Film Review: Mediterranean Fever (2022) by Maha Haj

The most significant difficulty filmmakers who shoot comedies face is that it is rather challenging to retain the hilarity and maintain the audience laughing for the duration of a function. The resolution most come across is to switch to drama at some point, with the motion pictures rather often ending up as such in spite of their initial premises. Maha Haj, even so, manages to each retain the comedy till the finish, and to transition smoothly towards drama soon after a point in impressive style, via a fantastic script that won the finest screenplay prize at Cannes (Un Specific Regard) in 2022.

Mediterranean Fever screened at Warsaw Film Festival

40+ aspiring writer Waleed’s life is in shambles. He can’t finish his novel, no matter what he does, and his chronic depression is producing items challenging for each him and his household, like his wife, teenage daughter and younger son. His wife desires a single additional youngster but he can’t even hear about it, his daughter is frustrated by his strict behavior, and his son appears to endure from some sort of chronic illness no a single is in a position to figure out. Factors get even worse when a new couple moves subsequent door, with the husband, Jalal, getting a continuous supply of annoyance for Waleed, playing loud music all instances of the day, getting two rather aggressive dogs, and even worse, getting a fantastic host and rather polite with him. When Waleed learns of his neighbor’s correct nature and situations, even so, his attitude alterations entirely, realizing that Jalal could present a resolution to his issues. Progressively the two come to be fantastic close friends.&nbsp

Maha Haj highlights her understanding of the troubles Palaistinians face in Israel in the starting of the film, which moves, although, in intensely comedic paths, specifically via Waleed’s behavior, whose sincerity is actually bone-breaking, as exhibited in the psychologist scene for instance. The comedy becomes even additional intense upon the look of Jalal, who appears to be all the things that Waleed is not: cheerful, handy, social, an alpha-male of sorts, with the antithesis supplying a quantity of hilarious moments.&nbsp

Just after the celebration scene, although, when Jalal’s other “traits” are also revealed, the film progressively, and pretty smoothly, turns into a drama of sorts, specifically because the aforementioned revelation is accompanied by Waleed’s transformation, in methods no a single could have predicted ahead of. The way that the “upper hand” alterations ownership in the partnership of the two males, is also excellently portrayed, adding each to the drama and the comedy, till the shocking initially finale, and the hilarious second a single that concludes the film.&nbsp

All the aforementioned components advantage the most by the acting of the two protagonists, with Amer Hlehel as Waleed, and Ashraf Farah as Jalal providing fantastic performances, highlighting the variations of their characters, as considerably as their chemistry on screen. The latter’s smile and the former’s moodiness, and the methods each adjust all through the film are amongst the most memorable traits right here, with the job accomplished on the casting of the two unquestionably deserving a “well done”. Also of note is the presence of Samar Gupty in a compact part, whose presence is constantly a pleasure.&nbsp

If a single would say a thing unfavorable about the narrative is that the ending leaves some inquiries, though Waleed’s partnership with his father and mother is largely a “trick” for an ending resolution than an organic element of the story. These, even so, are just minor troubles, and by no suggests do they harm the fantastic sense the film leaves at the finish.&nbsp

Antoine Héberlé’s cinematography captures the claustrophobic setting the two protagonists inhabit with realism and artfulness, though also highlighting the beauties of seaside Jaifa. Véronique Lange’s editing final results in a reasonably quickly pace that added benefits the episodic style of narrative right here, though adding to the entertainment the film provides.&nbsp

“Mediterranean Fever” is an superb film, excelling in acting, script, path, though combining comedy with drama and social commentary in the finest style.&nbsp&nbsp



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