Manga Review: No Longer Heroine Vol 1. (2022) by Momoko Koda

&#8220Enter: Hatori Matsuzaki, the heroine of this adore story. And her hero? Rita Terasaka, an infamous hottie with a (hidden) heart of gold. Certain, he may be a notorious playboy, but she’s got nothing at all to be concerned about—after all, he’s under no circumstances significant about any of his paramours. In addition to, she knows him greater, has been by his side longer, and loves him so significantly far more than anybody else possibly could. Okay, so she may not be dating him just this second, but what’s the rush when destiny is on her side…right?&#8221 (Yen Press)

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Everyone desires to be the hero of their personal story, and several types of media cater to that want with romance manga getting a genre with pretty much full certainty in promoting that fantasy. Even so, Momoko Koda requires a slightly unique method to the formula with her protagonist realizing that she may possibly, in truth, be a side character in a further girl&amprsquors adore story. Consequently, we see Hatori Matsuzaki witness fellow student Adachi snag the heart of her &lsquodestined&amprsquor lover Rita Terasaka in a common shoujo style.

A competent romance manga desires far more than a gimmick to make an influence on its readership. Fortunately, the 1st volume of “No Longer Heroine” proves Momoka Koda is capable to present her tale of unanswered adore with humor, charm, and humility that tends to make the perform instantaneously endearing. The moments of self-reflection, in unique, by the author written in between chapters, location each Hatori and Adachi as representations of the mangaka’s personal uncertainty about how to method romance. Adachi, who is the ‘ideal shy girlfriend’, remains purposely underexplored to frustrate Hatori, even though Hatori is so outspoken in her want for Rita and their picturesque ‘manga-worthy’ romance. These opposing personas combined with purposefully maintaining particular components vague perform wonderfully to resonate with these who have had their personal struggles with locating adore.

The other aspect of the story which operates effectively is the light comedy of Momoko Koda who plays with prevalent tropes but, far more notably, breaks the third wall to land the finest moments of humor. For instance, Hatori from time to time sees herself as the villain of the book in the kind of more than-exaggerated attributes that show when she is getting petty or imply to Adachi. This incorporates a moment exactly where she catches the cartoonish kind in the mirror for a short moment, which to her when she is essentially playing the part of an antagonist. These moments bring about her to shift her character back in a desperate bid to keep the hero of her personal book and are completely comedically timed as effectively as help in pushing the story forward in entertaining strategies.

The art in &#8220No Longer Heroine&#8221 is slightly underwhelming for a romance title, lacking these picturesque photos that capture the beauty of falling in adore. Even so, the book&amprsquors method tends to make this significantly less of an concern than far more classic shoujo, especially when Momoko Koda&amprsquors comedic timing by way of more than-the-prime expressions or reactions is so effectively executed. Would the book advantage from a far more refined visual style? Absolutely, but the lack does not hinder the enjoyment of the release.

For a 1st-volume release, &#8220No Longer Heroine&#8221 has a lot to give to romance fans with its slightly exceptional take on the genre and a sharp comedic wit, born out of the mangaka&amprsquors personal frustrations with locating adore. Whether or not this momentum will continue into subsequent volumes is complicated to say, but it is undoubtedly a powerful start out and a promising prospect for romance fans seeking for one thing a bit unique.



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