbing baddies, they’ll butt heads with Ho-gae as the 3 of them navigate the most effective course of action in emergency scenarios.

The teaser offers us a clear impression of this trio’s dynamic as they all respond to a Code kidnapping alert. Even though Do-jin and Seol drive more than to the place in a blaring ambulance and police escort, Ho-gae speeds alone on his motorcycle and cuts them off, yelling at them to turn off their siren as to not tip off the kidnapper.
We see additional of Ho-gae’s single-track mindedness as he argues with a firefighter and says in voiceover, “Look, I do not care. You firefighters can take care of the victims. I’m catching the perpetrator.”
We’re then provided a fast-fire montage of very first responders functioning to get into the developing and place out the fire, and we finish with a scene of Ho-gae browsing for the kidnapper in space, unaware that they are suitable behind him.
Written by Min Ji-eun (Investigation Couple) and directed by PD Shin Kyung-soo (Nokdu Flower), The Very first Responders will air on SBS premiering on November 12.

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