Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2


Curtain Contact: Episodes 1-two

What a premiere! KBS’s Curtain Contact introduces us to a distraught and melancholic grandmother, strained family members ties, and a partnership quickly to be formed on a lie. Appropriate at the center of it all is the Nakwon Hotel — so pack your bags and book a area, mainly because these subsequent many weeks are going to be a ride.


Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2 Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

As our drama opens, we’re introduced to JA GEUM-Quickly (played in her youth in a double function by Ha Ji-won) as she and her husband (similarly played by our top man Kang Haneul) are fleeing from North Korea through the Korean War. As the ships strategy, Geum-quickly and her husband, holding their infant, rush to board as the desperate mass of persons pile up.

Just after pushing their way by way of the crowd and climbing aboard the ship, a woman’s kid falls back down into the water. Geum-soon’s husband heroically aids the kid reconnect with his mother, but as a outcome is unable to get back to Geum-quickly as the weight of the ropes snaps. Geum-quickly reaches out to her husband and kid as they fall back down onto the North Korean soil and the ship pulls away. This complete segment was certainly gorgeous to watch — heartbreaking and poignant.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

Present day, we’re re-introduced to an older Geum-quickly (now played by Go Du-shim) as she has a panic attack, calling out for her lengthy-lost son through a CT scan. It is revealed that she has cancer and only has 3 months to reside (thanks Ahn Nae-sang cameo). Throughout her lifetime in South Korea, she has constructed up a conglomerate referred to as Nakwon (which signifies “paradise”), and the newly opened hotel is revered as the highest ranked hotel chain in South Korea.

Geum-soon’s help, SECRETARY JUNG SANG-CHEOL (Sung Dong-il) realizes that Geum-soon’s dearest want ahead of she passes is to see her lost grandson once more. Back in 2002, we see a flashback of Geum-quickly reunited with her son and grandson for the very first time. Her son (cameo by Kim Young-min) recounts how his father was faithful to her till his final breath, and although he appears to have a tough time reconciling this meeting, his small boy RI MOON-SUNG is adorable and loving. Even though grandmother and grandson make plans to meet once more, they’re thwarted and we later study her son died.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2 Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

In an work to obtain the missing grandson these twenty years later, Secretary Jung hires an investigator to search for him — only for them to obtain out that he has grow to be wrapped up in a criminal syndicate, trafficking drugs to and from China and North Korea. We see present-day Moon-sung (Noh Sang-hyun) in action, and study he’s also a contract killer who quickly commits other heinous acts.

Secretary Jung understands that Geum-quickly would be crushed to obtain out who her grandson has grown to be, so in browsing, he comes across struggling stage actor YOO JAE-HEON (Kang Haneul). In his existing play, Jae-heon’s function is a North Korean soldier who has been stranded in South Korea. He is a gifted actor, but is nowhere close to fulfilled exactly where he is presently at. We see him scrambling at this aspect-time jobs just to make ends meet, and attending casting calls, hoping for a major break.

Throughout Jae-heon’s functionality, Secretary Jung requires note of how fantastic his North Korean accent is, and believes that he may well just be a fantastic sufficient actor to play the aspect of Geum-soon’s lengthy-lost grandson. He pitches his offer you to Jae-heon and arranges to spend him generously. Even with the income and a cautious critique of what’s at stake, it does not appear like Jae-heon will agree.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2 Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

This brings us to Geum-soon’s existing heirs, her 3 grandchildren who are convening for a shareholder meeting for Nakwon Hotel. Her youngest grandchild PARK SE-YEON (Ha Ji-won), operates faithfully for the hotel and strives to preserve her grandmother’s legacy powerful as time goes on. The two have a tender bond, and look to be incredibly considerably alike.

On the other hand, Se-yeon’s eldest brother, PARK SE-JOON (Ji Seung-hyun)(ah, so glad to have him in this cast!), is stuck in a purely organization mindset with regards to the hotel’s future. He has some pent up resentment towards the family members organization, and is seeking to sell the hotel. Se-yeon’s other brother, PARK SE-GYU (Choi Dae-hoon), is the outlier as he seemingly does not care what takes place to the hotel either way. He portrays a incredibly colorful and self-centered character, but this may well alter as his story unravels. Even though he’s close to Se-yeon, he also does not want to be caught in the family members politics.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

We see a bit far more of Se-yeon than her siblings this week, and study she has worked her way up from the bottom to grow to be the basic manager of the hotel — in spite of getting one particular of the biggest shareholders. In truth, when we very first meet Se-yeon, she’s placing the finishing touches on the hotel’s grand opening which is clearly a labor of enjoy.

Right here we meet an vital character from her previous. When the hotel’s ridiculously costly penthouse gets quickly booked, Se-yeon is shocked to study that it is BAE DONG-JE (Kwon Sang-woo) who’s staying there. As a favor to her. For the reason that they had been as soon as engaged, and perhaps he nevertheless has a issue for her? Se-yeon does not spend him considerably thoughts, and she appears considerably far more worried about the prospective sale of the hotel than his presence there.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

Meanwhile, Jae-heon is reconsidering the offer you from Secretary Jung. Just after some internal debate, he decides to accept the function. He tells Secretary Jung that producing one particular individual pleased by way of his functionality is his true objective as an actor.

Pushing forward with the deal, we see Secretary Jung set up their passports and other documentation. Jae-heon pulls his buddy SEO YOON-HEE (Jung Ji-so) into the “play” to act as his young wife, and with each other the two study their components and get in character. Just after all the preparation is comprehensive, Secretary Jung explains to Geum-quickly that he has located her “grandson” and that he is bringing him into South Korea from China to meet with her.

The drama has completed a excellent job of laying the groundwork for these two worlds to collide, and the final scene of this week’s episodes left us with Geum-quickly and her whole family members awaiting the arrival of her grandson. She holds a solemn but relieved appear in her eyes as she appears up at Jae-heon.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2 Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

The debut week of Curtain Contact was phenomenal! I’m currently hooked to these characters and hungry to study about their pasts — specifically Se-joon, and why he has such disdain towards his family members and the hotel. Ha Ji-won shines as Se-yeon and brings a strong presence each time she’s on screen, as does Kang Haneul, who’s a force to be reckoned with (as usual!).

In addition to the major notch acting from this terrific cast, these premiere episodes had been currently sufficient for me to know that I enjoy Geum-quickly and Secretary Jung’s partnership. He is exceptionally loyal and cares so considerably for her, and the show is currently hinting at the vital query of no matter whether a effectively-meant lie definitely is for the much better.

I’m super excited to see exactly where this show goes as it progresses. Just after a powerful introduction to our characters – and all of them poised to meet beneath difficult situations — the story is teetering completely on the tightrope of joy and disaster.

Curtain Call: Episodes 1-2

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