Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10


Poor Prosecutor: Episodes 9-ten

In the penultimate week of our drama, our negative prosecutor ultimately gets answers to the quite a few queries he had about the incredibly initially really serious case he handled. And as he investigates additional, he sees just how deep corruption is rooted in the justice technique.


Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

At the heels of the altercation in between Jung and Secretary Tae, each of them finish up fainting, the latter soon after getting choked to close to-death and the former soon after getting drugged with an unknown substance. Just just before he faints, our negative prosecutor calls his trusty assistant Chul-gi to choose him up and arrest Secretary Tae.

Whilst in a meeting with Do-hwan, Chairman Seo gets the news that his secretary has been arrested, but it does not faze him substantially. Rather, he provides extra consideration to what Do-hwan is supplying: the footage of his son getting involved in the initially murder. On the surface, Chairman Seo rejects it, but he does ask if Do-hwan is a great driver… an implication that he could possibly just replace Secretary Tae’s position.

At the prosecution workplace, Jung interrogates Secretary Tae, but she only has a handful of words to say. And it is just in time for her lawyer to arrive: Do-hwan. Regrettably, he’s not truly there to save her. Do-hwan is leaning extra towards the business enterprise of maintaining her locked up. She’s been discarded! On the orders of the almighty Chairman Seo, of course.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Moving on to other matters, Jung and his crew settle at the Civil Affairs Division workplace to see what the all-significant MP3 player consists of. A skeptical Joong-do claims that in films, plugging in items like this commonly ends in an explosion. But the rest of the crew knows that, as well. In reality, they’re currently hiding behind a wall although supplying Joong-do up as a sacrifice, LOL.

Effectively, no explosions occur. But they are not truly in a position to open 1 of the significant-searching files due to the intense safety surrounding it. So rather, the crew turns to retracing the MP3 player’s history and refocus on investigation of the incredibly initially murder case that led them on this goose chase.

Elsewhere, Jae-kyung visits the resting spot of an old buddy, who coincidentally is also Jung’s father! “I have a headache simply because of your son,” he chuckles.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Searching into the social media profiles of the victim PARK YE-YOUNG, Ah-ra notices that she’s been seeing yet another man just before Deputy Chief Lee. To discover the identity of this mysterious ex-boyfriend, they track down their old buddy, the hostess bar owner YOO JIN-CHEOL, who has been place to function at a salt pond.

Just after suffering so substantially at the salt ponds, Jin-cheol is ecstatic to see Jung and Chul-gi. But it is as well early to celebrate, simply because he ends up getting buried in salt at the hands of his saviors, who are in search of information and facts. Jin-cheol has discovered his lesson, so he spills the beans speedy. Although he does not know substantially, he does give Jung a clue: Ye-young asked to be introduced as a hostess to Deputy Chief Lee, which means she had the intention to method him from the starting, in all probability on the guidelines of her ex-boyfriend.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Chairman Seo, getting driven about by his shiny, new assistant Do-hwan, visits Tae-ho in the detention center. Tae-ho demands to be let out, even threatening him with all the information and facts he knows. But Chairman Seo refuses, reminding him that what occurred to Tae-ho’s buddy (i.e. Jae-kyung) can also occur to his family members.

Searching once again into the initially murder suspect of Ye-young, Jung and Ah-ra head to his house, an old basement unit, and discover a hidden stash of funds inside amounting to two million dollars. They figure that the suspect was paid to confess and serve the sentence.

Just after threatening to burn the funds, Jung is in a position to pull the truth out of the suspect. Apparently, when he was merely there to provide products, he witnessed the fight in between the victim and a man and the subsequent murder. He was provided a hefty quantity of funds in exchange for confessing he was the murderer.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Jung visits Jae-kyung for a drink — and to surrender the MP3 player. He reveals that he does bear in mind Jae-kyung as his father’s buddy and as the individual who inspired him to be a prosecutor. This tends to make Jae-kyung smile and prompts him to ultimately share the truth with Jung.

Apparently, Jae-kyung and Chairman Seo go way back, and not in a great way. They had been on opposing sides of a case, exactly where only Jae-kyung could recognize that Chairman Seo manipulated the case in such a way that a stand-in suspect went to jail although his client went scot-totally free. He began searching into Kangsan Law Firm, but Deputy Chief Lee place a quit to it and shoved him into the Civil Affairs Division.

Jae-kyung also received a contact from a reporter, Jung’s father, who allegedly gathered challenging proof against Chairman Seo and place them in an MP3 player. Just after the accident that killed the reporter, Jae-kyung believed it was lost, but he got it from Deputy Chief Lee. He just does not know how it ended up there but hints that Tae-ho could possibly know.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

In the middle of their conversation, somebody rings the doorbell: it is Chairman Seo! He implies that anything could possibly occur to Jung’s mother, so our negative prosecutor runs off to verify on her. Jung finds his mother just in time to see a Truck of Doom practically barrel into her (a scenario incredibly comparable to his father’s “accident”), but Mom is in a position to move back just in time. Phew!

