You can only pick one: Office romance


You can only choose one particular: Workplace romance

Welcome to our new function! You can only choose one particular, and boy the stress is on. The DB group will answer a new prompt in each and every post, and you are invited to do the identical in the comments. Prepared to play?

You can only choose one particular: Workplace romance

missvictrix: This is difficult, mainly because I enjoy workplace romances… but I consider I’m choosing Sunbae, Do not Place on That Lipstick. Anything about this romance just got to me — and it is not only mainly because it also had the noona romance vibes — there was just a specific some thing in Ro-woon’s adoring gaze. There wasn’t a shred of a fraction of a possibility that he would by no means not enjoy our major lady. Also, the drama made use of its cosmetics business backdrop to the fullest. And by that I imply they did all the things they ought to have to bring out the squee: solution testing in the workplace, late evening prep for showcase events, final-minute fill in models (*ahem* Ro-woon), and the like. But most exciting to me, they also made use of the physical space of the workplace rather nicely, which is some thing I enjoy to see in dramas — from the awkward conference area doorway, to the secret glances more than their desk pod, to the stairwell exactly where sunbae puts on her eponymous lipstick.

mistyisles: I’d have to choose Attain of Sincerity (a.k.a. Touch Your Heart). Not only is it (apparently) one particular of the only workplace romance K-dramas I’ve watched to completion, but it is also just a K-drama that I genuinely enjoyed in basic. It is sweet, cute, and heartfelt, with a entertaining ensemble cast and tons of chemistry to go about — plus the Sunny/Reaper reunion I’m nevertheless a bit amazed we essentially got!

DaebakGrits: Workplace romance is one particular of my favored K-drama sub-genres, so it is genuinely difficult to only choose one particular! This is cruel! But, if I will have to, I’m going to say The Secret Life of My Secretary is my favored. The major couple is entertaining and cute, and as far as workplace romances go, there’s a heavy emphasis on the “office.” I like how the story plays on the boss-secretary dynamic by providing Min-ik a individual purpose to rely on Gal-hee in substantially the identical way he’s normally relied on her professionally. Plus, this drama has the normally delightful Veronica Parrrk-i-e-yo.

solstices: Taking into consideration I seldom watch romance dramas, substantially much less workplace romances, my pool of possibilities is not extremely major. So I guess I’ll go with the very first one particular that comes to thoughts — Company Proposal, mainly because I couldn’t cease laughing at the more than-the-major workplace hijinks. I loved how exceptional the workplace setting was, considering that it is not every single day you get a peek into the life of a meals researcher. Hari’s genuine enthusiasm for meals was so endearing to watch, and it was sweet how Tae-moo gained respect for her by witnessing very first-hand the sheer quantity of passion and work she pours into her operate. Plus, Hari’s coworkers have been completely hilarious! There was by no means a dull moment in the workplace scenes, and it elevated my enjoyment of the romance even extra.

Unit: What’s Incorrect With Secretary Kim! This is a common boss/secretary enjoy story that does a wonderful job of balancing each the “rom” and the “com” elements of the genre. There have been no higher stakes, or outright villains — it was just a easy workplace romance with electrifying chemistry involving the leads. And even though the drama revolved about them, for clear motives, I liked that the other group members at operate – each and every of them colorful in their personal way – also got their time in the spotlight. We have been in a position to delight in group bonding moments, relatable workplace drama, workplace gossip, workplace style inspiration, and of course, extra romance. Since in the finish, what’s greater than one particular workplace couple? 3 workplace couples!

Dramaddictally: Only one particular!? Now I comprehend why this game is so difficult. Immediately after days of internal dilemma, I’ve settled on Sunbae, Do not Place on that Lipstick. Ro-woon is a lovely creature but in this part he’s so impossibly excellent-hunting it does not make sense. This drama may possibly not qualify as a noona romance, but with the female sunbae/male hoobae dynamic it is close sufficient for my happiness. There’s also some thing about the slow pace and wintery setting — I could sit about all day watching these two cuddle up in their fall coats and cozy sweaters. Add to all that the entertaining secrecy of workplace romances and it is just as well excellent.

alathe: Romance is a Bonus Book! If there’s one particular issue I enjoy about workplace dramas, it is the component exactly where I get to revel in the fantasy of functioning in an totally diverse planet. As a dyed-in-the-wool literature nerd, Romance is a Bonus Book gets me exactly where I reside. This drama offers a gorgeous portrayal of a slow-increasing intimacy involving two men and women mastering to see one particular a further in a diverse light. We see Dan-yi and Eun-ho striving to match collectively as housemates and colleagues, while dealing with the truth that Eun-ho is each Dan-yi’s junior — and boss. It is a lovely, believable slow-burn that unfolds with so substantially care. Plus? It all revolves about books! Dan-yi is difficult-functioning and satisfyingly excellent at her job: she’s a advertising wizard who loves stories extra than something. I got just as substantially joy from watching her prove herself in publishing as I did from watching our protagonists operate by way of their history collectively. That stated? The primary connection is gold. There’s so substantially respect involving our heroes, and so substantially delight in watching them figure out how to redefine their connection. Really like, in this drama, develops organically rather than all at after — it is some thing you discover, collectively — and it is all the extra fascinating for it.

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