Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14


Adore in Contract: Episodes 13-14

The plot thickens in our penultimate week with the revelation of some secrets we didn’t even know existed. And for some of our characters, it is time for them to step out of their comfort zone and adhere to the top of their hearts.


Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

*Inhales deeply and exhales gradually.* Ji-ho actually went to save this Mi-ho lady and fractured his arm on the pavement in the approach! But at least he didn’t essentially get hit by the truck, so there will be no rioting. As an alternative, we get lots of cute moments among Sang-eun and Ji-ho in the hospital soon after she scolds him for not taking permission from her ahead of obtaining hurt.

Ji-ho’s colleagues also come to pay a visit to, and his boss is the most upset of them all. “How dare they hurt one particular of mine?” he seethes. Do you hear that, you miserable Truck of Doom? Lol. It is actually sweet how he tells Ji-ho not to thoughts the gossip going on about him at operate mainly because they think in him and the sincerity he shows towards his wife. But his boss will not be the boss if he does not threaten to kill Ji-ho if he ever gets hurt once again. Heh.

Ji-ho himself does not program on relieving the expertise. Not with Sang-eun wanting to nurse him back to well being with her cooking. He is certainly horrified by the believed of cleaning up soon after her, and Gwang-nam can relate. So Gwang-nam comes up with a win-win remedy: he temporarily moves into Ji-ho’s apartment — which is great for him mainly because he gets a break from stuffy Mi-ho. And by providing up his space for Ji-ho, Sang-eun gets to devote time with her boyfriend on her turf.

By the way, I feel this is one particular of the really handful of dramas I’ve observed exactly where a residence has spare rooms. Typically, this trope forces couples to share a space from the get go, and it leaves me to wonder if most K-drama characters reside in single bedroom apartments. But then once again, it wouldn’t be a drama if Sang-eun does not locate a way to sneak out of her space and finish up making use of Ji-ho’s one particular great arm as a pillow. Heh.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

For somebody who spent quite a few years as a loner, Ji-ho has actually won with Sang-eun and the individuals at operate who have his back. It is just additional proof that in some cases, identified households are improved than these with blood ties. Heck, each and every single blood relation in this drama sucks, from Ji-ho and his aunt’s household to Gwang-nam and his sisters. And when Sang-eun and the Eena group are not blood associated, they are nonetheless a “family” and their connection sucks as well.

But the award for suckiest household goes to the Kangjin group, who as a entire are a lot more worried about losing grasp of the Eena group than the reality that their youngest son is going via the heartbreak of his life. Hae-jin’s brother and dumb choices are very best of good friends, but going behind everybody’s back in an try to arrange a marriage of his personal with Sang-eun? Come on! I’m glad his father slapped the thought out of his head. Actually!

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

I genuinely felt undesirable for Hae-jin this week, mainly because he does not deserve the sort of household he has. And I liked that he sincerely apologized to Sang-eun for dragging her into his mess. Hae-jin has lastly offered up on a romance among himself and Sang-eun, and with Ji-ho returning the alimony to Ji-eun, she has also boarded the providing up train with regards to Ji-ho.

But saying goodbye to the one particular you like hurts, and in his most lonely moment, Hae-jin gets some a lot necessary comfort from the unlikeliest of all sources: Jamie the cat! It was such a bittersweet moment to witness, and I do not feel something else could have broken his defenses and led him to pour out these tears he’d been holding inside.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

There’s nothing at all like a great crying session and the need to defend a loved one particular to awaken a sleeping giant. As a result, Hae-jin formally announces that he’s retiring as a celebrity and taking up his part as a chaebol son. And it is so satisfying to watch his brother flip out on hearing the news. Heh. Hae-jin is coming for the complete Kangjin group, and his brothers had improved be shaking in their boots.

By the way, chaebol Hae-jin appears actually great as he’s lastly identified garments in his size! And as his wardrobe improves, so does his self-assurance. But I want this profession switch choice to be a lot more of what he desires for himself than a signifies to defend Sang-eun.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

Although digging into Eena group as aspect of his Operation Guard Sang-eun, Ji-ho discovers the most twisted of all plot twists: Mi-ho is Sang-eun’s birth mother! Now, that is some thing I did not see coming. Apparently, she abandoned Sang-eun at birth and returned to choose her at the orphanage for the Jamie Project. Pfft. What did I say earlier on about blood households in this drama?

To additional complicate items, Mi-ho had a connection with Eena group’s chairman ahead of Sang-eun was born, and from all indications, Sang-eun may well be his biological daughter. It can not get any a lot more makjang than this! And now it tends to make sense as to why Mi-ho is fighting for Sang-eun’s spot in Eena group.

Ji-ho is conflicted about his discovery as Mi-ho does not want to admit to becoming Sang-eun’s mother — to her, she’d rather be punished for her actions by under no circumstances becoming acknowledged as a mother by Sang-eun. Give me a break ma’am! She is so ridiculous if she thinks this is punishment adequate. And I’m sorry, but I actually do not invest in this sudden surge of motherhood affection.

But like Ji-ho’s colleague mentioned, it is only victims of such instances that can identify if what they felt was abuse or like. And Sang-eun leans a lot more towards the like side. As a lot as she (claims to) hates Mi-ho, the lady raised her, and Sang-eun does not want to file charges or punish her. Okay, girl, I hear you.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

Sang-eun is as well busy studying to clean up soon after herself and pondering of a new profession path to press charges anyway. Plus, thanks to Ji-ho’s push, Mi-ho lastly apologizes to her, and Sang-eun accepts the apology. I have an uneasy feeling about the entire issue, and I know this plot line is far from becoming resolved. But with a week left in the show, how a lot a lot more makjang can the story go?

For now, I opt for to concentrate on happier items like Ji-ho admitting to Sang-eun that he wanted to cancel their contract soon after the initially dinner with each other out of worry that he was rushing items. But then he wanted one particular a lot more dinner, and then a different, till 5 entire years passed. Cute. But what’s cuter is Ji-ho mustering all his final nerves for a, “Could you keep with me tonight?” And you bet she can! Specially soon after all that sex-ed and ideas she’s discovered from Gwang-nam. Heh. These besties are a bunch of clowns, and this aspect was one particular of the highlights of the week.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

Speaking of which, location Canada appears to be in the functions once again for Gwang-nam, who desires to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer. (By the way, he’s got a actually good voice.) I actually want him to travel for actual this time. And when I’m kinda sad mainly because I’ll miss him, I’m pleased that he’s taking actions towards his happiness, and detaching himself from Sang-eun to be independent.

Sang-eun has a quantity of items going on for her suitable now. Meanwhile, for the longest time Gwang-nam has been stuck in a stagnant spot. Fortunately, becoming Hae-jin’s bodyguard turned out to be one particular of the very best items that occurred to him as it gave him the push he necessary to discover the possibility of a life outdoors of his comfort zone. Gwang-nam has stayed as well extended in everybody else’s shadow, and now that he’s set to spread his wings and fly, I’ll be rooting for him each and every step of the way.

Love in Contract: Episodes 13-14

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