Film Review: A Public Cemetery for Wol-Ha (1967) by Kwon Cheol-hwi

Attempting to get a improved life, geisha Wol-ha (Gang Mi-ae) requires a job functioning for Kim Han-su (Park Nou-sik), a wealthy businessman hunting to begin a family members, just after he’s let out of prison. When her actions and at some point just her presence aggravates his mother Jonanju (Do Kum-bong) and her servant Kang (Jeong Ae-ran) they at some point plot to kill her and her son. When the plot proves prosperous and they handle to pull off their devious strategy, the two are unprepared to face the wrath of the girls’ vengeful and malevolent ghost who sets out on a torrented path of revenge on these she feels accountable for her death.

Frequently, &#8220A Public Cemetery of Wol-Ha&#8221 has rather a lot to like about it. 1 of the strongest components right here is writer Cheol-hwi&amprsquors story which weaves collectively a slew of impressive strands collectively. These varying strands all come to kind the explanation for her ghostly rampage. Becoming constructed as a down-on-her-luck particular person with a genuinely earnest streak about her, Wol-ha is just a particular person of poor circumstance forced into a position against her will. Becoming a geisha as a final resort till Han-su is freed so they can begin their partnership and that there&amprsquors a ton of unwarranted animosity present in the household brings about a fantastic deal of sympathy for her. With the life she believed she wanted but obtaining it ruined by other individuals upset more than her profession, the eventual poisoning and murder of each her and her infant son at their hands becomes a main focal point of the film that tends to make the ghostly revenge come off genuinely earned and cathartic.

The other enjoyable element in &#8220Wol-ha&#8221 is the eventual catharsis discovered in the final half. This is exactly where her ghostly kind arrives and sets out on a path of cruel and vicious revenge on Jonaju and Kang. As their strategy requires shape and they effectively poison Wol-ha, the short bits right here focusing on how they get away with it by maintaining the brother hostage and torturing him offers a brutal sequence in the middle of all the things to be rather efficient all round. When that at some point provides way to the ghost displaying up and setting about tormenting every single of them individually, this has all the hallmarks of grand Gothic horror showcase pieces using eerie lighting, fast cuts, and zooms to great impact. The courtyard encounter and the scene out in the woods exactly where she requires revenge on these in the household offer some chilling moments right here, and with the finale setting up a fine resolution that brings all the things collectively provides this a lot to like.

There are some massive troubles with &#8220Public Cemetery&#8221 that bring this 1 down significantly. The primary drawback is the close to-total lack of any type of ghost action. This is due to the primary concentrate of the 1st-hour creating up the motivation for Wol-ha to turn into the ghost. As a outcome, this entire section of the film is rife with bland melodrama rather than genre components that would spark much more interest. Filled with back-stabbing, double-crosses, illicit affairs getting brought to light, and conspirators generating plans in the cover of the evening all turn into rather popular occurrences in this section of the film which doesn&amprsquort have the very best track record to retain interest. Viewers expecting much more of a simple ghost film could be turned off at the reveal of the ghost not even dying till more than an hour in so this dramatic strategy could be a turn-off just as a great deal as an intriguing aspect. As properly, the film is bookended with unnecessary narration that does not want to be there and delivers no new insight, leaving its inclusion pointless whilst also dragging the film down.

A very efficient if somewhat dull genre work, “A Public Cemetery in Wol-ha” has rather a lot to like whilst the melodrama-infused setup can be a supply of aggravation for some that do not appreciate these things. Viewers who do take pleasure in the drama-heavy strategy or just appreciate the old-college Asian horror style will be the ones who take pleasure in this 1 the most.



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