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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what produced you want to throw your remote via the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: A single Dollar Lawyer

Curtain Contact: Oh, I seriously liked this! Granted I was predisposed to like it for a myriad of causes, but I seriously liked how they handled what was seriously a huge quantity of scene-setting and character introductions — it came off as very properly-executed to me. We may well not know every little thing, but we’ve discovered a lot about our most important siblings’ position in their loved ones, and the stage is set and prepared to go for our actor to arrive. Tangential although he was, I especially liked the introduction of Kwon Sang-woo’s character. Way to inform us fundamentally every little thing we will need to know about him in two scenes, and raise our interest for additional. I could go on, but as an alternative I’ll just say how considerably I’m seeking forward to additional of this drama, and seeing how the order is disturbed with our grandson and his wife hitting the scene.



At the moment covering: Behind Each and every Star

Alchemy of Souls: Welp, I binged the rest of Alchemy of Souls, and now I’m more than right here twiddling my thumbs though I wait for additional episodes to air. That ending was such a cruel way to leave us hanging, but on the vibrant side, we do not have to wait extended!



At the moment covering: The Golden Spoon

Seasons of Blossom: What a heartfelt finish to a beautifully heartrending show. The moment Ha-min reappeared for that final moment of reconciliation and closure, I began sobbing and just couldn’t quit. The lines in that scene have been so poetic, becoming each hopeful and heartbreaking in their sincerity. Ha-min’s absence has been so palpable the final handful of episodes, and I appreciate the directorial selection of maintaining him off the screen so that we really feel So-mang’s loss as keenly as she did. This drama reinforced why I appreciate Seo Ji-hoon and So Ju-yeon so considerably — their compelling portrayals tugged on my heartstrings numerous instances. I believed the show ended on a fitting note, in line with how sensitive and respectful it is been in handling such a heavy subject. We can not adjust the previous, but we can be grateful for what it is provided us, bid it a sincere goodbye, and continue walking forward.

Transit Appreciate two: And it is more than! I couldn’t be additional proud of Hae-eun — her arc has been so empowering, and it was amazing to watch her blossom into a additional radiant and confident version of herself. It will have to have taken a lot of courage to take that initial step forward, away from the previous, which tends to make me admire her even additional for her resilience. She’s ultimately picking out happiness, which suggests placing herself initial at extended final, and I want her all the joy and warmth she deserves. Also, shoutout to Hyun-gyu for that Fullmetal Alchemist pickup line, LOL — I appreciate that Na-eon basically took his suggestions and went via with it, completely amusing Tae-i! This season shone mainly because of how deeply the cast bonded, and I discovered their friendships the most compelling and heartwarming element of the show.

Daddy in Wonderland: I caught the Welcome Daehakro on the net stream of this musical, and it was an enjoyable watch! Alice in Wonderland is one particular of my preferred tales, and I loved how it was incorporated into the story. The musical numbers sung by the Wonderland characters have been so quirky and dreamlike, nicely juxtaposing them against the sober reality that Joo-young and Byung-sam have been facing. Their father-daughter journey to reconciliation and healing brought me to tears many instances the emotional beats resonated deeply, and there have been many lines and lyrics that touched my heart.



At the moment covering: Appreciate in Contract, May perhaps I Aid You

Mental Coach Jegal: I’m nevertheless salty about the addition of the really unnecessary appreciate line at the finish, and even Coach Oh ultimately receiving his comeuppance didn’t do considerably to cheer me up. But I seriously enjoyed the scenes of the athletes in the Olympics village, and the No Medal Club friendship. These have been my preferred components of the drama.
PS: Mu-gyeol deserved improved.

Curtain Contact: When they left the North and moved to the present day storyline, a element of me mentally checked out. I spent this initial week’s episodes matching faces I recognized from Crash Landing of You, and becoming tempted to rewatch Kings two Hearts for additional of Ha Ji-won’s Northern accent. Plot smart, it does not seriously do considerably for me and perhaps it is mainly because I haven’t emotionally connected to the drama but.

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