Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

The time has come to uncover the complete truth, mete out justice, and bring the case to a close so our characters can attempt to move on with their lives. But “justice” is not often clearly defined, and motives can not often justify the indicates.


Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final) Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Sung-joon requires some time to procedure his newly restored memories, piecing with each other all the instances Sung-hoon “helped” with his investigation. Now that assist just appears like interference.

We’re so utilised to seeing Sung-joon’s angry outbursts that it is just about scary how quietly he simmers as he confronts Yoon-jae. He deduces that Yoon-jae’s fears of becoming betrayed imply Sung-hoon is his accomplice, and by the way Yoon-jae’s face hardens, he’s proper.

But Sung-joon can not bring himself to outright confront Sung-hoon promptly. Alternatively, he tends to make it clear to Sung-hoon that he knows and privately advises Eun-ki to move out ASAP.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Meanwhile, Bae PD meets with Sung-joon’s mother and Ki-nam at a fancy restaurant, exactly where they bribe him to bury the Hope Welfare story once again. He requires the bribe and hands more than his footage, and is murdered in an alley on the way house.

Even though investigating the murder, Sung-joon finds a hidden camera in the restaurant that caught the complete exchange. The camera was planted there by Sung-hoon, who orchestrated the rendezvous to back his mother and Ki-nam into a corner. Having said that, although Sung-joon does not locate out till later, Ki-nam was the one particular who ordered the hit on Bae PD.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

And that is a fairly excellent summation of the truth behind the Joker Killer case: Sung-hoon was the mastermind of it all, but although his plans didn’t initially involve murder, particularly of innocents, murder was the outcome. Initially, Sung-hoon planned to punish every single offender according to their crimes against the Hope Welfare young children, and then Yoon-jae added his personal flair. Take Tae-ho for instance: Sung-hoon wanted him to be rescued, but Yoon-jae moved his place to make it additional challenging — or as he stated, additional exciting.

Nonetheless, even if Sung-hoon didn’t want innocent people today to die, he did in the end give Yoon-jae the go-ahead on several murders, only reining him in when he took items “too far.” Assisting restore Sung-joon’s memories — thereby jeopardizing The Program — is apparently beyond also far. Sung-hoon visits Yoon-jae a final time to declare him a lost bring about.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final) Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Then he moves on to his subsequent target: his and Sung-joon’s father. Instantly upon Hope Welfare’s shutdown, Sung-hoon submitted a petition to the judge who is now his adoptive father, begging him to punish their tormentors. Which, of course, in no way occurred. That would be negative adequate, but the judge was also amongst the males who participated in the sexual exploitation of Yoon-jung and the other Hope Welfare girls.

Sung-hoon has Sung-joon listen more than the telephone though he confronts their father about it. Their father is not remorseful, preferring to retain his and his wife’s reputations intact. By the time Sung-joon arrives on the scene, he has to tackle their father to retain him from shooting Sung-hoon with a rifle.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Right after handcuffing their father, Sung-joon turns to Sung-hoon. When Sung-hoon confirms that Sung-joon was in no way additional than a pawn to him, all of Sung-joon’s pent-up rage comes bursting out. He punches Sung-hoon in the face more than and more than, and then collapses beside him.

Eun-ki visits Sung-hoon as he awaits his trial, devastated by his involvement with Yoo-na’s killer. She tells him sternly that no matter what he suffered, he has no proper to opt for who lives and who dies, intending to show him it is achievable to realize justice without having harming other folks. To that finish, she organizes an exhibition of artwork by the Hope Welfare victims to inform their story. Sung-joon, meanwhile, throws himself into arresting these involved in Hope Welfare.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Now abandoned, Yoon-jae goes hunting for Moon-kang in prison. They each have makeshift weapons ready, and kill every single other in one particular final showdown. Each Sung-hoon and Charles try suicide upon hearing the news, but only Sung-hoon is identified in time to be saved.

When he’s sufficiently recovered, he requests a jury trial. He’s represented by a further former Hope Welfare victim, now an lawyer, who reached out to Eun-ki on seeing her exhibition. (That identical man goes on to assist Eun-ki file a lawsuit on behalf of the surviving Hope Welfare victims.)

At the trial, Sung-hoon’s defense is his personal story. He describes the terrible items performed to him and the other folks, specifically the heartbreak of obtaining Yoon-jung’s physique, which was the catalyst for his revenge plot. When Sung-joon is named to the witness stand, he confirms how lots of people today died from Sung-hoon’s revenge and describes how Sung-hoon manipulated him with false memories. He adds pointedly that it is all-natural to want your abusers to spend — but a lot of people today achieve that without having resorting to murder.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final) Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Sung-hoon’s closing comments are a further confession: he asked for a jury not to plead innocence, but to inform his story to the globe. Searching Sung-joon straight in the eye, he apologizes sincerely for every thing. He’s sentenced to prison for life.

Sung-joon visits Sung-hoon immediately after the sentencing, but sits staring at him till their time is up. Ultimately, just as Sung-hoon stands to go, Sung-joon delivers a smaller but heartfelt want for him to escape the previous. The prison hallway is not all that unique from Hope Welfare, but at the finish, Sung-hoon pushes open the gate with his personal hands and walks by way of.

Later, Sung-joon watches Eun-ki function with a young sports group at her center. He photos the Hope Welfare children in their spot, questioning how their lives may possibly have turned out differently if they’d had a person like Eun-ki to stand up for them.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

I knew Sung-hoon’s betrayal would crush Sung-joon, but it nonetheless broke my heart the way Sung-joon looked at him with so substantially discomfort. I believed the mixture of compassion for Sung-hoon’s suffering and condemnation of how he took it out on undeserving people today like Sung-joon was actually properly performed, each in the storytelling and in Taecyeon’s acting (and Eun-ji’s as properly).

Like Sung-joon, I identified myself wrestling with how to respond to Sung-hoon becoming the ultimate mastermind. I wanted him to be mainly innocent — for all the actually terrible items to have been solely Yoon-jae’s performing — and portion of me nonetheless does not think his claim that he in no way cared about Sung-joon at all. But overlooking his crimes is not in contrast to providing people today involved in Hope Welfare a pass simply because they have been sort and loving to their personal young children at house.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

I was a tiny afraid to say this ahead of it was more than (I didn’t want to jinx it!), but Blind has earned a spot amongst my leading K-dramas for the year, and possibly my leading thrillers of all time. It in no way lost sight of the story it was telling, and I’m not left with any lingering queries or complaints. Rather, I sort of want to re-watch the complete factor with complete viewpoint.

And though I enjoy a heart-pounding finale, I’m glad Blind chose to invest this time on closure alternatively of final-minute twists or contrived drama. It emphasizes Eun-ki’s point that justice and healing are achieved by way of patient, persistent work — not climactic face-offs.

Blind: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

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