Whilst his mother is secure for now, an angry Jung confronts Do-hwan to get the dashcam footage from the evening of the murder that caught the genuine culprit. To Jung’s surprise, Do-hwan hands it more than simply. “He crossed the line,” Do-hwan says, referring to Ji-han, who just completed hitting him and placing him down. This guy truly adjustments sides promptly! At least, it appears he ended up on the great side in the finish.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Reviewing the footage, Jung figures out that the genuine culprit of the murder is Ji-han, so they get proper into investigating him. To confirm that he’s the man with the fidget spinner in the dashcam footage, Eun-ji and Joong-do adhere to him into a tennis court. There, upon Joong-do’s suggestion to “flirt,” Eun-ji is forced to pull out some aegyo faces to distract Ji-han. LOL, she’s so embarrassed! So she ends up punching the fire alarm for the ultimate distraction. That is extra like her, haha.

Jung and his crew also confirm Ji-han’s records at a hospital exactly where he got his hand treated on the evening of the murder. And soon after checking the CCTV footage in the hospital, Ah-ra problems a warrant of arrest.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Whilst waiting for the outcomes of the arrest, Jung listens to the music on the MP3 player at a park. The songs inside are apparently ones he and his father employed to listen to when he was younger. Jae-kyung arrives, warning him off the fight against Chairman Seo. But Jung just says that Jae-kyung must either let him fight or leave anything to him. Stubborn Jung, as constantly.

Regrettably, Chairman Seo is also rapid to act, placing a quit to the arrest just before something occurs. Jung goes to confront the judge, but rather he finds Chairman Seo there. The chairman’s self-assurance in his energy and skills is by means of the roof, even telling Jung: “I’m the 1 who tends to make the list [of powerful people in this country].”

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

It appears Jung and his crew are back to square 1. But they’re shocked when Ah-ra gets a contact that confirms the problem of an arrest warrant. OMG?! Apparently, in a uncommon moment of cooperation, Tae-ho and Jae-kyung are in a position to convince (study: blackmail) the judge into issuing the warrant. And it appears Tae-ho has extra challenging proof against the chairman…

On the day of the arrest, just just before Jung’s arrival, Chairman Seo tells Ji-han to merely go to prison, promising that no father will abandon their son. As Ji-han is taken away, Jung promises Chairman Seo that he’ll be arrested subsequent.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Jung’s subsequent step is to figure out the password of the file on the MP3 player. Just after calling his mom for some tips, he tries their birthdays — to no avail. But the password turns out to be connected to his father’s motorcycle, lol.

Jung and Jae-kyung watch the footage inside the locked file. It is a video of Chairman Seo attempting to make an underhanded deal with two males. Just after failing to convince 1 of them, the chairman axes him to death. Oh god. Shocked, Jung’s father behind the camera moves and ends up creating noise, attracting the consideration of Chairman Seo and forcing him to run away. This is why Jung’s father got into an “accident” with a Truck of Doom, is not it?

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

Just after seeing the footage, Jae-kyung becomes all the extra determined to get Jung off the case. Jae-kyung says he cannot bear to drop anybody any longer, such as Jung. But our negative prosecutor has the similar thoughts: he does not want to drop anybody else, such as Jae-kyung, so they must function collectively to safeguard every single other. Awww. But this sounds ominous.

It appears that Jae-kyung has surrendered to Jung’s demands to function collectively, so Jung is in a position to leave for his mom’s birthday. He even gets to serenade his mother. (Yay, D.O. singing!)

Regrettably, back at the workplace, Jae-kyung calls Chairman Seo, claiming he has the MP3 player he desires. So in the middle of the mini celebration, Jung gets some negative news: Jae-kyung is identified dead in their workplace. Noooooo!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10 Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

I know most of us had been expecting Jae-kyung’s death, but it is nevertheless heartbreaking to basically be confirmed proper. Most specially soon after he and Jung just got their appropriate reunion, and you know, admitted they care for 1 yet another. Jung just got a father figure once again! Why, Show, why? For Jung’s motivation, I suppose, but… Sigh.

A further issue that caught my consideration is the subplot of the feud in between Do-hwan and Ji-han, which appears a tiny late in the series, but I do hope it gets a firm closure subsequent week. It is funny seeing Do-hwan on the other side of the spectrum soon after getting defeated so quite a few occasions by Jung and simpering to so quite a few bosses. When he’s not on the losing finish, he’s fairly cocky, even though self-assurance does appear great on Ha Joon. It was also hinted at that Do-hwan has a rather unfortunate background, and it appears a waste to have not explored that, provided how substantially extra fascinating that would’ve created him. But I guess it is simply because he’s not the principal character and there’s only so substantially they can cram into a 12-episode series.

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

It is also fascinating how Ah-ra, who employed to drop her thoughts more than Jung’s significantly less-than-legal strategies, is not even batting an eye soon after so substantially illegal procurement of proof (e.g. the hospital information hack). I guess that is what occurs when 1 gets jaded soon after getting betrayed by the individual you appear up to.

I’m glad we got a lot of queries answered this week. The prior episodes had a lot of loose ends that the show seemed to have forgotten more than the weeks, but we basically came back to most of it this week. Who the culprit of the initially murder is. Why the girl was murdered. What the connections in between all the heroes and villains are. What proof the MP3 player consists of. There could possibly nevertheless be a couple extra loose ends in the case, but it appears most of them will be neatly tied up just before the series ends. Please do not disappoint on the final week, Show!

Bad Prosecutor: Episodes 9-10

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